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eBay Filter sold listing arrange products by sales number popularity--eBay watch count completed listings

Image from store eBay Filter by sales number
Description from store Sales Sort for eBay™ Advanced Search is an eBay™ Chrome extension that sorts search results by sales. Are you bored with eBay's inability to sort by sales, so that you can't find hot items in a quicker way? All you have to do is install the Sales Sort for eBay™ Advanced Search quickly. *No bloat, no ads, no unnecessary permissions, just a simple way to sort by sales..* If you encounter an issue, please report it via the customer support flag icon on the capture page, so we can improve the extension for you and everyone else who uses it. HOW to USE? This extension will automatically embed a sort filter into the original filter area on the eBay™ site. You can use it to sort results by sales in one click. FAQ -Q: Does the plugin work on all eBay sites? -A: Yes, this plugin is adapted to each country site of eBay. --------------------------------------------- Glossary: eBay and new , eBay and new tab , eBay backgrounds foundry , eBay coolthemestores , eBay for new tab , eBay free addon wallpapers , eBay https gctheme store , eBay https gctheme , eBay https lovelytab , eBay hd wallpapers , eBay hd theme , eBay james , eBay john , eBay j , eBay jeurissen , eBay jsasser75 , eBay jessica , eBay kleinanzeigen , eBay kiosk , eBay karta , eBay kpop , eBay knights , eBay keyaan , eBay kids , eBay new tab theme , eBay new tab themes , eBay os backgrounds , eBay of legends , eBay online game , eBay os wallpapers , eBay qr code , eBay qr code generator , eBay tab theme , eBay ultra hd , eBay unblocked game , eBay video downloader , eBay wallpapers hd , eBay wallpapers new , eBay wallpapers new tab , eBay wallpaper hd , eBay wallpapers and new , eBay x hunter , eBay xogo , eBay x hunter 1920x1080 , 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  • (2022-10-14) YiChen Dai: Nice
  • (2022-10-14) Cheug Wade: Wow !
  • (2022-10-11) Pi Zoidberg: very optimized the search tool in ebay
  • (2022-09-01) Lesson: nice tool,It can help me
  • (2022-08-16) Sean He: efficient tools


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