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🚀 Export your Phind, Perplexity and MaxAI-Google search threads into markdown files!

Image from store Save my Chatbot - AI Conversation Exporter
Description from store 👉 When you are on Phind, Perplexity or Google (with MaxAI integration), simply click on the extension icon. It will automatically download the thread you are currently on into a formatted markdown file. 😎 Why Save my Chatbot? - To keep AI generated information offline, - To read and process in a knowledge base / note-taking app (like Obsidian), - To share threads with others. ✅ Enjoy! ✏️ Please note that this project is not affiliated with Phind, Perplexity nor MaxAI. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🎉 Last updates: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ⏩ v2.6.2 ⨠ 🚀 Small changes, significant impact! Improving the exported content, polishing your files and getting ready for the next big thing! ⨠ 🧩 Changes under the hood (again) Huge code update to make the extraction process more robust and easier to maintain. ⏩ v2.5.4 ⨠ 🎉 Reached 1000 users! Thank you all for using this extension! I'm glad to see that it's useful for you. If you have any feedback or feature request, feel free to contact me at [email protected]. ⨠ 🛸 Some export errors fixed Fixed some export errors on Phind and Perplexity due to interface changes. Here we go again! ⨠ 🧩 Changes under the hood Huge code refactoring to make the extension more robust and easier to maintain. ⏩ v2.5.2 ⨠ 🤯 Fix Perplexity broken export (#5) Perplexity is constantly changing its interface, so I try to keep up... ⨠ 👋 Hi there! Welcome modal with a tutorial for newcomers. Also available at https://save.hugocollin.com/tutorial ⏩ v2.4.18 ⨠ 😵 Fix Perplexity broken export (#4) Perplexity is constantly changing its interface, so I try to keep up... ⏩ v2.4.17 ⨠ 😭 Fix Perplexity broken export (again) Perplexity is constantly changing its interface, so I try to keep up... ⏩ v2.4.16 ⨠ 😮‍💨 Fix Perplexity broken export Perplexity changed its UI multiple times over the past few weeks, so I tried to keep up. ⨠ 🧩 Other changes under the hood Some code refactoring, bugs solved and quirky improvements... You know, the usual stuff. ⏩ v2.4.11 ⨠ 🛸 Fix Perplexity and Phind-Search export Some parts of the export were missing due to interface changes on Phind and Perplexity. It's now fixed! ⏩ v2.4.7 ⨠ 🚀 Changes under the hood I solved some bugs and improved the code to make this extension even better! ⏩ v2.2.28 ⨠ 🚀 Fix some wrong exports on Phind Chat sources are not duplicated anymore and search export is now working again! ⨠ 📢 Update modal is now on Perplexity too! You can now see the update modal when you're on Perplexity.ai. ⏩ v2.2.23 ⨠ 🧩 Phind titles are now exported again! Changing CSS selectors to adapt to Phind UI changes. You know, the usual stuff... ⏩ v2.2.20 ⨠ 🛸 Fixing Phind Pair Programmer export errors Phind changed a little bit the Pair Programmer UI and features, but now the extension is back on track! Enjoy! ⏩ v2.2.14 ⨠ 🔎 History search is back! Since Phind changed its UI, the history search was broken. It's now fixed! Just open the Phind history to see the good oldies. ⏩ v2.2.11 ⨠ 🛸 Perplexity export is now working again! Perplexity changed its UI, so the extension was a bit lost. Now, it's back on track! Sorry for the inconvenience! ⏩ v2.2.9 ⨠ 🚀 Now exports MaxAI Google integration answer! If you've installed the MaxAI extension and the Google integration is activated, you can now export the answer of the bot! Just click on the icon when on a Google search. ⨠ 🛸 Fixing Perplexity export errors Some errors were occuring when trying to export a Perplexity thread. It's now fixed! ⨠ 🧩 Fixing Firefox users can't export threads! Due to Firefox under-the-hood changes, the extension was broken for Firefox users. Issue solved! ⏩ v2.1.10 ⨠ 🛸 Avoiding the mess Phind changed its UI, so the extension was a bit lost. Now, it's back on track! Sorry for the inconvenience! ⏩ v2.1.5 ⨠ ⭐ New branding, same extension, always better! "Save My Phind" is now "Save my Chatbot"! But it's still exporting your Phind threads, don't worry! ⨠ 🚀 Now exports Perplexity threads! Click on the extension icon when you're on Perplexity.ai and see the magic happen! ⨠ 💡 Some format bugs solved Newlines inside links won't be a problem anymore. ⏩ v1.9.18 ⨠ 🚀 Fix Basic Search export errors Some errors were occuring when trying to export a Basic Search thread. It's now fixed! ⨠ 🧩 A better integration in the Phind interface Made some UI progress and solved bugs to improve the integration in the Phind interface. ⨠ 💡 Some format bugs solved Special characters inside links won't be a problem anymore. ⏩ v1.9.9 ⨠ Filter your threads list! 🔎 You just want to retrieve that damn chat you started 5 days ago? No problem: start typing in the filter bar to find it quickly! ⨠ File export improvements 🚀 Hoora! The file name now contains the tool used (New Phind or Basic search). In addition, some format bugs are solved... ⨠ Some UI progress 💡 Tried to improve the Phind global UI (hard but needed!). Plus, extension compenents are better integrated in the Phind interface. ⨠ Other changes under the hood 🧩 Some code refactoring, bugs solved and quirky improvements... You know, the usual stuff. ⏩ v1.8.4 ⨠ Now inside the Phind interface! You can now export a Phind thread using the button inside the page (but you always can click on the extension icon). ⨠ Export all your threads in 1 click! Just click on the "Export All Threads" button! It could be long, so you have time to drink your triple coffee dose 🙃. ⨠ Some bugs solved File names, title bugs, these kind of things... ⏩ v1.5.3 Features: - Pair programmer: - Export Sources correctly - Export All Search results correctly - Put correct index before links both in sources and all search results list Bugs fixed: - Extension icon updated for already opened tabs in windows - AI name bug solved (error charAt not a function when no AI name) - Fix link formatting with < and > characters - Fix text formatting with < and > characters Security and maintenance: - Module structure improvements ⏩ v1.2.8 Feature: - Icon is adapted to each site (Phind, disabled, etc.) Bugs fixed: - File title error in "Pair programmer" due to removed textbox - Make extension icon with transparent background Security and maintenance: - Module structure improvements ⏩ v1.0.1 Feature: - Make "Save my Phind" available on Firefox Security and maintenance: - Divide code into modules - Remove unused libraries - Use `npm` to manage dependencies - License list generation - Build automation ⏩ v0.21.1 Feature: - Export Phind Pair Programming threads!!! ⏩ v0.20.3 : (Once again) a lot of new features here! Features: - Reduce file title length and move the next as the subtitle - Title stops at the first line break (and ending whitespaces are removed) - Export complete user questions unfolding and refolding them - Copy to clipboard when clicking on the extension icon (in addition to file download 😉) Security and maintenance: - Comments + better code structuration Bugs fixed: - Reduced filenames length (too long titles can cause problems with OS or Git) - Import line breaks in user questions and search bar (Phind uses \n as line breaks) - Some structure improvements in markdown export ⏩ v0.16.2 : A lot of new features here! Features: - Model name instead of "AI Answer" (e.g. "GPT-3.5 Answer", "Phind Answer") - Source numbers next to the source links (numbered list corresponding to citations) - Export question above sources - Code type (language) specified in codeblocks Bugs fixed: - Special characters in title were not correctly formatted (e.g. "\n" should be "\\n") ⏩ v0.13.2 Features: - Export citations Bugs fixed: - Fix not exporting AI response when citations are present - Fix broken links with square brackets ⏩ v0.12.2 Bugs fixed: - AI responses were no longer exported, due to HTML changes in the Phind page - Code is now correctly formatted when converting Html to md ⏩ v0.11.1 Features: - Now exports source links - Link to the Phind original search on the file top Security: - Sanitize HTML code Bugs fixed: - Solved inconsistent spaces between questions and answers ⏩ v0.9.0 Bugs fixed: - Fix bug "AI Answer" with user question - File title is from search bar ⏩ v0.8.0 Features: - Export conversation to markdown

Latest reviews

  • (2023-11-16) Dan Brazil: So pleased I found this - thanks you for innovating and building a bridge between Perplexity and ChatGPT - now I can take all my prospect research into a text file and talk with it in GPTs. NIce and simple and does the trick!
  • (2023-11-09) Bruno Rigolot: La sauvegarde du chat a fonctionné mais elle n'a sauvegardé que le premier titre et rien d'autre. Dommage. je copie-colle toujours :)
  • (2023-09-29) Сергей а: Nice!
  • (2023-06-28) Mukunda Holla: It has stopped working with the latest update of phind
  • (2023-05-25) Jivesh Kaushal: This is what Phind is missing to become the next big revolution in data aggregation and analysis. I can ask Phind questions all day, but if I cannot save those conversations, it is less useful than it can potentially be. The markdown files generated look very clean and is very well edited, so big thanks to Hugo for taking care of all these issues as well. And he is actively fixing any bugs raised by reviews. Even the sources are cleanly collated after every answer. Maybe Phind collaborates with Hugo and integrates this service on their website. It will be lost in the crowd of AI hype otherwise!
  • (2023-05-16) Hugo COLLIN: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🚀 News about SaveMyPhind ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ > 16/05/2023: The SaveMyPhind extension works correctly. The bug-fixed version is now published on the Chrome Web Store: AI responses are exported again. Enjoy! > 14/05/2023: As Phind made some changes in the HTML page structure, I've just made an update of the SaveMyPhind extension that solves an export bug. As I sent an update to the the Chrome Web Store before the bug appears, I need to wait some days before sending a new version. Until the last version is available on the Chrome Web Store, you can manually download the extension by following the README instructions on the GitHub repo : https://github.com/Hugo-COLLIN/SaveMyPhind-conversation-exporter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • (2023-05-09) Radwan Susan (RAD): Very good extension, would have been perfect if the code answers in the md file was formatted.

Latest issues

  • (2024-02-25, v:2.4.11) John McConchie: Not Working Any More?
    Hugo, I have been unable to get Save my Chatbot to work as expected today on Perplexity AI files. I only get one paragraph and not the balance of the thread. I hope I am not just doing something completely wrong and giving you heartburn here, but I fear there is something amiss with the program as I have had such success with it. Hopefully, this will correct itself. Regards, John McConchie Arbitrator/Mediator   McConchie & Company* 4691 Marineview Crescent, North Vancouver, BC  V7R 3P4 Phone: (604) 980-2860, (604) 970-4045 (cell) E-mail:  [email protected] *McConchie Dispute Resolution & Training Ltd.
  • (2023-11-15, v:2.2.9) Hugo COLLIN: 🚀 Fix Perplexity export only title (bug appears Nov. 10, 2023)
    Perplexity changed its UI so the export content is empty except the title (up to version 2.2.9). Export is now a bit stronger and this bug should occur less often (I hope, but it's not entirely in my hands). The new version (2.2.11) should be published in several days on the Chrome Web Store.


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