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GoLess: Browser Automation and Web Scraping

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GoLess no-code browser automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tool

Image from store GoLess: Browser Automation and Web Scraping
Description from store GoLess tool allows you to quickly automate website actions and other tasks, eliminating the need for coding, APIs, or developers. Simply use clicking and typing on the user interface of websites and web apps to perform automation. GoLess enables you to: ◦ Easily scrape data from any website ◦ Easy data entry into web forms ◦ Integrate with Google Sheets for reading and writing data ◦ Collaborate and share your automations with other users Create automations: ◦ Data scraping and entry ◦ ETL processes (Extract, Transform and Load tasks) ◦ Building social media bots ◦ Transferring data between applications ◦ Automating workflows within web apps without the need for APIs Changelog Release 1.2.25 Features: - Changed app sidebar - Added shortcut for /packages page Fixes: - /run route for Gologin automations - Fixed some errors Release 1.2.24 Features: - Added "Empty block" for all tables Fixes: - Removed hotkeys for "search" and "new workflow" - Adjusted padding for trigger modal, corrected ui-popover placement. - Ensured extension execution after updating route to /run. Release 1.2.23 Features: - Added "selector" type for parameters Fixes: - Authoma updates from version 1.28.6 to 1.28.10 - Fixes for dark theme - Fixes for search input field - Change of "Execute" button inside workflow Release 1.2.22 Fixes: - Sort 'Installed At' - Execution of the elementSelector - Workflow execution if dashboard is not running - Size when opening the dashboard window - Opening dashboard after install Release 1.2.21 Features: - Images open in a new window when clicked on for public workflows - Options in logs for the /logs route - Open workflow by clicking the icon in the workflow card on the start screen - Open a public workflow on the site by clicking on the workflow modal Fixes: - Display role when sharing workflow for editor (reviewer) - Hide debug button in workflow editor - Changed workflow getting route (/my-workflows) - Added access validation for workflows - Removed GoToWorkflow button - Layout fixes: fixed top panel and bottom panel with minicart when resizing in editor, fixed open flow icon change panel - Changed display when icon fails to load or link is incorrect Release 1.2.20 Features: - Modal window with info instead of editor for public workflows - Added buttons in googleDrive blocks Fixes: - Generation of exact path to open the editor of worklfow - Different dropdown due to different permissions of the workflow Release 1.2.19 Features: - Autocomplete fixed and enhanced Fixes: - Documentation links added for Storage/Logs/Packages/Schedule - Fixed buttons on the Storage page - Dark theme improvements - Fixed tab for EditGoogleSheetsDrive - Fixed logo in the sidebar Release 1.2.18 Features: - Changed autocomplete component Release 1.2.17 Fixes: - Creating Google Drive Sheets table in "Params" page - Authorization fixes - Adding "Share" in workflow editor Release 1.2.16 Fixes: - Design - Binding values for checkbox - Resetting values when changing parameter type - Removed default value for the googleDriveSheets type - Displaying errors in the Params modal. Displaying GDrive integration error if it's missing - Bug with canceling a running flow, cancels all instead of just one Release 1.2.15 - Loader for the workflow block when Enable/Disable/Uninstall - Changes to Google Drive Sheets: - Restored the ability to manually specify a spreadsheet in Google Drive Sheets - New parameter type and displaying it in the Params modal, using params variable in the Google Drive Sheets block - Validation for the block, displaying block errors - Ability to choose ChatGPT4 - Captcha block to solve webpage captchas Release 1.2.14 - Fixed problem with authorization, login and event from GoLess site - Display running workflows in popup - Added loader on Install/uninstall workflow, errors on fast switching Release 1.2.13 Features: - Google Drive Sheets API changed to GoLess backend API - Renaming by clicking on the workflow label - Displaying role in read-only mode in workflow Fixes: - Fixed extension authorization reset when closing the browser Release 1.2.11 Features: - Workflow sharing - Restored functionality of GDrive Sheets block - Added ability to create spreadsheets and sheets in GDrive Sheets block Fixes: - Fixes in the 'Parameters' modal, responsible for adding parameters in the trigger Release 1.2.10 Features: - Install/uninstall public workflows - Popup changes - Sentry - Output of shared workflows Fixes: - Removed logic for minimize dashboard window - Switch tabs between Marketplace/My Workflow Release 1.2.8 Fixes: - Fixed log message for GoLess API - Added "Duplicate" button on editor workflow - Refactoring Features: - Showing Notify component after finish workflow - Showing Loader component with blocks process - Loader and notification changes - Design changes (Package/Logs/Popup/Newpage pages) - Don't execute public workflows Release 1.2.7 Fixes: - "popup" is now set as the default option. - Removed the "/welcome" route. - "maximized" dashboard now opens from the popup, changed size. - Fixed the link string for the "Publish" workflow. - Refactoring, eslint changes. - Made changes to the popup: - Added separate state for the popup. - Workflow can now be accessed without details. - Implemented tabbed loading for workflows instead of loading all at once. - Made changes to the loader. Features: - Added a 'permissions:allow' message for the GoLess site. - Opening the "welcome" page of the GoLess site on extension startup. Release 1.2.6 Fixes: - Deleted unnecessary routes. - Changed tab names (title). - Made changes to "packages" page (locales, "empty" block). - Renamed "Input (JSON)" to "Textarea (string)". - Updated colors in blocks. - Removed Prettier, ESLint changes. - Adjusted the color of the 'empty' block for the dark theme. - Added one checking for handlerChatGpt. - Fixed elements removing (Loader, Notifier). Features: - Added output of workflow status (Private/Public/Published). - Implemented sending logs to the API. - Modified the 'welcome' page, which now shows up after installation. - Made changes to the Notifier. Release 1.2.5 - Ability to specify blocks that are undocumented - Corrected some documentation references - fixed modal Logs window to page - Stop operation for workflow in popup window - Changes with design, displaying information that there is no workflow - Fixed bug with trigger: null, also trigger is populated when created - Error handling in site messages, open:page event Release 1.2.4 - Added ability to launch with query parameters - Fixed popup notification that you have to login or register - Fixed locale i18n error in the popup - Fixed search in the popup - Added ability to add notifications to the page and a lowader for ChatGPT - Logs in the popup (last activity), pagination for flow Release 1.2.3 - Added template selection when creating a new workflow - Fixed bugs: - Error when executing the GoogleSheets block (block not executing, "response.json()" error) - Incorrect execution of Update/Append for the GoogleSheets block - Bug when running a public workflow with parameters. Parameters didn't have input fields. Release 1.2.2 - Added ChatGPT block. Version 1.2.0 - Engine update - Fixed documentation links - Localisation fixes - Auth bug fix when closing goless website window - Fixed workflow tab updates, faster loading without timeout like in Automate - "Testing mode" button for debugging is currently inactive - Added a route for automatic flow start on transition - Ability to open read-only and private flows - Google Sheets block added Release 1.1.3 - Added website authorization (login/logout/update) - Fixed a bug with launching flow in popup - UI/UX improvementsRemoved new flow creation button panel in the "Marketplace" tab - Fixed the display of the running flow icon next to "Logs" - Added display of running flows under the extension icon.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-08-16) Дмитрий Резнев: Goless оказался настоящим спасением для меня. Я смог легко автоматизировать монотонные задачи по импорту данных, которые раньше занимали часы. Это приложение действительно простое в использовании - я смог освоиться всего за несколько минут. Сэкономленное мной время драгоценно, особенно когда речь идет о рутинных задачах. Очень доволен результатом и уверен, что буду продолжать использовать Goless для автоматизации процессов. Спасибо за этот замечательный инструмент!
  • (2023-08-15) Robert Kruger: This is an excellent extension of GoLess. I'm just really glad I found out about this extension. Very easy to work with and easy to use. The settings are very easy to manage, everything is clearly thought out. I imported my data in a quick time, this is very important for me. This is a very big time saver. I really like this tool. I recommend.
  • (2023-08-12) Slaim: Недавно я познакомился с Goless, и я просто не могу скрыть свой восторг! Этот инструмент оказался именно тем, чего мне так не хватало для упрощения повседневных задач. Вся его фишка в его невероятной простоте использования. Мне не пришлось сталкиваться с кучей непонятных настроек или запутанных инструкций. С самого начала все было настолько интуитивно понятно, что я буквально через несколько минут уже начал автоматизировать свои задачи!
  • (2023-08-11) Aleksandr Pashnin: I absolutely love using GoLess! It makes repetitive tasks a breeze and automating them has never been easier. I successfully automated a specific task using GoLess, saving me valuable time. It has simplified processes like data imports and reporting
  • (2023-08-09) Владислав Москалюк: Использование просто, автоматизация повторных задач удивительна! Этот инструмент сэкономил мне массу времени. Максимальная простота использования поражает. Автоматизация рутины позволила сэкономить массу времени.
  • (2023-08-08) Denis Brown: I can't say anything bad. The program does its job well. I did not note glitches and brakes. Technical optimization of the system at the level. Separately, I note the simplicity and speed of settings.
  • (2023-08-03) Алексей Шелудченков: I was fortunate enough to get a chance to experiment with the GoLess: Browser Automation and Web Scraping extension not long ago, and I have to admit that it has completely revolutionized the way I work. The ease of GoLess coupled with its robust automation features have effortlessly eliminated all my monotonous tasks. GoLess came to my rescue when I was grappling with a certain assignment. Specifically, it assisted me in effortlessly importing data from various origins and generating corresponding reports. Thanks to GoLess, I successfully orchestrated a sequence of automated procedures that fetched the necessary data, flawlessly carried out its processing, and ultimately produced the much-needed reports. Consequently, the labor-intensive manual data input became obsolete, and my workflow experienced a tremendous boost in speed.
  • (2023-08-03) Valeriya Bykova: GoLess is a cool extension for lazy people who can't program. The expansion has ready-made solutions to optimize routine work. You can come up with useful skills for your own use. Setting up playback on youtube, copying notes as text while watching videos is a useful feature for students.
  • (2023-05-11) Dinar Fattakhov: good extension for automation in browser


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