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Center'd - Center the new YT

Description from extension meta Center the new YouTube layout!
Image from store Center'd - Center the new YT
Description from store Does the fact that YouTubes new layout is not centered annoy you? Center the new YouTube layout easily with this extension! Works best with a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution as thats what it was developed on. If there are any bugs please write them in the reviews. ** Release Notes ** Version 1.2: Official Release Version Version 1.3: Fixed Channel Bug Version 1.4: 1400px and 1280px resolution fixes added. Version 1.5: Added https:// support. Version 1.6: Fixed minor alignment bugs, added support for people with 800px or below resolution. Version 1.7: Generally neatened up a lot of resolutions, added support for people with a res of 2800 or lower. Version 1.8: Fixed footer and alerts. Version 1.9: Fixed inbox header If you use a different resolution to 1920 x 1080 and you think it's not right, please contact us here and we will fix it: http://www.xboxgamercard.org/centerd Even though Google says this extension can access your information on YouTube, we do not access any of your data. None at all. All we do is center the video website :) Thank you all for using this extension, happy YouTube'n :)
Latest reviews (2016-08-16) Gregorio San: muy bueno (2014-08-28) Gigi Bunnii: Works great! (2014-07-06) Bijon Magee: It installed on its own.. wth kind of crap is this (2014-06-15) Kate Fahr: As near as I can tell, this extension has done two things: diddly and squat. Unless there is a menu somewhere for activating things that I just can't find, this was pointless. (2014-03-06) calin alexandru: dunno what happend but now my youtube page layout is slightly to the left side of the screen not on the middle. hope they fix it (2014-02-17) Jakub Grzmil: good, but the top is a bit thick unlike the normal thin one, if this could be fixed and the "guide" moved to the left of the screen, it would be 5 stars. (2014-02-16) Stilkdog: Needs fixing, it's massively broken now. (2013-12-18) Sam Treloar: omg i love it amazing fixed youtube no problems happy now :) (2013-10-14) Дима Мустафин: Расширение работает. Спасибо автору! (2013-09-22) Fabian Cardenas: Just what i need, nothing more nothing less, i like it, worked instantly love it :D (2013-09-01) Dmitriy Moshliak: Please, add support for 2560x1080 resolution. Still better than original. (2013-08-28) andré Ferreira: muito bom (2013-08-25) Иван Пивоваров: Все теперь стало по центру, правда немного кажется что скошено вправо, но работает. Будем ждать других пидарских изменений от дизайнеров ютуба. (2013-08-12) Prabhat Kaushik: This really does work.. the other scripts/extensions were breaking the layout. Not this one. YT used to be a PITA on a full HD screen. (2013-08-12) Noah Ehrman: I don't care if it is more right/left aligned, this extension fixes so much of the new, broken layout. (2013-07-30) Niels Christensen: Left-ish, right-ish. It's a matter of perception. Now, I haven't tried, but I'm pretty sure holding a ruler to the screen to measure the distance between the edges of the window and the left- and right-most elements you can find will show that the sides are equally wide. Indeed, a nudge-slider would be icing on the cake. Anyway, awesome extension! Really happy I found out about this! I was SO annoyed when I got that white wall on my 2560x1440 monitor. Now it's perfect :) Instant 5/5! (2013-07-22) Isaac Castellanos: It's slightly to the left. Fix please for 5 stars. (2013-05-22) Austin: Main page is slightly left-ish on 1920x1080, and the black bar in the inbox is on the left. If those two issues are fixed, I will be the happiest boy in the world. PS, this is THE best center extension. It doesn't jump from left to center like other extensions when refreshing, and it's just overall good. Thank you. I recommend to anyone who is trying to find a good extension for this problem. (2013-05-01) Alex Morgan: Does what it says on the tin. (2013-04-17) TW Weldon: Doesn't work at all. (2013-04-05) Brandon Veasey: I have a 1680x1050 monitor, and I find that this addon makes Youtube a bit too right-aligned. I think implementing a slider would help the user tailor the experience a bit better, although that may be difficult. (2013-03-31) Justin Reid: Great! Just recently got a 32" monitor and the issue really bothered me, now it looks good again! (2013-03-22) Charlie Chen: took if off after a while to see the difference...and i am so glad this exsists (2013-01-13) Chris Falcon: With the extension, videos and the home page feed are closer to the center, but... They are still a bit off to the left. I'm using a 1080p display. Also, must the extension's icon appear permanently? I have other extensions for YouTube that only appear when on YouTube... (2013-01-01) Still a littdhrhur4yru4yuru4u4ru3u4le off on

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