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Quickly share highlighted text from any site to Twitter / X with a single click! Download Now! Refresh page after installing.

Description from store Tap to Tweet | Select Text and Share to Twitter / X with Ease Welcome to Tap to Tweet (previously Click to Tweet), a dynamic and user-friendly Chrome extension designed to transform your social media sharing experience. With our free tool open source (bit.ly/taptotweetgit), sharing your favorite quotes, facts, blogs, and snippets from the web to Twitter / X becomes as simple as a single click/tap. How It Works (for tweeting text): 1. Select Text: Browse any website and highlight the text you wish to share. 2. Easy Access: Right-click/Double tap to find the "Tweet Selected Text" option in the context menu or simply click/tap on the extension icon. 3. Instant Sharing: The extension opens a new Twitter tab, crafting a tweet for you with the selected text and its source URL. How It Works (for tweeting site): 1. Site: Go to the Site you want to tweet, right click/double tap to find the "Tweet This Site" option in the context menu or simply click/tap on the extension icon. 3. Instant Sharing: The extension opens a new Twitter tab, crafting a tweet for you with the site's URL. Why Choose Tap to Tweet? 1. Effortless Sharing: Say goodbye to the hassle of copying and pasting. Tap to Tweet streamlines your sharing process, allowing you to tweet directly from your browsing experience. 2. Time Efficiency: In the fast-paced world of social media, every second counts. Our extension saves you precious time, making content sharing on Twitter quick and effortless. 3. Broad Compatibility: Designed to work across a wide range of websites, Tap to Tweet ensures a seamless sharing experience. Whether it's an article, a blog post, or a news piece, our extension is equipped to handle selections within iframes and shadow DOMs. 4. User Privacy and Security: We prioritize your privacy and security. Tap to Tweet operates without storing any of your data, ensuring that your browsing and sharing remain private and secure. 5. Compliance and Responsibility: In line with Twitter's terms and usage policies, Tap to Tweet respects all platform guidelines, ensuring a responsible and compliant user experience. 6. Continuous Improvement Performance Considerations: Tap to Tweet is optimized for performance, ensuring minimal impact on your browsing speed, even on content-heavy websites. Our team continuously works to improve the extension's performance and compatibility. 7. Open for Feedback: Your input is invaluable. We encourage users to share their experiences and suggestions. Reach out to us at [email protected] or visit our support page for assistance and to contribute to the extension's ongoing development. Don't let the chance to elevate your Twitter experience slip away. Install Tap to Tweet today, and join a community of savvy social media users who value efficiency and simplicity. Disclaimer 1. Handling Twitter's Character Limit: Please be aware that Tap to Tweet operates within the constraints of Twitter's standard character limit of 280 characters. If your selected text exceeds this limit, here are some solutions: - Edit Before Posting: The extension will open a pre-filled Twitter window with your selected text. If it's over the character limit, you can manually edit it down or break it into multiple tweets (threads) before posting. - Twitter Premium: For users subscribed to Twitter's premium service, the character limit can extend up to 25,000 characters. Tap to Tweet seamlessly integrates with this feature, allowing you to share longer content without the need for editing or threading. 2. While Tap to Tweet is designed to work with a wide range of websites, some sites with unique designs or stringent security settings may pose compatibility challenges. We are committed to expanding our extension's adaptability and appreciate your understanding and feedback in these cases. 3. Post-Installation Reminder: After downloading Tap to Tweet, please refresh your browser page to activate the extension. This step is essential for the extension to function correctly on your current tabs. Join Us in Revolutionizing Social Media Sharing With Tap to Tweet, you're not just installing an extension; you're upgrading your entire approach to Twitter sharing. Simplify your online interactions, share content swiftly, and make the most out of every tweet. Ready to transform how you tweet? Download now! The Solopreneur - Sharing Business Insights and Content Maria, a Solopreneur and Content Creator Maria runs a small online business and frequently publishes insightful articles and blogs on entrepreneurship and digital marketing. She uses Twitter to engage with her audience and share valuable content. With "Tap to Tweet", Maria effortlessly shares key insights from her latest articles. As she reviews her published content, she highlights compelling statistics or quotes and uses the extension to tweet them instantly. This not only drives engagement on her Twitter profile but also brings more traffic to her website, enhancing her online presence and business growth. The Economics Enthusiast - Curating and Sharing Knowledge Alex, an Economics Student and Enthusiast Alex is passionate about economics and spends a significant amount of time reading various online resources, from news articles to academic papers. Whenever he finds interesting data, theories, or opinions, he uses "Tap to Tweet" to share these snippets with his followers. This not only helps him create a curated feed of economic knowledge on his Twitter profile but also initiates discussions with like-minded individuals, aiding in his learning and network building. The Social Media Savvy Individual - Connecting Through Shared Interests Samantha, a Social Media Enthusiast Samantha loves staying updated with the latest trends and news across various domains and often stumbles upon intriguing articles and videos online. With "Tap to Tweet", she quickly shares these finds with her followers on Twitter, adding her own thoughts or questions to spark engagement. This allows her to connect with her followers and friends over shared interests, making her Twitter feed a hub of interesting discussions and exchanges. The Essence of Sharing on Twitter Twitter is more than just a social media platform; it's a space for sharing knowledge, opinions, and discoveries. Whether it's a solopreneur like Maria leveraging it for business growth, an enthusiast like Alex curating a niche knowledge feed, or a social media savvy individual like Samantha connecting with others, "Tap to Tweet" enhances this sharing experience. It empowers users to instantly share what they find compelling on the web, fostering a community of sharing and learning. The Academic Researcher Dr. Liam, a University Professor and Researcher Dr. Liam frequently encounters groundbreaking research papers and articles in his field. With "Tap to Tweet," he can quickly share snippets of these studies, along with his professional insights, to a broader academic audience on Twitter. This not only helps in disseminating valuable information but also in initiating scholarly discussions online. The Political Analyst Ava, a Political Analyst and Blogger Ava uses Twitter to comment on and analyze current political events. She utilizes "Tap to Tweet" to share excerpts from news articles or reports, providing her analysis and inviting discourse with her followers, thereby fostering a community that is engaged in political discussions. The Health and Wellness Advocate Carlos, a Fitness Coach and Nutritionist Carlos is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle. He shares tips, recipes, and motivational quotes using "Tap to Tweet." Whenever he finds interesting health-related articles or studies, he tweets these to inform and inspire his followers, contributing to a community focused on health and wellness. The Environmental Activist Zara, an Environmental Activist Zara is dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and environmental issues. She uses "Tap to Tweet" to share alarming data, inspiring stories, or green initiatives she finds online, helping to educate and mobilize her followers around environmental causes. The Tech Enthusiast Jake, a Software Developer and Tech Blogger Jake loves staying abreast of the latest in technology and software development. He uses "Tap to Tweet" to share tech news, coding tips, and his blog posts, establishing himself as a go-to source for tech information on Twitter. The Art and Culture Buff Sophia, an Art Historian and Culture Enthusiast Sophia enjoys exploring and sharing content about art history, museum exhibitions, and cultural events. With "Tap to Tweet," she shares fascinating facts and insights, enriching her Twitter feed with artistic and cultural content. The Travel Enthusiast Michael, a Travel Blogger Michael travels the world and writes about his experiences. He uses "Tap to Tweet" to share travel tips, stunning locations, and cultural insights from travel articles and his own blog, inspiring his followers with ideas for their next adventure.

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  • (2023-05-23) Keshav Choudary: very good idea.
  • (2023-05-17) No One: Good one
  • (2023-05-15) T: It's an innovative and useful extension for people using twitter a lot like me
  • (2023-05-14) Kavil Rawat: If you are reading from any webpage and would love to share the content of twitter you do not have to copy and paste it to twitter anymore! Select/highlight the text click on the Click to Tweet icon and it will open twitter in a new tab with the text pasted on a new tweet popup with the source of the website with brackets (source: 'link'). Happy Tweeting!!!
  • (2023-05-14) Kavil Rawat: I developed it and I love it!


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