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Image prompt tool for AI drawing (v1.0.3 for Midjourney,Stable Difussion and more)

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Description from store Image Prompter ( v1.0.3 , for Midjourney version ) An image prompt tool for AI drawing by clicking. You don't need to memorize or query many prompts. You can generate prompts just by clicking. It provides plenty of categorized prompt (called "feature"), such as Subject, Style and Parameter. 1. How to use Image Prompter? Final prompt = Input core + Click style + Copy prompt After installing Image Prompter extension from extension store 1. Open Midjourney workspace Open it on dicord. ( on https://discord.com ). Image Prompter will be shown automatically. 2. Open Image prompter by clicking the show handle on the up-right corner of Midjourney workspace page. 3. Input Core Prompt Input something in Core Prompt area for what to draw, such as "a cat in the garden". 4. Select feature prompt by clicking Subject, Style, Parameter sample picture in the Selection Area. It will complete the final prompt by your selection easily. Click the "..." button to show more feature. 5. Copy final prompt Done! Just click the copy button of Final Prompt, then paste it into Midjourney workspace to generate your image. 2. Concepts 1) Feature The prompt text controlling the image generation. 2) Subject It defines what to draw. Such as a boy, a cat or a spaceship. The core subject is up to you to input. This tool provides supplement subject for you to select, such as portrait , close up or full body shot logo, interior or t-shirt design 3) Style It controls how to draw the image. Such as photography, cartoon, painting, illustration, fantasy, punk etc. Style is the core element and function of Image Prompter or Prompt Engineering. Image Prompter provides many common styles for you. 4) Parameter Control how to draw by the render engine, such as : Midjourney version, quality , stylish, chaos etc. 3. Style There are 7 style categories with 50 commonly used styles in version 1.0. More styles will be updated continuously. 1) Photo (6+): real, photography, cimematic, retro ... 2) New image style (8+): fantasy, science fiction, cyperpunk ... 3) Cartoon (8+): 2d cartoon, commic, disney, anime ... 4) Illustration (6+): children illustration, digital illustration ... 5) Painting form (9+): oil painting, watercolor, coloring page ... 6) Painting style (6+): realistic, impressionism, classic,pop art, ... 7) Artist (6+): Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Peaky Blinders ... 4. Parameter Parameter is used to control the render engine how to work. The main paramters include : - 1) engine version - 2) aspect ratio - 3) chaos - 4) quality - 5) seed 5. Next version Plan - More styles - More parameters 6. Website and contact Website - https://sites.google.com/view/imageprompter/ Feadback and requirement on Twitter https://twitter.com/luupine_studio


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