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Feel refreshed in just 1 minute. Get guided breathing exercises directly in your browser in every new tab.

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Description from store Approach every day with renewed energy using MicroMove. Instantly feel more calm and focused. Over 70% of digital workers report feeling drained by virtual (often back-to-back) meetings, leading to stress, reduced productivity, and even burnout. Experience relief by engaging in our 1-minute guided breathing exercises, specifically designed to combat meeting fatigue, enhance focus, and uplift your energy. Research shows that specific breathing techniques can boost overall well-being and performance, especially before crucial meetings or presentations. Add MicroMove to Chrome, link your calendar, and exercises will automatically pop up in a new browser window 5 minutes before meetings. It's that simple. 🌞 FOUR REASONS TO ADD MICROMOVE FOR BETTER MEETINGS 🌞 ➤ Elevate energy levels ➤ Alleviate stress ➤ Sharpen focus ➤ Refine posture 🌱 HOW IT WORKS 🌱 1. INSTALL: Add MicroMove to Chrome. It's free to try! 2. BREATHE: In every new browser window you can open a guided exercise. 🌊 FREE FEATURES 🌊 For those with few meetings. ✓ 1 daily original Breath exercise ✓ Private and secure — we don’t share or sell your data 😌 PREMIUM FEATURES 😌 For those with busy schedules. ✓ Everything in Free ✓ Unlimited daily Breath exercises 🌿 ORIGINAL MICROMOVE EXERCISES 🌿 Our growing library of short, science-backed breathing techniques has been designed to increase your focus, boost your energy, improve your posture and stay calm. 🌬️ WHY BREATHING EXERCISES IMPROVE MEETINGS (SCIENCE-BASED) 🌬️ ➤ COGNITIVE FUNCTION AND FOCUS: A study from the Trinity College Dublin suggests that there is a link between regulated breathing and improved attention. Breathing exercises can enhance the production of noradrenaline, a chemical messenger in the brain that, when produced in the right amount, can benefit our attention and overall brain health (Zelano, C., et al., 2016). ➤ STRESS REDUCTION: According to a study in the journal ‘Frontiers in Psychiatry’, slow, controlled breathing practices can stimulate the vagus nerve, leading to a reduction in stress and the promotion of calm feelings (Ma, X., et al., 2017). This can be particularly helpful in high-pressure meeting situations. ➤ EMOTIONAL REGULATION: A paper published in the ‘Journal of Neurophysiology’ found that controlled breathing exercises influence the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, appetite, and sleep. By managing our emotional responses, individuals can participate more constructively in meetings (Noble, P. J., Hochman, S., & Gozal, D., 2019). ➤ BLOOD PRESSURE AND CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: The American Heart Association cites that deep breathing exercises can help lower blood pressure, which in turn helps individuals remain calm under pressure, promoting more productive meetings (Joseph, C. N., et al., 2005). ➤ ENHANCED DECISION MAKING: Oxygen is essential for optimal brain function. Deep breathing exercises can increase oxygen supply to the brain, supporting improved clarity and decision-making processes (Gerritsen, R. J. S., & Band, G. P. H., 2018). This is crucial during meetings where decisions need to be made efficiently and effectively. Whether at work, while studying or for private use, join us in our mission to improve lives through movement. 🌚 STAY IN TOUCH 🌚 Thank you for supporting our project. ➤ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/micromovehq ➤ Connect with us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/micromovehq ➤ Contact us: [email protected] Learn more at https://micromove.io

Latest reviews

  • (2023-05-25) Hugo Lindgren: I've been using MicoMove for about 4 months and I have been continually impressed by their development and how clearly they listen to feedback to make the product even better. MicroMove has really been a game-changer for me and I had no idea how much of a difference 1 minute micro exercises could make to my daily work. Great product and great team behind the idea!
  • (2023-05-22) Soren Holm: Exceptionally well put together, and with real tangible value for anyone looking to become more mindful without time drain and complexity!
  • (2023-05-22) Behnam Alesafar: I've been using the MicroMove extension for some time now, and really enjoyed using it. It's surprising how just one minute of mindfulness can make a difference.
  • (2023-05-16) Neeraj Singh: I've been using the MicroMove extension for a couple of weeks now, and I must say that it has been an absolute game-changer for me. As someone who spends countless hours in front of the computer screen, I often experience fatigue, eye strain, and overall physical discomfort. This extension has helped me tackle these issues effectively, leaving me feeling refreshed and more productive throughout the day.
  • (2023-05-16) Hellan Said: I love Micromoves! you wouldn't think that 1 minute of mindfulness can make a difference but it does! i love being reminded to take a minute to myself
  • (2023-05-16) Ruben Bentele: As a person spending a lot of time infront of the computer it's great to get non-intrusive quick breaks. Definitely feel more energy after exercises and great ease of use. Would recommend to anyone spending hours infront of the screen.

Latest issues

  • (2023-10-26, v:1.1.1) Stephanie “Steph” Amador Tribbett: Premium isn't working
    I subscribed to the premium version which should include body and mind exercises as well as breathing exercises. It worked for the first day of my trial period and never worked again. Now I have paid for the subscription and it still isn't giving me access to any body or mind exercises. The settings will not allow me to select the type of exercises I want to be reminded to do. I did not get this extension for the breathing exercises. I got it for the body exercises to try to get a little bit of activity in my day even while I am working behind my computer screen. I'm not a happy camper right now.
  • (2023-08-30, v:1.0.0) Trinidy Schmidt: No sound/slow to load
    I am finding that my micromoves are extremely slow to load, some don't load/play at all. Additionally, there is no sound; my volume is turned all the way up and the sound button is not muted on the extension pop up.


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