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Image from store ビデオダウンローダー
Description from store ビデオ ダウンローダーは、ビデオを高速に取得するための簡単な Chrome ツールです。 このビデオダウンローダーは多くのサイトで動作しますが、YouTube では動作しません。 ビデオを素早くダウンロードするのに最適です。 インストールする方法: 1. Chrome を開き、Chrome ウェブストアに移動します。 2.「ビデオダウンローダー」を検索します。 3. [Chrome に追加] をクリックして、このビデオ ダウンローダーを入手します。 ビデオダウンローダーの使用: 1. 動画サイト (YouTube を除く) にアクセスします。 2. ビデオ ダウンローダーはビデオを見つけるとアイコンを点灯します。 3. アイコンをクリックしてビデオリストを表示し、ビデオを選択して品質を設定し、ダウンロードします。 特徴: - ビデオの自動検索: ビデオ ダウンローダーがこれを独自に実行します。 - 多くのサイトがサポートされています: ビデオ ダウンローダーは Facebook などのサイトで動作します。 - ビデオ品質の選択: ビデオ ダウンローダーで選択できます。 - 簡単なインターフェース: シンプルで誰でもこのビデオダウンローダーを使用できます。 - YouTube 用ではありません: このビデオ ダウンローダーは他のサイト用です。 Chrome でビデオを簡単にダウンロードするには、ビデオ ダウンローダーが最適です。 これは、個人、学校、またはクリエイティブなビデオのニーズに最適なビデオ ダウンローダーです。 Video Downloader Pro is a simple Chrome add-on for easy video downloads. It finds and downloads videos from many sites like Facebook. It's great for quick downloads but doesn't work with YouTube. How to Add: 1. Open Chrome and go to the Chrome Web Store. 2. Look up "Video Downloader Pro". 3. Click "Add to Chrome" to install this video downloader. How to Use: 1. Go to a website with a video (not YouTube). 2. If the add-on finds a video, its icon in Chrome will light up. 3. Click the icon, see the video list, pick one, choose quality, and hit 'Download'. Features: - Automatic video detection: The video downloader automatically finds videos on webpages. - Works with many websites, including Facebook. - Lets you pick video quality. - Easy to use for everyone. - Made for sites other than YouTube. Video Downloader Pro is perfect for people who often download videos for personal, educational, or creative use. It makes downloading videos easy and smooth, without leaving your browser. Once, not long back, in a world full of tech and web, there was a need. This need was for a video downloader, a tool to grab and keep the clips that we all love to watch on our screens. From fun clips of cats that make us laugh, to how-tos that teach us new skills, these bits of joy were just on the web, not on our own tech. So, came the rise of the video downloader. This video downloader was not hard to use. With a few taps, the video downloader could grab any clip from the web and save it on your own tech. Be it a phone, a tab, or a big screen on your desk, this video downloader worked its charm with ease. It was like magic, but real. The way this video downloader works is quite cool. First, you find the clip you want to keep. This could be on a site full of clips, like the one where you can watch all sorts of things. Next, you take the link of that clip and put it in the video downloader. This is like telling the video downloader, "Hey, this is the clip I like, please grab it for me." Once you do this, the video downloader starts to work. It talks to the site in a tech way, asks for the clip, and then the video downloader pulls the clip from the web to your tech. This happens in a blink. You won't even know how fast the video downloader is. Once the clip is on your tech, you can watch it any time, with or without the web. This means you can keep your fave clips and watch them over and over, even if you are not near Wi-Fi or your data is low. But wait, there's more. The video downloader also lets you pick the kind of clip you want. Do you want it in high clear view or is a less clear one fine? You can choose with the video downloader. This helps if your tech has less space or if you want just the sound of the clip, not the whole thing. Yes, the video downloader can just keep the sounds too! This video downloader is great for when you are on a trip. You can grab clips of songs, shows, or films before you go and then watch them as you travel with the video downloader. This way, you won't be bored on long rides or flights. It's also good for when you need to learn from a clip but won't have the web for long. Just grab the clip with the video downloader, and you can watch it as much as you need to learn the skill or the task. Now, it's key to say that with great tech like the video downloader comes a great need to use it right. Not all clips are free to grab. Some are owned by folks who made them, and they have rights. So, you must make sure that when you use the video downloader, you do it in a way that's fair and right. Don't steal clips. Use the video downloader to keep clips that are free to grab or that you have the right to keep. In the end, this video downloader tool is a neat bit of tech that makes our life more fun and easy. It lets us keep the small joys we find on the web, to watch and love when we want to. In a fast world, the video downloader helps us hold on to the bits that make us smile, learn, and grow. In our lives, full of rush and noise, the video downloader stands as a beacon of ease and access. Imagine a day when you find a clip that touches your heart. With the video downloader, that moment can stay with you, beyond the fleeting seconds it plays on the web. The video downloader becomes not just a tool, but a keeper of memories, a library of moments that matter to us. Our Video Downloader is a great, free tool. It's an online video downloader, also perfect for YouTube. This Video Downloader HD is not just fast, but it's a handy video downloader app, an MP4 video downloader for all types of videos. It's the best, free Facebook Video Downloader and super easy to use. Video Downloader FB is a top video downloader add-on for browsers. This video downloader, also called Video Downloader Pro and Video Downloader Plus, is known for its 4K quality. It's a free and simple to use video downloader. You can use it for Facebook videos and with Chrome browser. It's a video download helper and a professional video downloader for you. The beauty of the video downloader lies in its simplicity. You don't need to be a tech whiz to use it. Young or old, anyone can use the video downloader with ease. It bridges gaps, bringing content from the vast web into our personal space. Whether it's a clip that teaches, entertains, or just makes you smile, the video downloader ensures it's just a few clicks away. Moreover, the video downloader respects your choice and need for quality. Whether you prefer your clips in the highest resolution or in a more compact form, the video downloader adjusts to your needs. This flexibility of the video downloader makes it a favored choice among all who cherish online content. But the video downloader is more than a mere tool; it's a symbol of the digital era’s freedom. It gives you control over what you watch and when you watch it. In a world where online content is vast and varied, the video downloader helps you curate your own collection. It's like having a personal archive, accessible anytime, thanks to the video downloader. However, with the power of the video downloader comes responsibility. It reminds us to respect the hard work of those who create the content we love. The video downloader should be used ethically, respecting copyrights and creators' rights. It's a tool for enjoyment, not exploitation. Ethical use of the video downloader is crucial in maintaining a balance between access and respect. As the world evolves, so does the video downloader. It adapts, improves, and becomes more efficient. The future of the video downloader looks bright, promising even more features and ease of use. It's exciting to think of how the video downloader will continue to enhance our digital experiences. In conclusion, the video downloader is more than just a piece of software. It's a gateway to a world of content, a tool for preservation, and a symbol of the digital age's possibilities. It has changed the way we interact with online content, making it personal, portable, and perpetually accessible. The video downloader, in its essence, is a reflection of our desire to capture, keep, and cherish the digital wonders that we encounter in our everyday lives.

Latest reviews

  • (2024-02-12) Dahane Castel: No sirve en twitter ni en varias paginas
  • (2024-01-24) fred ramos: no pasa na
  • (2024-01-10) Michael J Beninate: The video quality is meh. The only way to play downloaded videos is to go to your download folder manually. If you click go to folder, it will open a Google Chrome browser window with the list of your files. Then it will only play within the browser. If you go to your folder from the tray, it will give you the option to use a different video player. I'm not persuaded that this is the best available video downloader. I wish I were a programmer and could make my own version.
  • (2023-11-13) David Patino: Download any video. Except from the biggest video site on the internet, youtube. Doesn't support downloading from Youtube. Making this useless.
  • (2023-11-13) Gerald GB: It's really useful for downloading videos from websites that don't have a download feature. The only drawback is you cant download from youtube, but there are plenty of other sites and extensions for that
  • (2023-11-11) Robert Nortcliff: Brilliant extension. Able to download videos other extensions cannot detect.
  • (2023-11-10) Robert L: No support for youtube.. they should say that in description... deleted
  • (2023-11-09) Flavio Barros: Não funciona
  • (2023-11-09) Halit Yurttaş: its a nice downloader and easy to use . I am strongly recommend for download videos.
  • (2023-11-09) Marcin Filmowiec (VideoVibes): are u faken idiot there ? comunikat policy youtube download imposible . go u all to paraolimpiada . bye
  • (2023-11-08) BeHappyBeVegan: doesn't work
  • (2023-11-07) Ulrich simpore: Deff one the best. It works on sites no other video downloader works! :)
  • (2023-11-07) nicole verger: This helped me downloading the google drive videos. Very good extension....
  • (2023-11-07) Amaruddin Khalifa: Working fine. better than the coco something.
  • (2023-11-07) José Juan Castellanos Bernal: No detecta videos M3U8. Desinstalando, gracias.
  • (2023-11-05) Alcimar Nascimento Coradelo: For non Youtube videos, this extension makes my work easier. Well done!
  • (2023-11-05) Florin Razvan: Useless, not working.
  • (2023-11-04) thala manu: doesnot work
  • (2023-11-02) Leonardo Bispo Pereira: Não funciona.
  • (2023-11-01) Uladzislau Aniskavets: Doesn't download videos from YouTube
  • (2023-11-01) MANEZINHO TURISMO: Good choice for videos. Occasionally comes up with interesting names, but overall quite good.
  • (2023-10-31) Charli Canavan: Awesome so far!! Very easy to use and does an excellent job
  • (2023-10-31) Saige: Doesn't even download YouTube videos. Practically worthless.
  • (2023-10-29) ADHD: Useless.... Add, Go to video = "Sorry, due to YouTube Policy we do not support downloading from YouTube" May as well delete the extension 👍
  • (2023-10-29) Claudio Humberto: This plugin works quite well. Of course with so many types of video embedding protocols and such it's not able to grab everything, certainly doesn't touch YouTube (TubeMate on my phone does that nicely), but in general I love how easy this is to use.
  • (2023-10-28) alex makaveli: works great, tnx
  • (2023-10-28) CC 14: Works splendidly! Thank you!
  • (2023-10-28) G.Piloto: I have been needing this for some time. I have tried others but is the best so far!nthanks
  • (2023-10-27) Andrii Kizilov: not working
  • (2023-10-26) Guilherme Martins: its ok working fine , but you have to check if the video gives you option to download
  • (2023-10-24) Mirza Zoraiz Ali: Not working.....
  • (2023-10-24) 单子龙: 非常好用
  • (2023-10-24) Vladimir Brednev: not working
  • (2023-10-22) Wade Chen: 終於有一個可以正常下載facebook影片的外掛 大力支持
  • (2023-10-22) TVJVC Rto (tvjvcrto): excelente
  • (2023-10-21) Henry Douglas Luiz da Silva: Não funciona
  • (2023-10-21) Muhammadamin (Hakimov-dev): A wortless pieace of trash
  • (2023-10-19) Giuliano Fatuzzo: Great tool, easy use, very dependable...love it
  • (2023-10-18) Dave Jugger: Just an empty box
  • (2023-10-18) André Luiz da Silva Rodrigues: Downloads videos other extensions couldn't. nEasy to use!
  • (2023-10-16) Troy Hughes: Empty box, does not work. I am signed in to youtube, using google chrome on windows 10.
  • (2023-10-16) Alex: Does nothing but open an empty box.
  • (2023-10-15) Beatriz Vieira Barone: Love it. Sometime I use it even though the video has a download button because it saves the video using its title so I don't need to rename the download.
  • (2023-10-15) Rob Paige: just opens an empty box.
  • (2023-10-14) Oukitel Chada: No DWNLDs avalaible!
  • (2023-10-13) oli: just opens an empty list box. tried ot use it on vimeo.com
  • (2023-10-12) peki buzz: Doesn't do anything but opening an empty box (not possible to paste any link there).
  • (2023-10-12) Liaquat Ali: Thank you so much for https://www.softu.io/idm-crack/
  • (2023-10-12) Eryn Hattison: I don't know how to work this thing
  • (2023-10-11) Diniz Filho: Great ... One of the best video downloaders.

Latest issues

  • (2023-10-30, v:0.3.0) Ingrid Parrado: DESCARGAR VIDEO DE STREAM SIN AUTORIZACIÓN
    Hola, me han compartido una clase y no deja descargarla, el servidor es onedrive solo la puedes ver en stream, pero no la reconoce como video. Agradezco si me puedes ayudar
  • (2023-10-08, v:0.1.0) Alexandre Lopes da Silva: It doesn't work
    This extension does not work on video on sites from this domain https://g1.globo.com/playlist/videos-mais-recentes-do-g1.ghtml
  • (2023-10-05, v:0.1.0) minza khokhar: my wats uo i lose time after i no buy andriod mobile only used family fone used
    i recover my wats up old data
  • (2023-10-05, v:0.1.0) minza khokhar: wats up old data need backup
    wats up data bckup
  • (2023-09-21, v:0.1.0) UrFavMoroccan: Downloading
    How can i download it


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