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Express Yourself with EmoBoard: The Ultimate BitEmoji Keyboard Auto Search, Auto Insert, Emoji History, Shortcuts, and Dark Mode!

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Description from store """🌟🚀 Presentem EmoBoard: l'extensió definitiva del teclat d'emojis! 🎉🔥 🔍👉 Busques una manera fàcil i divertida d'expressar-te en línia? No busquis més! EmoBoard està aquí per revolucionar el teu joc d'emojis. Amb les seves funcionalitats d'avantguarda i el seu disseny fàcil d'utilitzar, EmoBoard elevarà les teves converses en línia al següent nivell! 💯💬 ✨📚 Això és el que ofereix EmoBoard: 🔹 Troba i selecciona emojis: Digues adéu a desplaçar-te per interminables menús d'emojis. EmoBoard et permet buscar i seleccionar ràpidament una àmplia col·lecció d'emojis. 🌈🔍✨ 🔹 Últim estàndard Unicode: Mantingues-te al dia amb les últimes tendències d'emojis! EmoBoard suporta completament l'últim estàndard Unicode, assegurant que tinguis accés a tots els nous emojis tan aviat com siguin llançats. 🆕🔥🎉 🔹 Còpia automàtica, inserció automàtica: Digues adéu a la molèstia de copiar i enganxar emojis manualment. EmoBoard copia automàticament l'emoji seleccionat i l'insereix on el necessitis, fent que les teves converses siguin més fluides i eficients. ✂️📋💻 🔹 Històric d'emojis: Has oblidat un emoji que vas utilitzar abans? No et preocupis! EmoBoard registra l'ús dels teus emojis, permetent-te accedir i reutilitzar fàcilment els emojis que has utilitzat recentment. 📚🕑🔁 🔹 Combinacions de tecles: Augmenta la velocitat del teu joc d'emojis amb combinacions de tecles pràctiques. EmoBoard ofereix combinacions de tecles personalitzables, que et permeten trobar i inserir emojis en un instant, sense interrompre el teu ritme. ⌨️⚡️🔛 🔹 Mode fosc: EmoBoard s'integra perfectament amb la configuració del sistema operatiu del teu dispositiu. Si tens activat el mode fosc al teu SO, EmoBoard canviarà automàticament a un tema fosc elegant, proporcionant una experiència visual còmoda durant la nit o en condicions de poca llum. 🌙🌓🌑 🌟🎁 EmoBoard és l'extensió imprescindible per a qualsevol persona a qui li agradi afegir una mica de distinció i emoció a les seves converses en línia. Descarrega EmoBoard ara i deixa que les teves paraules prenguin vida amb emojis vibrants i expressius! 🌟💬✨""" 🌟🚀 Introducing the Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard: The Ultimate Emoji Keyboard Extension! 🎉🔥 🔍👉 Looking for a seamless and fun way to express yourself online? Look no further! The Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard is here to revolutionize your emoji game. With its cutting-edge features and user-friendly design, the Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard will take your online conversations to the next level! 💯💬 ✨📚 Here's what the Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard has to offer: 🔹 Find and Select BitEmojis: Say goodbye to scrolling through endless emoji menus. The Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard allows you to quickly search and select from a vast collection of BitEmojis. 🌈🔍✨ 🔹 Latest Unicode Standard: Stay up to date with the latest emoji trends! The Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard fully supports the latest Unicode standard, ensuring that you have access to all the new BitEmojis as soon as they're released. 🆕🔥🎉 🔹 Auto Copy, Auto Insert: Say goodbye to the hassle of manually copying and pasting BitEmojis. The Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard automatically copies your selected BitEmoji and inserts it wherever you need it, making your conversations smoother and more efficient. ✂️📋💻 🔹 Emoji History: Missed a BitEmoji you used before? No worries! The Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard keeps track of your BitEmoji usage, allowing you to easily access and reuse your recently used BitEmojis. 📚🕑🔁 🔹 Keyboard Shortcuts: Speed up your BitEmoji game with handy keyboard shortcuts. The Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard offers customizable shortcuts, letting you find and insert BitEmojis in a flash, without interrupting your flow. ⌨️⚡️🔛 🔹 Dark Mode: The Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard now seamlessly integrates with your device's operating system settings. If you have dark mode enabled on your OS, the Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard will automatically switch to a sleek dark theme, providing a visually comfortable experience during nighttime or low-light usage. 🌙🌓🌑 🌟🎁 The Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard is the must-have browser extension for anyone who loves to add a little flair and emotion to their online conversations. Download the Emoboard BitEmoji Keyboard now and let your words come alive with vibrant and expressive BitEmojis! 🌟💬✨

Latest reviews

  • (2023-10-09) bbrk: It would be great, if when popup opening the search input would be in focus state. (It seems enough to add "autofocus" attribute).
  • (2023-09-23) Lục Thị Giang Châu: cool its on pc !
  • (2023-09-08) Alexis Chan: 🐱👍👍👍
  • (2023-07-22) Brandon Hardman: A wide and diverse catalog of emoticons, there is a function of creating your own sets, search and copying is conveniently implemented.
  • (2023-07-22) Caleb Williams: Definitely a cool extension. I haven't seen some emoticons before at all. I will recommend it to friends and acquaintances. I think many people will like it.
  • (2023-07-22) Eva Martinez: A completely free set of emoticons. I didn't count how many exactly, but it looks like there are several thousand. In general, enough for any needs.
  • (2023-07-22) Cecilia Anderson: Installed, looked, used. Conclusion - a good database of ready-made emojis. A wonderful approach to development! Such a service has not been enough for a long time.
  • (2023-07-21) Michael Baker: This is the first time I see such an extension. We can say that I even suspected that such exist. Yes, and for free. There are just thousands of different emojis. Thanks!
  • (2023-07-21) James Gilbert: The base of emoticons needs to be expanded. And although all the popular ones are available, still many are still missing at the moment. However, I will give 5 to the developers for their work.
  • (2023-07-21) Caleb Chandter: The base of samoils is large. But ideally, it is worth implementing integration with input fields on sites where it is possible to use these emojis. Please consider the developers!
  • (2023-07-21) Alex Babcock: This extension needs to be ported to android as a separate application. I would also like another paid version, with a more expanded set of premium emoticons.
  • (2023-07-21) Nancy White: Among the analogues of similar plugins, the emoji base here is simply huge. Thousands and thousands of emoticons grouped by some attribute. But it is quite convenient to search.
  • (2023-07-21) Michael Austin: I have been using this database of emoticons and emojis for a long time. Implementation is the highest level. I would also like to add customization options - and it will be perfect.
  • (2023-07-21) Thomas Moore: The largest collection of emojis, of all that are available in the chrome store. There are at least a few thousand for sure. The grouping is done correctly, and there is a search.
  • (2023-07-21) Gregory Donovan: I bet 5! But I want to ask the developers to add other sets of emoticons. Although there are enough current ones in general, there is still a small variety.
  • (2023-07-21) Katrin Otter: I regularly take different emojis from these sets. Friends are even surprised, asking where such unique specimens come from. However, everything is free and available!
  • (2023-07-20) Ivan Miller: There are a lot of unique emoticons in the set, which have never been seen anywhere. I am ready to support the developers financially. It is not a pity at all for the development of the project.
  • (2023-07-20) Daniel Grant: Thanks to the developers for this plugin. A useful service, thanks to which you need a minimum of time to find the right smiley. With each update, all new sets are added.
  • (2023-07-20) Stefan Batler: A gorgeous collection of emoticons, almost for every taste. The collection is really huge and impressive. I installed this plugin and now everything I need is always there.
  • (2023-07-20) Kate Hammel: I wouldn't say that there are a lot of emoticons, but there are really unique and inimitable ones among them. I keep this set always at hand. Thanks for the plugin.
  • (2023-07-20) Robert White: I think this plugin needs to be ported to Edge and Firefox. It is convenient when all the necessary emoticons are at hand.
  • (2023-07-20) Gregory Adams: I use it myself and advise everyone. A great set of emojis, besides absolutely free. For me, this is a TOP 1 plugin. I put a solid 5.
  • (2023-07-20) Patric Nelson: I have been looking for such an extension for a long time. The choice of emoticons is simply huge. For active users of social networks - I advise. Great service.


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