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Web Paint - draw rectangle, circle, lines and others shapes or add text on any web pages, then screenshot the result. Screenshot…

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Description from store Paint Tool is absolutely free lightweight digital program to created various drawing that comes loaded with brushes, fonts, shapes, and other resources. Simple, easy and fun to use, you can enjoy and learn drawing on this chrome extension. Our Paint Tool extension has a simple and easy to use design. It is not confusing and easily recognisable tool icons (pencil, paint bucket, eraser and others tool) are used in the app which makes it easy for everyone to use. Paint directly online or add information on a webpage to highlight moments, then take a screenshot of a full webpage or just a selected area with an option to download or share it. Fully customized screenshot that could be printed, saved or sent instantly. Important !!! After installation / update Paint Tool, please reload the active tabs in your browser for the extension to work. What is a Screenshot? A screenshot, sometimes referred to as a screencap or screen capture, is an image that shows the contents of a computer display. Screenshots let you capture exactly what you’re seeing on your screen to share with others or reference later. Taking, saving, and sharing screenshots can be extremely helpful. In fact, some insist that the screenshot is the most important thing on the internet. But how can a simple picture of your screen be so vital? Well, you see, screenshots often act as a new age artifact. They serve as a way to prove to others that you’re really seeing the crazy stuff you’re seeing. Not only do they help you prove your case, they also help you archive the past. For example, they can help you capture what a website looked like before the latest brand refresh, that weird error message you got a couple months ago, or even a juicy gossip article you don’t want to risk forgetting. How can I use Screenshot? Screenshots aren’t just handy, they’re also revolutionary to getting more work done, faster. About the belief that screenshot can be extremely helpful when you need to demonstrate something that would otherwise be difficult to explain in words. Screenshot Can Help You Get More Work Done 1. Collaborate with Others Does your coworker want your input on a new webpage they’ve put together? Or do they need you to look over a brochure they’re having printed? Instead of writing a lengthy email with edits, take a screenshot and wow your coworker with excellent, efficient feedback. 2. Demonstrate How to Perform a Function Don’t just tell. Show. Demonstrate exactly what you’re talking about with a screenshot. By using a screenshot that shows exactly what you mean, there’s less chance that you’ll be misunderstood. And that means less confusion, less time explaining, and more time back in your day. For example, explain to a new employee how to login. Instead of telling them, you can quickly send them a screenshot that they can reference again and again without having to repeatedly ask you. A screenshot with numbered steps is quick to make and easy to understand 3. Show Exactly What’s Happening If you’ve ever contacted your IT or Web Support Team to report a bug, you’ve likely been asked to provide a screenshot. That’s because not everyone’s computer is the same. Depending on your machine, the operating system it’s running, the browser version you’re on, the way something appears for you could be completely different for others. Providing a visual example of what you’re looking at helps others see exactly what’s going on and identify what might be going wrong. A screenshot of an error message helps avoid confusion by showing someone exactly what you’re seeing The best part about screenshot? They’re easy! As Buffer notes, screenshots are powerful yet simple to use. In fact, it only takes a second to make a screenshot. So start using screenshots today, and download a Alternatively referred to as a print screen, screen dump, snapshot, or screen capture, a screen shot or screenshot is an image of what's currently displayed on a screen. Screenshots can be created by a software program or operating system. Once a screenshot is captured, it can be saved as an image file (e.g., GIF or JPEG). You can also manipulate and print the image after it is saved. The picture is an example screenshot from the game. What Is a Screenshot? When used as a verb, screenshot means capturing a static image of a device's display. In other words, it takes a picture of whatever shows on the computer, mobile, or tablet screen at the time. Screenshot can be useful for many situations: -Sharing screen images with friends on social media. -Showcasing software for a review. -Demonstrating how to do something in a tutorial. -Showing an error message or software issue for technical support troubleshooting. -Saving snippets of anything that cannot be easily printed. How to Take Screenshot You don't need special software to take a picture of the screen because screenshot functionality is built into all current operating systems. Some devices even capture specific portions of the screen. Screen Capture Programs Many graphics programs, also have built-in screen-capture capabilities. Dedicated screen capture software might offer several benefits: Automatically name and save screenshots to a specific folder. Auto-scroll functions to capture long documents like web pages that don't fit on the screen. Timed Screen capture to add a delay while you prepare the workspace before capturing. Markup tools that add callouts, arrows, shapes, and text annotations to screenshots. Options to include or exclude the mouse cursor. There is screen recording software available that captures all of the activity on a computer monitor and turns it into a video file.

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  • (2024-01-10) rumo ao sucesso prosperidade: ferramenta util
  • (2023-12-24) Eymen biçici: very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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  • (2023-11-21) I M: Otima extensão, atendeu as minhas expectativas, com ela dá para selecionar e marcar textos entre outras funções .
  • (2023-11-02) mig duka roma: it works perfectly!! it helps with home work
  • (2023-10-03) Metal Soinic: It keeps prompting me to rate itso i did :| On my screen the buttons aren't really inside the box properly (that might just be me).
  • (2023-09-23) Vedant Singh Sikarwar: Very nice, although there are some things I would like to fix, it's really good! I couldn't find another extension, (PageMarker) this is a great alternative.


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