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WorkGPT - Your Ultimate AI GPT for Work (with ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude)

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WorkGPT is powered by top AI GPT, ChatGPT, GPT-4, Gemini, Claude, LIama and Mistral, to enable you deliver great work much faster!

Image from store WorkGPT - Your Ultimate AI GPT for Work (with ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude)
Description from store Experience the power of WorkGPT, your ultimate AI companion for Work! WorkGPT is the best AI assistant and a game-changer designed specifically for your work needs. It harnesses the power of advanced AI technologies such as ChatGPT, GPT-4, Gemini Pro, Claude 3, Meta Llama 2 Mistral, and Google Bard PaLM2 and Duet AI, and to provide you with an unparalleled level of productivity and efficiency! ✅ ChatGPT GPT (used by 100M+ users) ✅ GPT-4 ✅ Google Gemini™ ✅ Claude 3 Sonnet and Claude 3 Haiku(Anthropic) ✅ Meta Llama 2 (70b) ✅ Mixtral and Mixtral8x7B ✅ Google Bard PaLM 2 and Duet AI WorkGPT can help you deliver great work across various tasks such as, improving writing or polishing content, creating materials, composing emails or posts, generating reports or video scripts, grasping context, and creating images or logos (with DALLE 3) etc. In addition, you can ask any question to GPT with a freeform prompt. We are also on Product hunts: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/workgpt Here are also our Web app: https://www.workgpt.aiworksuite.com/ and Google Workspace addon: https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/workgpt_chatgpt_ai_gpt_for_workspace/368806015202 Install now and get free credits to use! No API Key is needed here. ✓ Free credits. ✓ No API key required. Features 🟢 General Assistance (improve, read, understand content) - Improve writing and rewrite with many tones supported (professional, friendly, formal, causal etc)! - Elaborate - Fix grammar and spelling - Polish - Reply to emails/questions/posts/comments with different tones - Continue writing for any content - Expand and make longer, or Shorten - Translate to different language - Bulletize, - Format - Offer suggestions to the content - Provide different ways to say - Help me understand - Summarize content - Explain content - Make notes - Create tasks or To-Do List - Any other freeform prompt and command you want for GPT. 🟢 Creating content: - Write great emails - Write SEO articles - Create tweet or posts for Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram - Draft video scripts, Youtube scripts, Tiktok scripts - Write SEO-optimized content - Compose status updates or summary - Generate ideas - Create descriptions - Generate images or logos - Write reports - Create calendar notes - Write an essay - Create profiles - Write resume - Write for anything! You can also ask GPT directly for any questions! This product is brought to you by ZQ Labs, Inc. ZQ Labs, Inc. is not affiliated with OpenAI. Rest assured, your data and privacy are of utmost importance to us. We have implemented robust security measures to guarantee the confidentiality and protection of your information. Experience the the WorkGPT and the power of best AI Assistant for Work with this extension today! Join the countless professionals who have already embraced the power of WorkGPT. Revolutionize your work, increase your efficiency, and unlock your true potential with the ultimate AI solution – WorkGPT. ➕ What AI models supported? ✓ ChatGPT GPT (used by 100M+ users), GPT-4, Google Gemini™, Claude 3 Sonnet and Haiku (Anthropic), Meta LIama 2 70b, Mixtral and Mixtral8x7B, Google Bard PaLM 2 and Duet AI, and more are coming! ➕ What is an AI Copilot? Originally, AI Copilot(It's also called AI Agent or AI Assistant) refers to an AI-powered tool that assists developers in writing code. It is trained on billions of lines of code and can provide coding suggestions based on natural language prompts. There are different versions of Copilot available, such as GitHub Copilot GitHub Copilot is a code completion AI developed by GitHub. It utilizes the GPT language model developed by OpenAI and is trained on numerous repositories on GitHub. WorkGPT, on the other hand, is a Chrome extension integrated into anywhere on the web. It works alongside users, providing endless search results with translation, paraphrasing, and related document recommendations. This helps users to efficiently complete their tasks or research while they are saving their time and energy. WorkGPT aims to enhance productivity and efficiency by leveraging AI technology to support users in their work-related activities. ➕ What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is an AI language model developed by OpenAI that can understand and generate human-like text. It has been trained on vast amounts of internet text data and can perform natural languages processing tasks such as translation and text summarization. Essentially, ChatGPT is a computer program that can communicate with people in a natural and human-like way. ➕ How do I utilize AI and ChatGPT in Chrome? To utilize AI on Chrome, you can install Chrome extensions that integrate AI technology. By downloading and logging into the extension, you can utilize AI and ChatGPT on any website or application without additional sign-ups.

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  • (2023-09-08) Michael: Works great! One of the most useful extensions, I'm really impressed with it!


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