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markClipper insert clipped web contents directly into obsidian local vault. No config required. Highlighter. Open source

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Description from store πŸ“’ markClipper saves clipped web contents directly to your obsidian vault without any config. Open source. πŸ“Œ Why you should consider this: βœͺ Save web contents directly to obsidian's vault βœͺ Clip web contents into markdown format βœͺ Capture screenshot and insert it into vault in two clicks. βœͺ Insert image into your obsidian's vault βœͺ Insert current tab or all tabs' articles βœͺ Drag-n-drop images and selected text βœͺ Highlighter and insert highlighted text into notes βœͺ Zero config and no separate obsidian plugins are required βœͺ Themes βœͺ No signup required βœͺ Free and Open source:https://github.com/anilkumarum/mark-clipper βœͺ no tracking, no Ads βœͺ dark mode ⌨️ keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+X β‡’ Open markClipper sidePanel Alt + S β‡’ Capture Screenshot Esc β‡’ Close all open notes in side panel Ctrl + Shift + E β‡’ export all open notes in side panel Ctrl + E β‡’ export focused notes in side panel ALt + D β‡’ Open note files drawer in side panel Ctrl+Z β‡’ undo (work only when copy listener on) Ctrl+Y β‡’ redo (work only when copy listener on) Ctrl+Z β‡’ undo highlight (work only when copy listener on) Ctrl+Y β‡’ redo highlight (work only when copy listener on) Alt + H β‡’ highlight (work only when copy listener on) Ctrl+ Shift + H β‡’ remove highlight (work only when copy listener on) Shift + Space β‡’ extend selection (work only when copy listener on) ...more keyboard shortcuts on extension's options page πŸ“Œ == FEATURES == βœ… Save content directly to Obsidian's vault Give file permission and your work is done. Extension convert web content into markdown format and directly insert formatted web contents into your vault βœ… Clip article in one click keyboard shortcut: Alt +A (works when popup window open) Clip article from current tab or all open tabs in one click. you can add frontmatter and download articles' images into "images" folder. βœ… Persistent text Highlighter Highlight text and save highlighted text into selected notes. Highlighted text will be visible when you re-visit webpage For remove highlight, Select again highlighted text and press Ctrl + Shift + H. For disable highlight, Go to options page Fastest highlighter in Chrome web store. markClipper highlights text without creating new DOM elements. Read more: https://web.dev/dom-size-and-interactivity/ βœ… Save images with correct file path This extension insert image file into your vault and adds correct image path as markdown link in selected notes if you need to save images from clipped articles then you need to enable it from extension's options page βœ… Zero configuration No separate obsidian plugins required. No config required βœ… Work with any local folder not only vault Give write permission in any local folder e.g β€œdownloads/web-clipped” or β€œvault/web-clipped” You can use this extension for clip web contents into "Logseq" or "Joplin" ♻️ Permissions sidePanel:Show side panel activeTab:Required to read current tab's title and url scripting:Inject screenshot and markdown converter tools storage:Save extension configurations contextMenu:Add context menu on images ⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+X: Open extension's popup window Alt+S: Capture screenshot For config keyboard shortcuts, paste this url in address bar: chrome://extensions/shortcuts Alt+I β‡’ Insert frontmatter in open notes (focus require on notes or window) Alt + Z β‡’toggle word wrap in open notes (focus require on notes or window Alt+A β‡’ Clip article (work when popup window open) Alt+T β‡’ Open side panel (work when popup window open) Alt+M β‡’ Multi select text Ctrl + B , Ctrl + I β‡’ format bold, italic Delete β‡’ delete line in note in side panel Read more about file security https://developer.chrome.com/articles/file-system-access/#security-considerations For Brave browser File API is disabled by default. You need to enable this flag "brave://flags/#file-system-access-api" to work in brave browser. Till chromium 117:Vivaldi doesn't support side panel API Edge browser I don't test this extension in Edge browser. Maybe work Opera browser I don't test this extension in Opera browser Arc browser I cann't test this extension in Arc browser because arc browser is not available on linux and arc browser doesn't provide extension developer docs ℹ️ Support Please report issues on github issues https://github.com/anilkumarum/mark-clipper/issues For detail guide, visit:https://markclipper.noterail.site/guide For contact, Please mail us on πŸ“§ [email protected] Join markClipper on google Groups: https://groups.google.com/g/markclipper You can change side panel position from settings -> appearance Obsidian logo is owned by https://obsidian.md πŸš€ 1.0.1 πŸ› Create new note in side panel issue fixed πŸš€ 1.0.0 - Minimum chrome version 123 - ADDED: Open notes popup move to left file drawer - ADDED: Restore opened notes options added - ADDED: keyboard shortcut added - ADDED: Create new note inside vault added in file drawer - FIXED: Give access button in vault permission dialog issue fixed πŸš€ 0.0.94 πŸ› Bug Fixed - Switch vault checkbox now working - Highlight switch now working - Download images issue fixed - Frontmatter date format issue fixed - Clip article data improved βœ… Added - Create new note option in screenshot, multi select text, context menu - show dialog when vault permission required - add permission manager page link in options and popup page ⌨️ Shift + Space for extend selection (when copy-listener active) ⌨️ Alt + H for highlight text (when copy-listener active) 🌈 Theme configuration added πŸš€ 0.0.90 🌈 Markdown syntax color added πŸ–ΌοΈ Download images options added below "add frontmatter" πŸ“– Toggle word wrap button on right side of note box ⌨️ Format Keyboard shortcut: Format bold (ctrl+B), Format italic (ctrl+I) ⌨️ Delete line Keyboard shortcut: Delete html to markdown converter improved πŸ›Context menu issue added πŸ› Screenshot top cut issue fix βœ… Note filelist (use in context menu, screenshot,multi_select text) refresh button added in permission manager βœ… YYYY/MM/DD date format added βœ… locale: Russain,Japanese,Portuguese added πŸš€ 0.0.85 πŸ› filename .md.md issue fixed βœ… Notelist (show in context menu,screenshot) updated when chrome start βœ… Add notelist sync icon in vault permission manager πŸš€ 0.0.8 πŸ› Fix screenshot issue βœ… locale: hindi,chinese added πŸš€ 0.0.8 πŸ– Save highlighted text πŸ“Mutli select text πŸ“ Basic editing helper added e.g open enter open marker (*([_) then closing marker (*)]_) auto added 🎲 Undo(ctrl+z) & Redo (ctrl+Y) support on ctrl+c copy and drag-n-drop text Ctrl+Shift+X to open popup window ⌨️ Ctrl + C auto-copy into selected note when side panel open ⌨️ Alt + A keyboard shortcut to clip artice (open popup window open) ⌨️ Alt + M keyboard shortcut to enable multi select text (open popup window open) πŸš€ 0.0.6 release πŸ“ file rename issue fixed πŸ“– Brave file api guide added πŸš€ 0.0.5 release πŸ– Text Highlighter added πŸŒ… Saved imaged from clipped articles added πŸ› Medium.com bug fixed πŸ› Duplicate permission page issue fixed πŸ“ Images now saved in `images` folder ⚠️ Read all data from all sites permission removed

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-09) Michael: Looks promising. But failed at first hurdle for me. Unable to add vault permission with error "showDirectoryPicker" is not defined. Installing on Brave Browser.
  • (2023-08-25) BZQamy: Be Cautious. this extension needs permission to access local folder e.g. vault folder. I request you to please experiment with empty vault. I found only this obsidian web clipper that append clipped contents directly into vault. I am experimenting with this obsidian clipper whether i should stick with this or not ??
  • (2023-08-23) Avataar admin: This extension finally did it what other extensions said it is impossible. Only web clipper extension in whole Chrome web store that save web contents directly into local disk. I thank developer for this amazing and time-saving extension. But it has one caveat: Write permission revoke on reload tab or re-open Chrome browser. You need to grant permission again.


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