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Description from extension meta Easy to use Unit Converter
Image from store Unit Converter
Description from store •Unit converter will convert your units quick and simple. •Choose your preferred category and units on the options page. •Currently supports many common units in the categories of Temperature, Length, Mass, Speed, Volume, Area, Fuel consumption, Time and Digital Storage, [NEW] Added categories Energy, Power, Force, Electric Current. [NEW] Supports Fractional Inputs More categories and units to come. source code available on github: https://github.com/dtuit/UnitConverter-ChromeExt
Latest reviews (2019-10-24) Akash Sarkar: It is a good extension, but there is an issue. It goes to the temperature option every a new page is loaded. It should stay on the last selected option. (2019-08-27) travis gowen: Just so great. So glad I had the options to change default category and units etc. (2019-06-16) Meng-Hsiu Yu: All are great now. Please add an right click conversion feature on text selection. It'd be the greatest of all. (2019-03-09) Resets to temperature conversion after every use. (2019-02-28) Rick Prontack: This is such a handy converter truly at your fingertips. The best hands down. (2018-12-06) Mike9090: Simple to use, easy to use, has everything or most things. (2018-11-04) Travis Nobles: It RESETS every time you click out of it. This means that if you regularly convert oz to grams or anything like that, you have to go choose those every. single. time. (2018-10-17) Jo King: amazing app!!! LOOOOVE the fact that I can preset the defaults in each categories so that it's ready when I need them! THANK YOU!!!!!! (2018-08-02) Masaaki Furuki: Good design. But it always go back to temperature by start. Most used category should be there so I don't have to select category every time. Same things with unit. Most used unit should be come to the top. Or, last used category and unit when restart is better. (2018-06-07) Mike Fuller: Nice extension but it lacks density conversion, which is a shame. (2018-03-21) DogDoc713: Very nice! I was looking for something that would work similarly to the old desktop gadgets, and this is the best I've found so far. A clean and simple way to quickly convert units. :-) (2018-02-17) Park Austin: It would be best if the Favorite function could be added! Good, simple & useful! (2018-01-21) Richard Grzegorczyk: I generally use this to convert english/metric length, generally mm to inches. I like having it handy often in my browser instead of using the CONVERT.EXE pinned to the taskbar. You can enter your units on either side of the equation and the opposite side will convert. Remember to right click on it and set your default conversion, so you don't have to select it each time. (2018-01-11) Yasmine Alshathir: So many options. Easy to use. (2017-11-16) Caroline Richer: Good extension but should add conversion length for mils to micron. And should be able to access at the last conversion you made. (2017-05-23) David Heaton: great little program, but can you add "mil" (1/1000 of an inch) to length? I use this constantly for datasheet conversions (2017-04-23) Inna Grebenar: Very simple but very handy! (2016-11-01) Fi: So easy and simple to use. Thanks so much, love it! (2016-09-06) Jon Bukovsky: When I first it opened to temperature coversion which I pretty much have no use for. I Switched it to convert length it defaulted at kilometers to meters. Who would use this? It doesn't take a genius to move the decimal point two places. Kilometers to miles would make more sense. It would most likely be used for metric to imperial measurements rather than metric to metric. I changed it to meters to feet and did my conversion.When I opened it up again it was at temp. i switched it to length and had to switch from kilo to meter to meter to feet. too much work! It would make more sense to remember where you used it last. Or at least default to metric to imperial length. (2016-08-17) snoslidr74: No pressure units? (2016-06-24) Sanjay Gunraj: found that it is helpful (2016-05-25) Tim: Converts to many things, I do likey. (2016-05-17) Rocio Pelayo: Easy to use (2016-02-25) Ulises Jimenez: great extension, very easy to use (2015-11-28) M M: Amazing

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