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AI Fashion Model reduces the time, money and other costs required to shoot physical model product pictures.

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Description from store AI Fashion Model has revolutionized the design mode of the wholesale industry, completely changing the traditional fashion design and e-commerce mode. Expansion to a new realm of fashion: With the help of AI Fashion Model, you can present a variety of clothing model pictures according to the age, race, gender, facial expression and other factors of different customer needs, making your product display more diversified. In addition, the model photos generated by AI Fashion Model can be applied on multiple channels such as product pages, emails, advertisements, and social media. Improve the participation and conversion rate of e-commerce: AI Fashion Model has greatly improved the participation and conversion rate of e-commerce. For starters, it costs a quarter of what a traditional photo shoot would cost. According to the retailer's report, the use of AI Fashion Model can reduce the shooting cost by 90%, shorten the turnaround time by 10 times, increase the participation rate by 40% and increase the conversion rate by at least 1.5 times. Secondly, AI Fashion Model enables shoppers to select products more intuitively during the shopping process, thereby making more informed purchase decisions and reducing e-commerce return rates. By presenting product effects on models, shoppers can better experience the actual effects of products, thereby increasing their willingness to purchase. AI Fashion Model can perfectly integrate various effects into the brand's product page, provide shoppers with a better shopping experience, and convert shoppers into loyal customers. Efficient and low-cost bidirectional innovation: AI Fashion Model makes the entire e-commerce process from design to sales more efficient. One of the significant advantages is cost reduction. Fashion design studios no longer rely on expensive modeling agencies, with AI Fashion Model, they can have exclusive digital models at a lower cost. At the same time, it also eliminates tedious model selection, negotiation and scheduling conflicts, simplifying the workflow and saving time and money. Personalized fashion presentation: AI Fashion Model has created a realistic digital super model, which improves the satisfaction of customers' overall shopping experience. Customers can see how clothing will look on models who are similar in size, color and age to their own. This personalized display helps build trust between the brand and customers, reduces return rates and increases customer satisfaction. AI Fashion Model can be fully customized to provide you with models of different shapes and sizes to better display your products. In addition, you can also customize the facial features of the model to convey the best brand or product emotion. AI Fashion Model also has distinctive features in displaying products and models in different scenarios. Comprehensively consider various factors and adapt to different target customers through visualization. Innovative Sustainable Fashion Wholesale: AI Fashion Model makes the entire e-commerce process from design to sales more efficient. The process of digitally making models to display pictures can increase your product wholesale volume, shorten the time to market, and enjoy a more streamlined and sustainable e-commerce process at the same time. 👉What is AI Fashion Model? AI Fashion Model is a multi-dimensional solution created with the help of artificial intelligence technology, which creates high-quality model product photos for fashion retailers, and reduces the time, money and other costs required to take photos of real model products. 👉What is the working principle of AI Fashion Model? AI Fashion Model uses artificial intelligence technology to change the image of models in clothing photos according to factors such as age, race, and facial expressions. 👉What are the benefits of using AI Fashion Model? AI Fashion Model helps to show the diversity of your store, increase the participation and conversion rate of e-commerce, reduce the return rate and the cost of model photo shooting, and finally realize the high-efficiency and low-cost e-commerce process, and promote the diversity and tolerance of the fashion industry sex. 👉Can I use AI Fashion Model for all product photo productions that require mannequins? Yes, AI Fashion Model is suitable for clothing, pants, underwear, bikinis, wigs, jewelry, rings, necklaces, bags, shoes, cosmetics and all other product photo productions that require mannequins.

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  • (2023-09-07) haijing dai: Good!
  • (2023-09-07) aduser cp: Customize clothing models, save the cost of hiring models for shooting, great!


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