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All-in-One ChatGPT for Amazon Brands & Marketers by ProductScopeAI

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Description from store ProductScope AI’s Chrome extension for Amazon Insights helps brands research, optimize and grow their business faster & more efficiently with AI. Perfect for Amazon sellers (FBA, FBM, Merch by Amazon and even KDP sellers) who want to dive into their detailed customer insights harvested from their Amazon reviews and then make data-driven decisions about their products. With the free Amazon Seller Chrome Extension, you can gain unique review insights, download your reviews, optimize your Amazon listing, conduct in-depth product analysis, perform keyword research, create and edit amazon product photos and much more. Works across 13 Amazon marketplaces. Here are some of the features offered by the ProductScope AI Chrome Extension: Product Reviews Analyzer Reviews Insights Customer Purchase Motivations Customer Demographics Listing Improvements Product Keywords Amazon Product Photos Download Amazon Reviews Listing Quality Amazon SEO ChatGPT Assistant for Amazon Take advantage of the best Chrome extension for Amazon sellers, streamline your product research, optimize your listings & images, and ultimately increase your sales and profitability on Amazon. 🔍 Deep Customer Insights - Leveraging the Voice of Customer Analysis, we transform customer reviews into actionable strategies, helping you understand the likes, dislikes, and desires of your customer base to enhance conversion rates. ✏️ AI-Enhanced Listing Builder - Craft compelling product listings in minutes, infused with high-impact keywords and insights derived from your reviews, all thanks to our advanced language models. 📸 Stunning Product Images - Generate hundreds of lifestyle images effortlessly from your imagination with our AI Photoshoot tool & powerful but simple post-processing editor in minutes for 1/10th the cost of normal photoshoots, for all your social media/marketing needs. 🤖 Dobby - Your E-commerce Mentor - Meet Dobby, your round-the-clock e-commerce AI Chatbot assistant, ready to assist you in making data-driven decisions and staying competitive on Amazon. 🌟 What kind of Customer Insights are provided via the free Chrome Extension? 🌟 1️⃣ Deep Dive Analytics: Unravel the mysteries of your target audience. Discover the 'who', 'what', 'where', and 'why' behind every review, but aggregated for you. 2️⃣ Customer Sentiments (Pros & Cons): Pinpoint your product's strengths and areas of improvement from the customer's viewpoint. 3️⃣ Buyer Motivations: Craft irresistible product listing titles/bullets/descriptions by tapping into customer buying triggers. 4️⃣Product Improvement Suggestions: Insights into what the customers are wanting or expecting the product to include or offer in order to be valued more 5️⃣ One-Click Analysis: Instantly analyze reviews, spot opportunities, and uncover the pros & cons. 🔗Start Getting Unique Insights plus using all of our core ProductScope AI Tools Today for Free → https://productscope.ai 📌 FAQs: Q: How does the ProductScope AI Chrome Extension help me? A: Our Free Customer Insights Extension can pull all verified reviews for any ASIN on any marketplace, analyze them against multiple data points, leveraging the most advanced Amazon ChatGPT model (GPT-4) to offer strategic customer insights, use them to craft highly optimized Amazon listings and even tie in branded AI Photoshoots in minutes for any of your products or your clients brand's. Q: What's "Voice of Customer Analysis"? A: ProductScope AI’s Voice of Customer (VoC) Analysis utilizes Artificial Intelligence to analyze Amazon reviews, transforming them into meaningful insights about customer demographics, intent, sentiment, and motivation. This provides a comprehensive Amazon voice of the customer understanding, which can help shape your product development and market positioning strategies. Customer Profile - The "Who", "What", "Where" and "Why" for your product based on your customers reviews Pro Sentiments - Insights showcasing the positive sentiments of the ASIN product Con Sentiments - Insights showcasing the negative sentiments of the ASIN product Product Features - Features of the product taken directly from customer reviews in their language Buyer Motivations - these are the reasons the customers are buying the product Product Improvement Suggestions - Insights into what the customers are wanting or expecting the product to include or offer in order to be valued more Just hop onto your Amazon.com (or .ca or .uk) product detail page (i.e., www.amazon.com/dp/{ASIN}), click on our chrome extension (it looks like an orange bumblebee), and you can run Analyze Reviews to grab your customer insights, then you can choose to open up any other web tool directly from the extension. You can also grab the Amazon main image into our AI Photoshoot tool or optimize the listing directly from the Chrome extension as it's fully paired with our Web app tools! Q: How can Customer Review Analysis benefit me? A: Gain a deeper understanding of customer perceptions, refine your listings, influence product development, generate the right style product photoshoot images and help you tailor your marketing strategies. Q: How can I use the Chrome extension to download, export, or review insights from Amazon products? A: Our Chrome extension is designed as an all-encompassing tool for Amazon sellers and buyers alike, enabling you to download reviews from Amazon with ease. With features like the Amazon review downloader, you can effortlessly export Amazon reviews for comprehensive analysis. Whether you're looking to export reviews for a single product or download reviews in bulk, our tool simplifies the process, allowing for a seamless review export experience. This functionality is perfect for those seeking to gain deeper insights into customer feedback or to utilize review data for product improvement and competitive analysis. Q: Is a credit card needed for the Free tier? A: Absolutely not! The Chrome Extension is completely free and installing it or even creating an account at https://productscope.ai doesn’t require a credit Card. Your free account also gets you access to our full fledged Web application platform where you can try all our other AI-powered tools as part of a risk-free. So, why wait? Download the ProductScope AI Amazon Chrome extension for free today! 💌 Reach Out: For queries or feedback, drop us a line at [[email protected]]

Latest reviews

  • (2023-10-24) Yusneidy Gómez: The photoshoot tool is pretty cool, no longer need to figure out how to use Midjourney on discord but can do it through this super simple interface. It takes at least 10 to 15 images but I got some good backdrop photos in just a few minutes... I also LOVED that the extension can directly take my main image from amazon directly onto the canvas.
  • (2023-10-11) Leo Barot: The actual customer insights took around 50 seconds to run for me but it worked and the product photoshoot tool is pretty cool!! I like how easy they make it to edit the photos and switch between backgrounds.
  • (2023-10-05) Beeni Jacob: After diving into the ProductScope extension for a full day, I'm pleasantly surprised. The way it translates Amazon reviews into actionable insights for my products is pretty neat. There were moments I had to fiddle around, but the value it brings, especially for a free tool, is hard to beat. I do hope they make the image section more user-friendly in the future. All in all, it's a solid extension that's worth exploring.
  • (2023-10-02) Mithril Mining Company: I'm currently an early tester of ProductScope AI. I just got a fully optimized listing for my baby mat product for 1/200th the price of a "good copywriter" and it seems atleast 2x better in quality..Forgot to mention, i got it in less than 1.5 minutes! Color me impressed. Haven't checked out the other tools yet but will do soon..
  • (2023-09-26) Rajesh Kumar MERNWEB: I installed the extension and within minutes I was diving into my product's "purchase motivations" and was quite shocked to find motivations I didn't even know were reasons for how my product was being used! Excited to play with this further.


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