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WebP to PNG converter. Convert WebP files to PNG images online and offline. Save WebP images on website as PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, ICO.

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Description from store πŸ’« Key Features: "Convert WebP to PNG" extension offers a variety of conversion methods based on your specific needs: βœ… Drag-and-Drop Magic: Convert WebP images with a simple drag-and-drop. βœ… Right-Click Convenience: Adds "Save image as PNG" to the right-click context menu. βœ… Enhanced compatibility: ensure your images work efficiently across all browsers and editors. βœ… Reverse Conversion: PNG to WebP. βœ… Quality Control: Set target quality for JPG files to create images with high quality or reduced file sizes. βœ… Boosted Productivity: Simplify png image conversion to enhance your workflow and improve the image quality. β†ͺ️ All-Inclusive Conversion Options: βœ… Right-Click Conversion: Right-click on any webp files. Select "Save image as PNG" file format from the context menu. The extension will convert and save the image in your preferred location. βœ… Drag-and-Drop Image Converter: You can experience the convenience of drag-and-drop functionality. Drag a webp file from your computer, and drop it onto the extension area. Now, you can watch how it seamlessly converts the image to PNG. βœ… Ensure Convert Images by Preserving Privacy: Privacy matters, and we take it seriously! You will notice that all conversions happen locally on your computer when you upload the image ( without sending them to external servers). βœ… Broad Utility: The extension isn't limited to one conversion type. You can use it to convert: βœ“ webp to png βœ“ jpg to png βœ“ png to jpg βœ“ jpeg to png βœ“ png to jpeg βœ“ webp to tiff βœ“ webp to bpm βœ“ webp to ico βœ“ png to gif βœ… Compatibility everywhere: Make your pictures compatible with all browsers and image editors. Since it is universally compatible, you won't face the risk of dealing with unsupported formats. It helps to make your visuals accessible to a broad audience. βœ… Batch Image Converter (Coming Soon!): You can save time and increase the efficiency of converting multiple webp files to png format in one go. Hence, our images converter is an ALL-IN-ONE tool😍 πŸ‘‰πŸ» Why Consider Conversion from WebP to PNG file format? πŸ”₯ While WebP files offer superior compression and reduced file size, it doesn't ensure universal accessibility. Therefore, the quality may be enhanced compared to PNG. However, some browsers and image editors may not support it. This is where our converter comes in handy! This tool is universally accessible in the widely supported PNG format. πŸ’° Simplified Conversion: The extension is your go-to solution for image format conversion. You can use easy right-click and drag-and-drop features to convert webp files to universally supported PNG files. Install today and enjoy a streamlined image workflow! πŸ”‘ Easy Right-Click Transformation: Convert your files in a simple RIGHT-CLICK. You won't face any more navigating through complex menus or searching for external tools. With our extension, you can quickly change webp files to png by selecting "Save image as PNG." User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop: Nothing is as easy as drag-and-drop functionality. That's why it simplifies your workflow to the next level. How it works? Drag a webp image onto the extension, and it automatically converts it to png. It would save it as a PNG file on your computer. πŸ“š Reasons to Convert webp to png There are several reasons to make the switch: β˜‘οΈ Lack of Wider Usage: PNG image format is a more universally recognized format than webp. β˜‘οΈ Free Tool: Upload and download your desired file type including png images, in a second. β˜‘οΈ Limited Tool Availability: Limited tools are available for working with webp files. β˜‘οΈ Lack of Browser Support: Not every browser is compatible with web images. β˜‘οΈ Online Converter: Convert your files online efficiently. πŸ”› How to Install Here's how to install "Convert WebP to PNG" extension: 1️⃣ Click the "Add to Chrome" button (located on the right side above the text). 2️⃣ Confirm the installation by clicking "Add extension" in the pop-up. 3️⃣ Wait a few minutes for the extension to download and install. 4️⃣That's all! Spot the icon in your Chrome toolbar. How to Use Webp to PNG Converter 1️⃣ Upload the WebP file format file to the extension. Keep PNG among a couple of image formats if you want to convert the webp files to PNG. 2️⃣ Wait for a few seconds to minutes for the software to process the webp file. 3️⃣ Once the processing is complete, you will notice the image viewers displaying high-quality images. 4️⃣ Next, click "Download" to download png file from your web browser into your desired storage space. πŸ•“ Now, start enjoying the applications of the "Convert webp to png" extension across all your web browsers. Pros of using Webp to PNG Converter: βœ“ Portable network graphics to convert the WebP image to PNG file type, preserving the quality. βœ“ It is an online webp file converter to convert webp files to png picture at the fingertips. βœ“ Does involve losing quality of images even with transparent backgrounds or transparent pixels. βœ“ Compatible across many browsers on Windows PC and Mac. βœ“ Supports even large file-size image files. βœ“ Excellent tool to batch convert webp format to png images effectively (coming soon). πŸ”œ Coming Soon (New Features) We are continuously fixing bugs and making it better to meet your image quality conversion needs. Here are our upcoming features: βœ… Cloud Integration: You can save converted files directly to cloud storage such as Google Drive or Dropbox. βœ… Batch Convert: You can upload and convert multiple webp images to png, and there is lossless compression. βœ… Customizable Settings: You can adjust and fine-tune high-quality images compression levels (enjoy smaller file size), simply upload and download png and other file formats, etc. ⏱️ It's time to switch to "Convert WEBP to PNG" for lossless compression and to enhance your workflow to handle images efficiently. Transform WebP to PNG FAQs ❓ Which images load faster on web pages? Generally, png, jpeg, and jpg images load faster on web pages than webp images. ❓ Does it harm the web the images with transparent background? No, converting from webp to png photo does not cause any changes or loose quality for images with transparent background.

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