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Description from store ALL UPDATES - 2014.1.19: 0.1.0: Basic interface and functions. Add a novel and crawl the update data from tieba of this novel. 0.2.0: Support save data to localStorage, so this app can remember your novel records~ - 2014.1.22: 0.3.0: Support update notification of your novels; Allow user to clear their datas. - 2014.1.23: 0.4.0: Add the content script to tieba's page, so you can add a novel to this app when you are surfing a novel's tieba. - 2014.1.25: 0.5.0: Add a click event to the notifications; Add an option page to show history of your novels. - 2014.1.29: 1.0.0~1.1.0: Change the app name to Allfeed; Support add rss to your app; Refactor all the codes; - 2014.1.30: 1.2.0: Support rss search with "search:" as first keyword in your input text(Using Google Feeds API); Display search results in the current page and support add the feed to your app; - 2014.1.31: 1.3.0: Add some logic of displaying or hiding the feed item; Highlight the items user hasn't click; Separate normal rss with some special feedburner-version rss; Alert when url is invalid by calling fail() for ajax; - 2014.2.4-6: 1.4.0: Support save data to server and download the data from server; Modify the history page--show unread feeds in highlight color; - 2014.2.7-8: 1.5.0: Add some animation and feedback of the saving and downloading, searching; Show the number of unread items; Support star item you like; Support search all star-item in the option page--(keyword: allstar, star, all); Fix some feed-parse bug; Add Badge for the icon and show the number of updates; Add usingdata to record the using datas; - 2014.2.9-10: 1.6.0: Refactor and rearrange the whole process; Make all nove fold default and all nonzero-unread feeds to the front; Move all unread items to the front of the ul; Modify the limit for the items: * 50-limit for single feed view; * 10-limit for all feed view; Opitimize the process and add single feed view mode; Merge history and feed into newfeed; Merge the two types of keyword; - 2014.2.11: 1.7.0: Optimize the interface; Fix some bugs; Add the "help" keyword and help page for the app; Show the help page default and modify it's logic and the default author's blog recomment counts; Add a confirm box for clear all data; - 2014.2.16: 1.8.0: Fix some bugs; Add the "collection" keyword and contentscripts, let user collection the page they want to read it later; Add a autocomplete box for the input; Remove most alert and replace with the hint part; Add a context menu for the content part; Stop the checknew part when the pop up window open; - 2014.2.16: 1.8.1~1.8.2: Fix some bugs; Optimize the interface; Optimize the whole process and some details; Modify the unread-open part; - 2014.2.21: 1.8.3: Add the setting part that let user modify some settings; Reopen the option page; Support set the notification duration and badge numbers; Fix some bugs; - 2014.2.23: 1.8.4: Fix some bugs; Change the default action to search; Add a keyword "tieba" for the novels; Add the autosave part; Add the clean part; - 2014.2.24: 1.8.5: Fix some bugs; - 2014.2.25: 1.8.6: Fix some bugs included the star invalid in some pages,99+ minus 1 error etc; Remove the clear button in the main face; Add the clear all data in the option page; Add option in the context menu; Modify the autosync part -- auto save or download judge by the file time and last-save-time record in the local part; - 2014.3.15: 1.8.7: Modify the autosync part -- add a last operation to make the sync more precisely; Add php server version for saving and fetching datas; - 2014.3.23: 1.8.8: Add web version and support mobile and pc; Merge the extension and web version; - 2014.3.24: 1.8.9: Recover notification for chrome extension; Recover the badge text for chrome extension; Fix the crawl bug in feed update; Remove the singleview page from the all match content scripts; - 2014.3.26: 1.9.0: Recover the collect part; Fix some bug in character encoding... Fix the notification; - 2014.3.28: 1.9.1: Fix the notification; Fix the title of collect url -- add unicode function; Give web version pull-to-refresh and fix the touch fail on ios; - 2014.4.02: 1.9.2: Fix the log in bug and some error bugs; - 2014.6.19: 2.0.0: Combine three versions: app, extension and web; - 2014.7.3: 2.0.1: bug fixed; Mobile version included; Improve some details; - 2014.8.9: 2.0.2: bug fixed; Support internal search; - 2014.9.3: 2.0.3: fix some bugs; Add shuffle button; Optimize the icons; Add the recommend part for chromeapp and webversion;

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  • (2018-02-09) Franz Frese: only with account
  • (2014-02-17) Atticus 100: cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool app, i enjoy it~


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