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9gag Tag Manager

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Easily tag any amount of people on 9gag. First version, so bound to be a bit buggy.

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Description from store This plugin adds a button in the lower right corner; [Tag People] Click it, follow instructions and tag loads off people. UPDATE 0.5: -FUNCTIONALITY UPDATE -Added a toggleable nightmode -Added the functionality to save lists to fasten the workflow! UPDATE 0.4: -Fix for the new 9gag update requiring text being added for tags to be posted UPDATE 0.3: -ADDED A SEARCH COMMENTS OPTION! -Added an option for slower computers/connection. If you have issues with people not getting tagged in a reply but in a separate comment you might want to try to turn on this option (the whole tagging process becomes slower) -You can now close the popup by clicking next to it -Added a warning about the dangers of tagging to many people at once (if you have more information about this I would love to hear from you) Might be buggy, so any kind of feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Latest reviews

  • (2017-11-20) Marco: it was very usefull, but it doesnt work anymore with the new 9gag page-design
  • (2017-07-18) Alex Chetroiu: I tag a lot of people into my posts and I want that this extention to write the tag as replies to the first row not eavery 3 tag in their own comment
  • (2017-05-21) Mr. Bao: Thanks mate! The plugin has been fixed! The Images now show up normally when suscribed to other accounts, the tags work perfectly, and the custom tag message does aswell. Great work! 5/7
  • (2016-11-09) Harry Thomaict: It works great and it saves a LOT of time. Haven't seen any bug or a problem of any kind. Just a warning for anyone who is unaware: Posting too many comments in a small period of time can result in a temporary ban from the comment section (you can still see comments but you are unable to post new ones). The duration of the ban is based on how often you comment, so it can last from 10 minutes to a few hours. Therefore it is best not to overuse this extension! If you have many tag requests for your posts, you can always keep an alt account to tag people with it. 5/5
  • (2016-11-03) Pavan MJ: Great. Overused. Got me banned from posting anymore comments. hopefully temporarily.
  • (2016-10-26) Chanan Ippel: My own extension ;)

Latest issues

  • (2018-12-12, v:0.1.9) Steffen W.: 9gag-Extension
    Hey, your 9gag-Extension is great. When I want to search the comments, it extends all of them automatically, so that I can cmd+f them. I was searching for something similar for youtube comments. Can you share your code, so that I can try to create this? Thanks in advance.
  • (2017-07-15, v:0.1.9) Tagging with both accounts
    So I post alot of people, and I made a seperate account because I didn't want to overload my first tagging account, which I limited to 200 people, in the other one, I try to tag the rest of the people, but for some reason, they're all spread out, not like the first tag list which is in a single thread, the 2nd account has its comments all over the place instead of a single thread
  • (2017-06-02, v:0.1.9) Ewoud Nutma: Tagging
    Hey there, I have a lot of experience with tagging and there are some odd new tag rules which I think you would like to know. You know have to add certain number of words to the tags otherwise the tags don't go through. Just wanted to let you know.
  • (2017-05-18, v:0.1.7) Marcus Svensson: the subscription system is missing pictures.
    well i was gona complain about the tags not appearing but seeing others talked about it i will not. but instead if you follow the profiles. the bar at the right is missing a picture and spases out. blinking and its hard to click on them.
  • (2017-05-17, v:0.1.7) Mr. Bao: 9gag improved the Anti tag system!
    Your program has been banned! Every time I start tagging, 9gag detects it and starts deleting the comments. Could you please check it out?
  • (2017-05-13, v:0.1.7) Hiroyko Ibuki: Could it be possible to change the tag message?
    Hey :D This is a little suggestion! It would be nice if we could change the message when the bot tag peoples.
  • (2017-03-28, v:0.1.6) Mr. Bao: I cant find the tab
    when I go to the post page I cant find the "tag" tab on the lower right corner, can you help me?
  • (2017-02-05, v:0.1.6) Maxim Van Loocke: Other browser
    Hi, can you also make this for Microsoft Edge? (I don't know if Windows will allow extensions like this, but I know they have adblock and a few other frequently used ones)
  • (2016-12-22, v:0.0.3) Marcus Svensson: 9gag updates breaks everything..yeay <3
    So i have been using this for a while now and with 9gags recent updates its sad to find out that this program dose not work due to when i use your program it will comment the tags @miss_crow @miss_crow @miss_crow and so on but with the recent update 9gag requires you to put in least one word with the tag for it to count as a comment. would their be a possibility that you can change the program to allow me to add one word to every third name so it appears like hallo @miss_crow @miss_crow @miss_crow instead?
  • (2016-11-20, v:0.0.3) Glenn: it doesn't work properly
    As soon as I press on the extension it redirects me to the chrome webstore. Got any idea why it does this?


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