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Voice Control for Chrome™ (Beta)

Description from extension meta Voice Control for Chrome™
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Description from store Voice Control for Chrome™ lets you control your Chrome browser with your voice. Click the extension icon -> a Voice input window will open ***Beta testing*** ---hit a hint--- Hit-a-Hint Hit-a-Hint -newtab Hit-a-Hint -continuous ---scroll--- scroll up scroll down scroll left scroll right scroll to top scroll to half scroll to bottom scroll down full page scroll up full page ---select tab--- select first tab select last tab select left tab select right tab select next window ---history--- forward in history back in history ---search web--- search web search web in new tab ---tab list--- show tabList ---open--- open bookmark open bookmark in new tab open history entry open history entry in new tab open URL open URL in new tab open URL in new tab background ---focus--- focus first text input blur focus focus next editable element focus previous editable element ---close/restore--- close current tab close left tabs close right tabs close other tabs close current window restore closed tab ---pin/unpin--- pin/unpin tab ---create--- create new tab create new tab background create new window --screen capture-- visible area full page ---to clipboard--- copy current URL copy url and title copy url and title as a tag URL Shortener ---link label--- follow link labeled next follow link labeled previous ---go to--- go to parent dir go to root ---mark--- set mark jump to mark ---split window--- split window vertically split window horizontally ---reload--- reload cacheless reload reload all tabs ---sort tab--- sort tab (title) sort tab (URL) sort tab (id) ---etc---- duplicate tab store/load tabs save as MHTML options page
Latest reviews (2018-07-23) Morgan Robertson: Completely non-functional and developer has abandoned support. (2017-12-27) Dan Henry: USELESS » Should be removed from web store due to 1) Failure to successfully perform any claimed ability and 2) developer stated ~ 1 year ago he was no longer developing. (2017-10-28) Анна Михельсон: Одно из немногих работающих (2017-02-25) Ron Dabbs: Very promising! (2016-06-22) Ashley Nagorski-Upthagrove: Beta version suggests a very useful extension in the future. Limited functions and poor support/help/how-to at the moment. Undoubtedly this will change with release of full version. (2015-09-27) LOVE IT.... It works just like it is suppose to.... (2015-09-15) David Broyles: Rating is based off of beta version. It is not a functional extension currently, but has promises of being useful in the future. It sometimes closes itself out after performing a function and it often has a long delay before the function is performed. Sometimes the extension gets stuck while attempting to perform the task. Being beta though and if these issues are resolved and the function performs quickly, I see a use for the extension. (2015-07-16) Arpita Sharma: useless

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