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Allows to generate a QR Code for the current page and scan a QR Code using the webcam.

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Description from store Generates a QR Code from the Page URL of the current tab with a single click. The QR Code is displayed inline in a small popup. Please note that this extension, unlike other extensions, does not require any special permissions (like access to your tabs and data). It is only loaded when you click on the button. So it does not have any unnecessary memory consumption and performance implications while not used. Also note, that the QR code is generated completely offline. The URL of the Page you visited is not sent over the network (except when you click on "Edit QR Code" - that opens www.the-qrcode-generator.com). So it's probably as good as it gets regarding privacy and security.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-09-13) Kafe Klatsch: perfekt +++
  • (2021-08-29) Coladeu: This extension is very cool but can I generate qr codes like www.qrcolor.com does. Is it possible? Thanks!
  • (2021-08-10) Ashraf Fouad: Very useful especially for shortening addresses
  • (2021-04-17) Миха Отцов: удалил так как в хроме qr стало возможным системно
  • (2021-04-16) Mahendra Santoso: The extension does not need any permission at all! very good!
  • (2021-03-20) L.J Chu: I try to scan a qr code printed in the book, but it doesn't work at all .
  • (2021-02-07) Felix Liu: Great extension. Helpful in many ways. Thanks!
  • (2021-02-06) 万凸三: 感谢开发者。谢谢。它帮助了很多。但是我要移除它了。因为chrome已经支持这个功能了。
  • (2021-02-02) Franklin Bto: Excelente, super útil 👍
  • (2020-12-05) Alexander Gräf: Works as described, and I use it regularly in web development when I want to test a website on my phone. Just use the QR code to quickly transfer the URL to the phone. One change I'd like to see is the icon getting a white background (with proper quiet zone of course), as the icon in the toolbar really looks ugly when using the browser in dark mode, i.e. the toolbar having a dark background.
  • (2020-11-07) Cami: Messirve
  • (2020-10-25) Md. Mouminul Hossen: V Good
  • (2020-10-14) Sky: Though this hasn't been updated in a while, I use it just about every day and love it, it still works perfectly. Thanks for creating a very solid piece of software. If I could have anything changed about it, it'd be nice to have a light-colored icon to be visible on the bar in dark themes, but I use this anyway because it's no-muss, no-fuss, and lightweight.
  • (2020-07-24) Rafael: Muito boa a extensão e simples. Quebra muito o galho para transferir links para o celular.
  • (2020-04-06) Pedro Sancho: Très pratique pour partager rapidement un article avec son téléphone, devrait être intégré de base dans tout les navigateurs.
  • (2020-03-14) le zou: 好用,手机直接扫码打开网址,再不用通过其他平台复制粘贴给手机
  • (2020-03-05) H4RD3R: Сделайте инверсию иконки для тёмных тем!
  • (2020-02-19) Bbb Michael: 非常喜欢!!简洁方便好用!!
  • (2020-01-10) Kevyn Tuleu: Sensational, very good. I would only give two suggestions that I think are important: 1 - The logo in dark theme can hardly see, put a beautiful logo mixed with the green of the site 2 - I can not edit directly in the extension, this would facilitate a lot of quick uses (it opens with the URL but lets you change)
  • (2019-12-16) Armando García: Muy bueno, facil de usar y las opciones que ofrece son estupendas...
  • (2019-10-27) Yaroslav Starostin: Such an useful extension
  • (2019-10-23) Nezaket Özgirin: I really use this WR reader more than anything now. It provides an opportunity to create a shortened link for a simpler QR code withput having to go to another link. It's so practical. Thank you!
  • (2019-10-19) Mary Nung: cant use. bad. changed another one.
  • (2019-10-09) Yu Wuming: Change to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/quick-qr-code-generator/afpbjjgbdimpioenaedcjgkaigggcdpp
  • (2019-07-04) Ruriko Yurika Kashiwazaki Kusugawa: Sin webcam no funciona
  • (2019-05-16) ส่วนร่วม กรมป่าไม้: icon not visible in dark theme mode
  • (2019-05-14) Artem Kaika: Hi Manuel, I like this tool. I have business proposal to you. Please, contact me on [email protected] Waiting for your reply
  • (2019-04-13) Yq Z: when i want to scan a code it use the front IR camera and cannot be changed
  • (2019-03-10) UsefullPig: Easy to use and love it. One feature that I'd like to see is for the QR code to link to the current time code on YouTube.
  • (2019-02-20) I really liked it but I want a way to scan a code on anouther site without printing it.
  • (2019-01-19) Jonas Hack: Webcam doesn´t work
  • (2018-12-26) Nylson Santos: Faltou a opção gerar link no menu de contexto
  • (2018-12-14) Игорь Шмелёв: Благодарю за удобный инструмент!
  • (2018-11-10) Antonio Stapleton: Technology keeps getting better. I love it.
  • (2018-11-06) Сергей Кореневский: 1).Black icon not show in black theme browser. Please add small white shadow. - Черная иконка не видна в черной теме браузера. Пожалуйста добавьте маленько белое свечение. 2).Please adding button "Save in folder" - saving picture in file. - Добавьте кнопку сохранить картинку в файл в папку.
  • (2018-10-20) sherman royan genta: seems to be safe to use
  • (2018-10-17) Kelvin Agbontaen: simple to use, no ads, no useless or malicious permission request. please keep this up
  • (2018-09-10) Melissa Shepherd: it is stupid.
  • (2018-08-27) Rigoberto Rodriguez: cuando la he querido usar pa algunos codigos verificar nunca me fumciono en mi portatil
  • (2018-08-26) Tomek s: Please make white icon for black theme.
  • (2018-08-25) Eshan: very useful extension!!
  • (2018-07-20) Vitaly Zdanevich: Icon is invisible on black background theme.
  • (2018-07-10) igor mendez: buenisimo
  • (2018-07-02) Regulus: It is a good extension. But recently, it doesn't work. When I click the extension, it has no response. I don't know how to fix it...
  • (2018-07-02) Pegasus Galaxy: I can't get it to add the camera permissions so it is kinda useless if it can't scan for me!!!!
  • (2018-06-21) Néstor J. Gómez A.: La use para las tarjetas de presentación y crear los contactos en el móvil y funcionó perfectamente pero hay unos detalles que se deben corregir: 1-. No tiene campo para el Título o Cargo laboral. 2-. El campo "Phone" no muestra los números al leer el código Q 3-. No muy importante pero si muy útil es el campo de Notas para agregar cualquier descripción en el contacto de Gmail

Latest issues

  • (2014-02-18, v:0.2) İ.ÜNAL SERT: SİSTEMHAKKINDA
    SİSTEMİNİZ SAMSUNG GALAXI S 3 de çalışmadı saygılar
  • (2013-11-14, v:0.1) Todd Andrews: Show entire URL when hover over link at at top
    Hi, After the QR code is generated, as much of the URL that can fit is displayed followed by "...". Can you allow hovering over the truncated URL and have the entire URL displayed? This would allow me to verify that the QR code is for the right URL, and not some popup that's also on the screen. Thanks for listening! Kind regards, Todd Andrews


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