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Limit the maximum number of tabs that can be open at the same time.

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Description from store xTab is a Chrome extension that lets you limit the maximum number of tabs that can be open at one time. You can set the tab limit to any number and choose what tab should be removed when you hit that limit: - Least recently used (default) - Least accessed - Oldest You can alternatively block new tabs from opening completely once the limit has been reached. Pinned tabs, tabs playing audio, and tabs that you have never visited (opened in the background) will not be closed. If you are looking to install in an enterprise environment and customize settings using a group policy please contact us here: https://xtab.app Note that after the extension is installed, if you do not change the default settings, it will close any tabs you have open beyond a 20 tab limit. For example, if you have 50 tabs open when the extension is installed, the next tab you open will remove 30 tabs. You can avoid this behavior by changing the default settings as soon as it is installed. Changes v1.0.0 - Rearchitected to support additional functionality and custom builds. - Updated the pop up UI to make it simpler to understand what the different options do - Added an option to prevent tabs that are playing audio from being closed by the extension (enabled by default) - Added an option to recycle existing tabs. This means that instead of closing an old tab it will reuse the old tab and move it into the new position. This allows you to use the back button to get back to a tab that has been closed (disabled by default) - Added a page that shows up in place of a new tab if you have the extension set to block new tabs from opening (enabled by default) - Added an option to block tabs from opening without showing a page (disabled by default) - Added new xTab logo to popup menu - Updated extension icon - Updated extension logo - Improved handling of tabs you have never been to - Decreased amount of time until a tab is considered active to prevent cases where sometimes a tab doesn’t get closed even though you have been to it - Reduced number of options in tab limit dropdown v0.2.1 - Updated copy in popup to be more clear v0.2.0 - Added option to block new tabs from opening instead of auto closing an older tab - Handled cases where the tab id could change for an existing tab - Improved handling of tabs you have never been to so they are less likely to be closed in different modes v0.1.6 - Fixed issue that would cause this extension to sometimes not work if a configuration value was missing in local storage v0.1.5 - Added timer to only consider a tab active after it has been open for a few seconds - Updated to handle tabs that were open before the extension was installed. v0.1.4 - Updated background page to be persistent v0.1.3 - Fixed issue where sometimes tabs you haven’t been to could still be closed. v0.1.2 - Updated to prevent closing tabs you have never been to (for example if command clicking to open tabs in the background) v0.1.1 - Fixed issue where sometimes the active tab would be closed

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-30) Steve Huang: Be VERY VERY VERY VERY cautious about this extension. You'll be happy about it until a bug hits and all your tabs lost. I've been there. It was really painful. Not giving 1 star because it works when it works.
  • (2020-03-25) Joe Sennitt: Excellent extension.
  • (2020-02-28) Led Dose: This does exactly what want it to do, thankyou.
  • (2020-01-31) João Bravo: Great extension! One problem though: you can bypass the tab limit by opening a new window. You should consider the number of tabs across all windows, or at least include an option to switch to that behaviour.
  • (2019-12-19) Connorfox: good program really works!
  • (2019-12-06) Ken Yuen: Can you add a function to make the new tab opens in a new window when the tab limit of the current window is reached? Thank you and good work.
  • (2019-10-27) William Koehrsen: Does exactly what is expected: limits the number of open tabs, either by closing old tabs, or blocking new tabs from being opened. This is a recommended extension for anyone looking to increase productivity by reducing the number of tabs to monitor.
  • (2019-10-13) Unknow0059: It is functional. I like it. There is an issue: You have three windows with 10 tabs each. Chrome crashes. You reopen and click the 'Restore' button to restore your windows and tabs. xTab blocks all tabs from every window except the first, and they all get closed, if you're using the "Block new tabs from opening" option. That is immensely frustrating.
  • (2019-09-21) Dmytro Kovalskyi: My main goal to limit number of tabs is to reduce memory usage and avoid overloading the machine. This only works if I have a total cap on open tabs, i.e. not in a single window, but across all of them. Basically I need the application to force to chose to close some tabs if I want a new one and yes, it shouldn't done blindly, i.e. I cannot see myself using anything but "Block new tabs from opening". In it's current implementation the extension limit can be easily avoided by opening a new window. As such it's of no use to me. Remove it.
  • (2019-08-04) Ivan Brezak Brkan: Works perfectly, although like another user already stated - would love to block myself from being able to open new windows as well :D
  • (2019-07-27) shortcat: Useless at it only limits number of tabs per window. I can still open as many windows with e.g. 10 tabs as I want.
  • (2019-07-23) Oliver Lukas Blomdell: It's not working 100% for me. I've set it to 5 tabs and sometimes if i open a few tabs too fast it will ignore that limit and open more tabs.
  • (2019-05-26) Tomasz Skowroński: Great. Missing features: - number of open tabs on extension icon - supports for links with target="_blank" in case of missing free tabs (maybe confirmation dialog "open in this tab?")
  • (2019-04-01) Yinka Adeyeye: Powerful!
  • (2019-03-20) 黄永庆: Working as intended, which is just a compliment these days. So, thank you! One point though: I don't quite understand why there's the option of closing existing tabs. Fundamentally, this loses user information without the users consent (made worse by being the default option). I would suggest changing the default to blocking new tabs, and better yet (not sure if possible) notify the user new tabs are blocked.
  • (2019-03-15) Petron: Good that you introduced the block, not closing the random tab. However, one feature would be great to have, which other similar extensions include - the tab counter on the icon - with that, it would be clear 5 stars...
  • (2018-09-25) Adrian Parafianowicz: Simply and works great. That was what I was looking for in oder to prevent compulsive clickng.
  • (2018-09-21) Donato: I think there is an issue related to when I click on a link from another app, like outlook for example, the extension prevents it from opening.
  • (2018-05-29) Igor Pellegrini: It is useful and simple. Good work. Just maybe a little too simple. I usually want to block just one (or few) of my open windows, not all of them. It will be a 5 star extension, with a way to make every window have its own settings and allow to choose what to limit or not (e.g. option "windows to block": current-one / all / selected-ones) I'll open a feature request on GitHub :)
  • (2018-04-25) Borg Lojasiewicz: Overall I'm a fan (chrome ends up eating too many resources on my laptop), however the "least recently used" policy doesn't always work properly. It will sometimes close tabs I recently opened over tabs that have been untouched for a long time. Not sure what the issue is.
  • (2018-04-17) I l: You have to reset the number of tabs every time you log in and out of Chrome. They need to make it automatic so that you dont have to reset it every time so that it remembers the settings you want. Its a good idea but having to reset it every time is annoying. Fix that and its a 5 start for me
  • (2018-02-27) Pieter Private: A cool feature would be if there was some sort of indication (ie a red border flash or similar) that the plugin blocked a tab and that it wasn't say an adblocker or something else.
  • (2018-01-24) Это расширение нужно включить в базовый функционал браузера
  • (2018-01-05) Jonathan Bruck: Does not work
  • (2017-12-27) Tyler Durden: can't set the number of tabs and initially there is no option to set the number of tabs so it close most of my tabs..


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