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A shockingly versatile calculator for Chrome. (Formerly Chromey Calculator)

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Description from store Math geeks rejoice! Inspired by the fantastic calculator build into Google's search engine, Cloudy Calculator handles many of the same kinds of calculations as Google does. In fact, if Cloudy Calculator can't handle a calculation, it asks Google for the result (you'll see a little "G" to the left of those calculations). ======== New in 6.1 Some long overdue bug fixes. Some highlights: * Currency conversion works again * Hex conversion works again ======== Quick Tips * Scrollable history of previous calculations * Use up/down arrow keys to access input history. * Click on any result to insert it into the input area. * Ctrl+Click on any result to copy to clipboard. * Click the little arrow at the upper right to pop out to new window. * Last result can be accessed using the "@" variable. * Create your own user variables -- @abc_123 = 42 * Store an unevaluated expression -- @x := 10 meters * You'll see a faint "G" next to results caclulated by Google. Click the "G" to see the original Google result. Some of the things Cloudy Calculator is capable of handling * Mixed unit calculations -- 2 mi + 4 km + 3 light-years in feet * Unit conversion -- 1/4 cup in tablespoons * Currency conversion -- 56 dollars in euros * Hex, octal, binary -- 4 + 0xAF + 0o71 + 0b10 in hex * Mathematical functions -- sin, cos, tan, log, etc. * Mathematical and physical constants -- pi, e, h, c, etc. You can find a pretty detailed overview of the kinds of calculations Google's search engine can handle here: * http://www.googleguide.com/calculator.html Feel free to give us a heads up on any bugs you've noticed or suggest features here: * http://code.google.com/p/chromey-calculator/issues/entry (Special Thanks to MinstormsKid and IIsi 50MHz)

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-20) Luis Ramalho: Wrong results by applying a bad operation priority. Try this: (10+10)/2/5 result provided is 50 but it should be 2.
  • (2020-02-27) Jack Toribio: I did not know what to press
  • (2020-01-09) Cloudy Calculator is a good extention but it doesn't work as gt careat. I would drop a 1 star rating but it could still answer simple quetions like 238 x 6893, not as great with fractions and decimals
  • (2019-12-05) Xiongmao lin: Perfectly worked! You can enter numbers directly with the keyboard for calculations.
  • (2019-11-25) Exotic Dragon: i hate it
  • (2019-09-10) Dave Gustafson: I guess it may no longer be getting updates, but it's great for what it does: provide a conveniently-located calculator that keeps a streaming record of previous calculations. It can stay in place or pop out if needed; it's just the right little thing for lots of jobs!
  • (2019-06-23) t ike: 計算の履歴が残るのでとても便利です。 さっと開ける気持ち良さがいいですね。
  • (2019-04-03) Alex Leppard: Note what I was looking for.
  • (2019-03-23) Shuyuan Zhang: It was good but for some reason, the calculation becomes so inaccurate. Just try 5000000/32/32/365 and see what you get. If it can't get the right number for that, you fail as a calculator.
  • (2019-03-18) It helps me every day, definitely, I love it.
  • (2019-03-06) christopher giella: it works prity good it does alot and it can help me whth my school work
  • (2019-02-15) It was a copy...but I wonder if they could add like more additional features like inequalities and like more stuff and maybe more like better looking, the thing looks really old and they should make it look better and have more options and different languages.
  • (2018-12-05) Super User: It's a calculator?
  • (2018-11-29) Tabura: ของดีที่ไม่ควรมองข้าม
  • (2018-11-20) Abnormal Panda: there was just a problem with the currency thing and temprature
  • (2018-11-01) Logan Kastl: currency conversions don't work anymore, and the creator hasn't updated this in years.
  • (2018-10-24) Dakota Davila: Works perfectly. Anybody saying they're getting wrong answers obviously just don't know how to math
  • (2018-09-24) Luke Delengowski: Got some math wrong. 5/5/5/5 gave me 1. Which is wrong.
  • (2018-08-29) Sonia Cook: It didn't look or react like a calculator. Don't get it and I'm not the dense. LOL!
  • (2018-08-28) Diego Irrazabal: Es perfecta, lo que necesitaba. Una herramienta para abrir rapido con un shortcut y hacer cuentas simples.
  • (2018-08-24) Bartosz Piwnik: I'm using it for many years and works perfectly!
  • (2018-08-23) Mark Hess: not the calculator you are looking for
  • (2018-08-05) Vincent yang: Even though the calculator was really good in calculating short equations and also some units, when I had typed negatives like -5--3, it automatically puts up an "@" in front of the equation and what ends up happening is: @-5--3 = (undefined)-5--3 = undefined It is really annoying when this keeps popping up, please fix this error asap.
  • (2018-07-20) Fernando Liozzi: ¡No tiene soporte para números complejos! imaginé que sería otra cosa, deja mucho que desear como calculadora, no resuelve integrales. Pueden mejorar mucho.
  • (2018-05-23) Demonic: IT works pretty well from some of the other calculators, some of the features don't work or probably were removed but it works for me and can be useable!

Latest issues

  • (2020-02-06, v:6.1.6) Joe Klein: quick Key
    Hi, I love this calculator, but I cant seem to open it with the quick key, how can I do this? I enabled it in the options but its still not working. THanks
  • (2019-12-17, v:6.1.6) Roger Day Wood Sculptor: History after clearing
    Hi, brilliant app thank you..! !Q: is there a place the history is still stored in permanent memory I ask this because my laptop has broken but I have the drive with the full system files intact and i really want to see a result i came to on Cloudy Calc problem.where i dont have the figures anymore... Thanks you
  • (2019-06-07, v:6.1.6) Anthony Ebiner: Firefox support
    I love this extension! But sadly due to chrome's future blocking of adblockers, I have switched over to firefox. It would be amazing if you could port it over there!
  • (2019-03-21, v:6.1.6) Window cutoff
    When opening this from chrome, the right half of the app window is missing, and unable to get to the resize & detach functions
  • (2018-11-15, v:6.1.6) MacOS Mojave
    Is there an issue with Mojave? I've been having issue with typing on Mac OS in the extension. I've removed the extension and added it back. I haven't been able to use the extension on Chrome on Mac OS
  • (2018-08-18, v:6.1.6) james carunchia: how to open
    how do i open? how do i put on desk top?
  • (2018-08-05, v:6.1.6) Vincent yang: Error with negatives
    Even though the calculator was really good in calculating short equations and also some units, when I had typed negatives like -5--3, it automatically puts up an "@" in front of the equation and what ends up happening is: @-5--3 = (undefined)-5--3 = undefined It is really annoying when this keeps popping up, please fix this error asap. Reply
  • (2018-05-22, v:6.1.6) Rami Alqasem: Some features stopped working
    This was my favorite tool to use on my browser. But one of the most important features stopped working. Currency exchange. I used to type queries like: 100USD to pound. And it would exchange the currency from USD to pound, but lately its been giving me "no result found", its not working for any currency. Did you stop the feature or there is a bug?
  • (2018-02-10, v:6.1.6) Бадренов Самат: Процент
    Не правильно решает 1000000+5%
  • (2017-10-08, v:6.1.6) Aleksei Poliakov: Order of operations is wrong
    8/2/2 equals to 2, that's correct, but 8/2/2/2 equals to 4 - this is wrong (should be 1).
  • (2017-09-08, v:6.1.6) keyboard shortcut to Copy result
    Can you add a keyboard shortcut to copy the result. I find it inconvenient to use the mouse just to copy the result.
  • (2017-08-25, v:6.1.6) Mark L: Clear button
    When I press the clear button it seems to just take me to the help page. https://code.google.com/archive/p/chromey-calculator/wikis/Help.wiki Not sure why Thanks


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