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Helps you to block advertisements, tracking or any scripts and any annoying contents with easy methods.

Image from store ContentBlockHelper
Description from store This extension helps you to block advertisements, tacking or any scripts and any annoying contents with easy methods. = Features * Blocks advertisements by the subscribed filters. ("Fanboy(Main)" is enabled in default.) * Adds rules by clicking elements that you want to block. * Enables to add URL of iframes or scripts by clicking on Opera's standard Contents Block mode. * Hide annoying elements by the CSS selector rules. * Forbids to execute scripts of the page. (Disabled in default) * Supports importing AdBlock Plus 1.1 lists. (Also part of $third-party or others) * Helps you to transition to the blocking environment without extensions. (Export CSS and Register to Parmanent list) = Usage == Block advertisements by subscriptions Fanboy(Main) is enabled in default. Turn on your wanted subscriptions in the Subscribed List and click "Start to subscribe". == Import AdBlock Plus 1.1 When you import by clicking "Import a file of AdBlock Plus 1.1", then converts filters and those are added to the Temporary List or the CSS rules tab, however these have not saved yet. Go to each tabs and save them. If you turn on the import options, the filters will be converted more strict, however note that the processing load is increased. == Add blocking rules # Click the extension UI Button of ContentBlockHelper. # Click a button of the type of contents you want to block. # Click a element which you want to block. # Choose a rule from the popup list and click it. # Click the extension UI Button of ContentBlockHelper. # Click the button of "Apply all blocking rules.". # Reload the page, if added rules were not applied. == Forbids executing scripts This function is disabled in default. You can enable it on the Behavior tab. ; Off : Allows to execute scripts. ; Third party scripts : Scripts of inline and same domain and sub domain are executed. ; External scripts : Scripts of inline and same damain are executed. ; All scripts : Forbids execute all scripts of the page. If you want to execute them in certain page, add an URL pattern of the page to the allowed list. If you click the button "Allow to execute SCRIPTs temporarily." on the top-right of the popup, the page is reloaded with executing all scripts. == Register to Parmanent List You can register the temporary rules to Opera Link in the preferences page. Registered rules are removed from the temporary rules. == Support Opera Mobile Labs If you enabled the "Apply Permanent List by URL Filter API of the Opera extension." option, you no longer need to edit the urlfilter.ini. You only should get URL Filter from your Opera Link account. = Similar Extensions * Opera AdBlock * NoAds Advanced * NotScripts * External Scripts You can compare it with them!

Latest reviews

  • (2023-11-05) Google User: Extension is deprecated.
  • (2022-12-25) L. Campoli: has the app changed? there are no longer site settings. also, a clear link to the blocked sites masterlist would be useful
  • (2022-04-04) Carlos Bittencourt: Bom para ler alguns jornais que exigem assinatura para poder ler suas matérias, que eles restringem utilizando alguns scripts. Basta descobrir qual script precisa ser bloqueado para inibir a restrição. Pra mim foi uma mão na roda, já que sabia qual bloquear por ter usado anteriormente a extensão "script click", que foi banida pelo Chrome. Ainda bem que essa ContentBlockHelper faz a mesma coisa.
  • (2022-01-13) Unverified Joe: Good but how to undo google recaptcha? my recaptcha gone and i cant do anything
  • (2021-05-29) Роберт Покотило: Кращий блокувач. Якщо інші показують заблокованих зазіхань 2 - 5, то ContentBlockHelper - 28 рекламних проникнень! Оцінка - 5!
  • (2021-04-04) Google User: I see the number count on the icon and I assume it's blocking, but I don't think it is. The website link is from the land of covid. Not helpful whatsoever. Uninstalled.
  • (2021-02-20) The interface is confusing at first but this was the only javascript blocker that really helped me out. The "tree" format to display all scripts was especially helpful
  • (2020-09-29) John Doe: Great!
  • (2020-09-02) Yggdrassil Surtur: I Was waiting for the update, thank you so much. Great tool.
  • (2020-07-28) FeediWeb: Fantastic
  • (2020-07-05) Ella Blun: useless. if you don't allow me to click on element like cookie banner, or some such, and choose to block it from the page, then you should not come up when I search for "block page elements"
  • (2019-04-27) 李松涛: a great extention,but it has some bugs on new version chrome,wish you can repaire it. Thank you.
  • (2019-02-20) DON T HAVE access ELEMENT SOFT98.IR faceit.ir
  • (2019-01-22) Ruslan Nasyrov: Пока что не имеет аналогов. Так что это пожалуй лучший вариант...
  • (2018-12-21) Max P: отзывы купленные яндекс диреко не удаляет зайдите на авито убедитесь нет нормального механизма удаления раздражающих элементов сайта как у других блокировщиков
  • (2018-11-27) BlueStreak: So useful. I used it to allow copy and paste on a website. Pretty good extension in my opinion.
  • (2018-10-29) Zlhur MQuery: I don't know how to use your extension before but I push and push and play around a moment, i think your ext. very helpful for me very much. I apply at the frist time to rate your work espcially
  • (2018-09-21) kr: Garbage, always worked great but since 2 days ago it doesn't do anything, doesn't block any ads anymore, no a single one...
  • (2018-08-04) iidjkg: Garbage - far too difficult to use. The user interface is horrible.
  • (2018-07-18) youser777: ホームページの構成要素ごとにブロックできると思ったらそういうものではなかった。 設定項目なども全く無く使い物にならなかった。
  • (2018-07-07) Mr. Kevin: (Vi-vn) Rất tiện lợi (En-us) Very useful (Fr-fr) Très efficace
  • (2018-06-14) MohammadHossein Haqiqatkhah: Very useful and easy to use. You can simply get rid of many annoying ads and other stuff.
  • (2018-05-31) Natasja Bina: o melhor
  • (2018-05-27) Simmertyn Odd: Thank you.
  • (2018-05-04) Bujank Galink: Perfect. Exactly what i need. Just one suggestion, can you make the font little bit larger ? :D
  • (2018-05-04) Stefan Michael: Your sliders in Quickfilters are difficult to use and with no explanation until you move that slider and see what it says... This causes 4 times the work just to decide which is the appropriate position that you want. While looking pretty, it is functional clunky. Please just consider putting buttons with an explanation of the fields available above. Beyond that, I became so disgusted with your extension, I gave up with setting it up and am now looking for a different, easier to use extension.
  • (2018-04-11) Andrew Stevenson: Doesn't work very well for me, removing
  • (2018-03-17) Алексей Долматов (Dolmatov): Very Good
  • (2018-01-30) Steve Rand: Seems to be lighter and faster than the other adblocks, but I like that you can get a tree of paths and subdomains to block individually. Only issue is the "blocked.js" script it calls to hide an element leaves a big box over content that I can no longer click. No options to hide that placeholder either. UPDATE: If you hide "iframe" on each domain the blocked.js element leaves no white space.
  • (2018-01-14) Timur Gantsev: Adblock нервно курит в сторонке! Шедевр! Мало того что сам все блокирует даже на сайтах где адблок не справляется. Так еще и самому можно выбирать элементы сайта CSS которые не нравятся... Куча настроек, фильтров и т.д. Рекомендую всем! А кто не может разобратся сам просите помощи. Оно того стоит.
  • (2018-01-10) Electric Neko Sama: Malisima
  • (2017-12-09) Rafael Miranda: Muito bom!
  • (2017-11-23) Fans de las estrella: no me sirvo mucho
  • (2017-11-21) Joey Figaro: UI is horrendous. Setting up the options is a nightmare—devs are using an unmarked slider (think volume inputs) for the various options. You have to choose a spot on the slider (again, steps aren't indicated or marked) and hover over it to see what you've selected. Until they swap out the options sliders with dropdowns, this is pretty unusable.
  • (2017-11-07) Kamikaze: no sirve
  • (2017-10-29) Jexon Freeman: [EN] So far I am pleased and should to admit that it is the best extension I ever used for blocking scripts. I strongly recommend this extension to everyone who want to prevent from getting hidden cryptocyrrency miner script, malware or other static trash on the page. [RU] Пока что я доволен и должен признать что это наилучший блокировщик скриптов который я когда-либо использовал. Я настоятельно рекомендую это расширение всем кто не хочет подхватить скрытого майнера крипто-валюты, вирусов или просто остановить другой статический мусор на открываемых страницах.

Latest issues

  • (2021-03-21, v:10.5.1) graciela livia carballo: VER PELICULA COMPLETA- CLHOE -SUBT ESPAÑOL-SUBT ESPAÑOL
  • (2020-01-28, v:10.5.0) Николай Серебренников: Зависает браузер
    Добрый день. Ваш плагин супер. Вот только последние несколько дней из за него зависает браузер на несколько секунд. Потом отвисает и опять зависает. Так продолжается, пока страница не загрузится. С отключенным плагином зависаний нету. Mac OS 10.15.2 Плагин 10.5.0 Chrome 79.0.3945.130
  • (2019-09-12, v:10.5.0) Engin Rençber: sometimes does not work
    extension sometimes does not work
  • (2019-05-24, v:10.5.0) جواد جون: Not Support
    This Site : Soft98.ir
  • (2018-08-11, v:10.5.0) Mikaela Sjögren: icon numbers
    Is there a way to have the icon to not be showing the number of items blocked?
  • (2018-01-29, v:10.5.0) did not work on this
    Hi, the concept is awesome, but it doesn't work on this: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/28/business/energy-environment/oil-boom.html (I'm looking for a way to quickly convert an article to text I could use in ivona text to speech. So I need to remove picture + caption and all stuff that would bother the reading. There is currently no extension that provide such a basic reader. And many people use text to speech) Just an idea...
  • (2017-12-09, v:10.4.0) Rafael Miranda Soares: Mousdown
    On YouTube I can not click to advance the video if "Always allow selection by mouse (mousedown)" is enabled
  • (2017-10-29, v:10.2.0) Jexon Freeman: Official forum
    Hello! Where can I find an official forum of this wonderful extension to get some help and recommendations regarding this?
  • (2017-10-23, v:10.2.0) mihail saltirov: Un block site
    How can i unblock site or stop block it becouse i had blocked it really idk but i blocked google.com by accident trying to block content secure search on google page any idea pls make video how to remove blocked site
  • (2017-07-14, v:10.2.0) Easylist
    Can't subscribe to easylist, has it become too big?
  • (2017-05-22, v:10.2.0) Darek N0wak: update
  • (2017-02-08, v:10.2.0) Andy Scull: Cannot override filter from Public list
    Problem is when I do not want to see images or some other content on site, when this site exists in Public Lists. Clicking on icons just doesn't do anything so I can't disable or forbid unless I manually enter the rule in customization section (not everyone knows how to write adblock rules)


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