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Saves you time by getting rid of Facebook news feed.

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Description from store Kills the news feed and replaces it with a message reminding you not to get distracted. That's it. You can still check your messages and notifications, post status updates, and do everything you could do before. You just won't get distracting news feed posts anymore. No more wasting time on Facebook. No more getting distracted when you log on to send a message. It's that simple. **Updated on April 5, 2020 to support the new Facebook redesign and also to remove stories.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-05-04) Sprzątanie Grobów: Sprawdza się u mnie świetnie :) polecam.
  • (2022-01-31) Faysal Hasan: This extension give me a new life
  • (2022-01-05) Tannar Frampton: It's...... perfect. Absolutely perfect.
  • (2021-11-29) Przemek Wołczi: git
  • (2021-11-25) Gavin Tai: used to work until recent days...
  • (2021-10-13) Hoang Anh Nguyen: nice
  • (2021-09-09) Siemen: Wonderful help, but needs a pause button for when you want to see what's happening.
  • (2021-05-30) Betina Tsvetkova: it doesnt work i have refreshed multiple times
  • (2021-05-22) Quentin CG: Rien à dire, parfait. Je voulais pouvoir accéder à Messenger pour discuter sans être "tenté" par le fil d'actualité. Cette application joue exactement ce rôle !
  • (2021-04-16) Hawk: Hello, i ve been using this since a year it was perfect but now a problem accured it making picturees of facebook with red and something else too please fix it
  • (2021-02-07) Abhay Bhuva: Love the extension. Can you please make it for LinkedIn as well :D
  • (2021-02-03) TheAhmed183: Bardzo pomocne, można uniknąć rozproszeń przy korzystaniu z facebooka!
  • (2021-01-27) 4li: love it, its a must have. also i recommend you to watch black mirror.
  • (2020-12-07) Andriy Bas: Love it, amazing!
  • (2020-10-05) TJ Thorne: I really liked having this and I hope that it will be updated to support the new Facebook design. As of 10/4/2020 it is not working and I have finally been forced into the new design. Please update! I'll send you fresh baked cookies!
  • (2020-08-21) Karolina Lenart: przestał działać na nowej wersji FB
  • (2020-04-12) makhlouf gharbi: this is exactly what I needed, thanks !!!
  • (2020-04-07) Caleb S: I used to love this extension but it just started blocking normal posts, not just on news feed! I click on a notification for a post in a FB group or comment to one of my timeline posts, and the post disappears. This bug makes the extension unfortunately unusable now :(
  • (2020-04-05) Kasia: I used to love this extension. However it's not working with the new facebook UI
  • (2020-04-03) Raihan Taher: It was okay until facebook updated their design (2020) and added dark mode .. now its not working.. hope you guys will work on the update. Thanks
  • (2020-04-01) Isaac Danna: I loved this software when it was working. Truly! I HATE Facebook's feed but I need Facebook for business accounts and marketing purposes. Please fix this. I love your software!!
  • (2020-03-29) Tomasz Adamowski: Used to work before recent update to facebook
  • (2020-03-25) Anjali Punn: such a good idea for an app, shame it doesn't work tho.
  • (2020-03-20) Luis M. Hernández Bailón: Most efficient piece of SW. So simple so succesful. You install it, stop wasting time scrolling, you do not even realize it, and you save time. No effort, install, and live better. THANKS!! Btw! FB has a new interface and your plugin does not work there. I switched to see it, then the timeline poped in front of my eyes, I didn't expect it, flashbacks came back, and I switched to the classic experience immediately. But it looked good. So please, if you can support this new interface, would adore it. Thanks thanks thanks! your are an angel!
  • (2020-02-28) 林羿仲: I really wish i could have this extension on my facebook but it doesnt work!
  • (2020-02-19) Saen Dailey: I put this on my computer and I can still see my news feed. Everyone says it works so I must be doing something wrong...
  • (2020-01-29) Bailey Reed: I'm excited because I had at one time delted my Facebook (which was the most freeing thing ever) because i became so depressed at everything i saw. But because I am a marketer, i had to get back on. I've been wanting to get off for a while but i manage social media pages for my company. I love that this allows me to be in a happy medium. I have just added this and i already feel the relief. I can still do my job and run my company pages, but i don't have to be depressed by the negativity in my own personal feed. Brilliant extension. I've deleted the app off my phone too so here's to better mental health!
  • (2019-11-22) Jeffrey Shao: Probably the most useful extension I have (I guess besides LastPass and uBlock Origin, but you can't really top those). Any chance we can get an update that can hide Stories?
  • (2019-09-02) Celine Schmidt: Love it, but doesn't work on the new (beta) Facebook news feed....can you update plz?? :P Want my feed gone again!
  • (2019-07-23) Prankur Verma: It does exactly what the name says.
  • (2019-07-01) DF Network: Used to be 5 stars and work really well, but now is not working 100% of the time. (If you click on FB logo you'll be able to see your feed, but if you reload the whole page the feed is removed)
  • (2019-04-22) Huy Hieu: thank you so much !
  • (2019-04-15) Er Zach: It lacks an "on" and "off" function, except I am missing something
  • (2019-04-11) Siddhi Ra: wow-worked - I was always trying to shut my FB account off / disabling it for weeks coz of all the noise. I heard about this extension on a youtube video and tried it. Within 1 min i am FREE - wow!
  • (2019-02-20) Ignacio Soto: It does exactly what it says. I can still access Facebook for its useful features, while eliminating most of its drain on my time, attention and happiness. Thanks!
  • (2019-01-15) Jakub KUR: best app
  • (2019-01-03) Rizwan Hayat: its amazing. Saves a lot of time.
  • (2018-11-15) Anne Lê: It really helps me concentrate on what really important! Thanks!
  • (2018-10-10) właśnie czegoś takiego szukałem, rozwiązanie proste i skuteczne
  • (2018-10-04) Lea Dollighan: LOVE this app. I don't need to ever see the news feed, this saves me so much time.
  • (2018-10-04) Hanan Saleh: it does not work
  • (2018-08-02) William Horn: Valeria um botão on/off mesmo :)
  • (2018-06-26) Konrad Chlebicz: Niestety nie odświeża wiadomości w messengerze
  • (2018-05-24) Jay S: This is awesome guys. Is there an equivalent for this for LinkedIn?
  • (2018-05-08) Thomas Lynch: Awesome extension. Now Facebook is so much better, because I only use the main features; events, friends, messaging, etc..
  • (2018-04-17) Jan Bleha: The best productivity booster in my career :)
  • (2018-04-16) Kacper Sowiński: najlepsze rozszerzenie do chroma
  • (2018-03-25) Jamily Santos: Yeahh Facebook is Dead!
  • (2018-03-16) Life changing for me as a digital marketer.
  • (2018-03-12) Nagy Mihály: Thank you very much, i'm really thankful!

Latest issues

  • (2022-02-01, v:1.2.1) Kevin Michael: Block Facebook Watch Tab!!
    Block Facebook Watch Tab!!
  • (2021-06-03, v:1.2.1) Daniyal Dehleh: To which email can I buy you a coffee?
  • (2021-02-06, v:1.2.1) Ahsan Tamim: Kill newsfeed Mobile app
    Is there any android app as like kill news feed?
  • (2021-01-19, v:1.2.1) Marie Mendoza: Extension Not Working
    Hi, the Kill news feed extension does not work anymore on facebook. Thank you!
  • (2020-09-14, v:1.2.1) Ahsan Tamim: Mobile app.
    Dear Sir, Is there any app like this for android ?
  • (2020-09-10, v:1.2.1) Ignat Fialkovskiy: New Facebook
    Hi there, I am having issues blocking the new FB look... It does not work =( Will you update the extension please?
  • (2020-06-23, v:1.2.1) Petr Vejchoda: Combination of KNF and The Great Suspender
    Hi guys, this thing kind of saved my inner peace and I am grateful for this glorious tool. However I already noticed, that when I open tab of facebook, suspended by another great tool, The Great Suspender, it displays the feed. I knew about this and I tried to avoid it. One could say - great self awareness training. Just close it, when you see it! However I recently had an accident and started scrolling the feed kind of instinctively. My poorly behaved me, my despicable lack of self-awareness, did it subconsciously and ruined the whole day. Or two. Is it anyhow possible to solve this problem that lies between me and my complete inner balance? (I am kind of using hyperbole here, but FB feed really sucks and I really want to get rid of it once and for all)
  • (2020-05-15, v:1.2.1) Dror Wayne: I love it! Can you do LinkedIn also?
    LinkedIn is as big a time killer as Facebook for me... only there, the messages are often work related so I have to open it and there's no separate messenger app. If you could kill the feed also it would be great.
  • (2020-05-05, v:1.2.1) TJ Thorne: Not easy to turn the newsfeed back on
    I have a hard time using the extension to turn the newsfeed off and on. It's not a simple click of the extension and it feels like I fumble around clicking a bunch of different options until I refresh and it's working again. Am I just missing something?
  • (2020-04-07, v:1.2.0) Kamaras Alex: Bug
    Hi, In the last few days the extension kills my notifications and new posts in my group. What should I do? Thank you, Alex
  • (2020-04-06, v:1.2.0) Can't view permalinks to posts anymore.
    The extension seems to be blocking viewing permalink posts and viewing notifications of posts in groups. I used to be able to block my regular news feed but still see these notifications and permalinks.
  • (2020-03-30, v:1.1.1) Dawid Waligóra: Doesn't work with new update of Facebook
    Hi there, Facebook release big update today. Like they call it new Facebook and your extension doesn't work with that. Can you fix it?
  • (2020-03-29, v:1.1.1) Schizo Frank: De Kill news feed app werkt niet meer. Wat moet ik doen?
    Ik had kill news feed op mijn facebook staan maar het leek niet te werken, ook niet als ik er op klikte. Wat moet ik doen?
  • (2020-03-19, v:1.1.1) Hugo L-H: New Facebook interface
    Hi, Seems like the extension doesn't work anymore in the new Facebook interface. Thanks
  • (2020-01-15, v:1.1.1) Lasse Skaalum: Kill the stories
    It's this block of code you have to remove: <div class="pagelet" id="stories_pagelet_below_composer" data-referrer="stories_pagelet_below_composer">
  • (2020-01-15, v:1.1.1) Lasse Skaalum: Kill stories feed aswell
    I would prefer if it wasn't there 😁
  • (2020-01-12, v:1.1.1) Jeppe Skovsgaard Christensen: Update for the new Facebook layout
    Can you please add support for the new Facebook layout/design?
  • (2020-01-02, v:1.1.1) Asmaa Omran: Asking for more
    could you please add a version for android phones? it would be amazing
  • (2019-11-22, v:1.1.1) Edith Beauchemin: Please kill the stories
    I just can't help but click them. 😅
  • (2019-10-22, v:1.1.1) Rok Kroflič: Kill the Stories
    Surely, I'm not the only one who would like Stories to also be killed. ;)
  • (2019-08-28, v:1.1.1) Mircea Serediuc: Improvement
    Hello, Your extension is brilliant, can you add for facebook cu disable the "stories" feed also, because it's tempting people to click on it, me also :))) Thanks in advance :)
  • (2019-08-07, v:1.1.1) Catharina Rieder: filter my friends?
    does this toll kill all posts or can I accept only some special news from close friends? is there any possibility to just filter the most important news? tks :-)
  • (2019-07-24, v:1.1.1) Vytautas Butkus: Kill facebook stories in feed
    Hi. The stories feature has crept into the facebook feed. It would be great if you could update the extension to kill the stories as well.
  • (2018-12-08, v:1.1.1) Jay S: Would be great to have a LinkedIn version of KNF
    Would be great to have a LinkedIn version of KNF
  • (2018-08-15, v:1.1.1) how restore FB
    how restore FB to default setting?
  • (2018-07-28, v:1.1.1) quote
    How to I add a quote where my newsfeed used to be?
  • (2018-06-25, v:1.1.1) Dominique Laporte-Marginean: I still see my news feed
    I still see my news feed. It was working for months and now it doesnt anymore. What can I do? Thank you!
  • (2018-06-08, v:1.1.1) how do you disable this later
    How do I get rid of this once I want the news feed back?


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