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A super handy QR Code Generator / Creator for you.

Image from store QR Code Generator
Description from store Converts your current page into QR Code with one click. Generates QR Codes from free text, URLs on the fly. The highest-rated QRCode Generator in the Chrome Web Store. Key Features: ✓ Generate QR Code of your current page with just one click. ✓ Free for everyone. ✓ Scan/Analyze/Decode/Read QR Codes: Settings » Advanced ✓ Realtime QR Code creating: Just type ✓ Right-click to create QR Code for your selection. ✓ QRCode color and size customization. ✓ Available to download the QR Code as an image. ✓ “With-Logo”: Create your custom QR Code. ✓ Super fast and works offline. ✓ Hotkey support (turned off by default and customizable). ✓ Able to turn off the context menus: Settings » Advanced ★★★★★ PLEASE RATE ★★★★★ If you like this extension, please write a review and rate us 5 star. I'm looking forward to reading your comments. Change Log: Updated on Dec 22: - Bug fixes Updated on Dec 15: - Bug fixes Updated on Oct 2: - Added “Open in a fixed window” feature. You can have this QR Code always on your screen without removing it. Updated on Aug 28, 2019: - Fixed a bug that would cause the Chrome Extension panel show an error message. - New icon design Updated on Aug 9, 2019: - Added Bulk QRCode Generator feature. You can generate more than one QR Codes and download them in a “.ZIP” file. Updated on Aug 4, 2019: - Added “HD” / “With-Logo” feature. Now you can generate your QR Code with a logo. - Bug fixes. Updated on Jun 28, 2019: - Bug fixes. Updated on May 1, 2019: - Up to 50 languages support. - Fixed text mistakes in Chinese/Japanese languages. Updated on Apr 15, 2019: - Fixed QR Code reader bug (some CJK characters might mess up) Updated on Apr 5, 2019: - As requested, download image now has size as suffix. For instance: exported_qrcode_image_350.png. - Add “Runs offline” badge. Updated on Mar 25, 2019: - Fixed a bug that the QRCode scanner(reader) is not showing up after restarting Chrome. Updated on Mar 17, 2019: - Added QR Scanner(reader) feature as you demanded. - Fixed the bug that QR code image size wrongly reset to 20px. - Added an option to turn off the context menus if you don't like them. Updated on Mar 7, 2019: - Fixed a bug that may cause the size of your download image unchangeable. - Added a Donation button. Thanks for supporting. Updated on Dec 8, 2018: - Up to 7 languages support Updated on Dec 6, 2018: - Added 2 languages support Updated on Dec 2, 2018: - Using “activeTab” to replace “tab” permission. There will be NO “read your browser history” warning any more :) Updated on Jan 15, 2018: - Fixed some small bugs. Updated on Dec 11, 2017: - Able to copy the image directly (try to paste it anywhere else, like “Photoshop”). Updated on Oct 2, 2017: - Remove the “default hotkey” feature - now you can customize it on your own. Just one click from the “settings”. - ADDED ContextMenu feature - now you can “Quick QR” any stuff with two simple right clicks. Updated on Jun 15, 2017: - Focus the input zone after popup showed up - So that you can type directly whatever you want to turn into a QR code - Now you can use ALT+Q to open the QR Popup - If you want to change to your own shortcut, please go to chrome://extensions/configureCommands Updated on Jun 13, 2017: - Fixed a bug that the popup window might get blocked when clicking on the icon. Updated on Jun 2, 2017: - Now you can enter more than one lines instead of a single line. Updated on May 5, 2017: - Fixed a bug that the “Save image” feature is not working correctly after making modifications to the QR code. Updated on Apr 6, 2017: - Instantly updates the QR code when you typing. Updated on Feb 25, 2017: - Access the options in the popup (get what you need on the fly). - Fixed a bug that created image can't be transparent. Updated on Jan 14, 2017: - Transparent background. - Customizable colors and size. - You can have them in the Options (Right click on the icon and click “Options” to access). Updated on Jan 11, 2017: - Added retina-display rendering support. Updated on Jan 1, 2017: - Redesign the layout. - Fixed small bugs.

Latest reviews

  • (2022-09-26) Pulp Lash: WORKS GREAT
  • (2022-09-22) C Dennis Boehle-Silva: Works great every time! QR all our flyers with updated web info, announcements and events!
  • (2022-09-22) Omar Correa: A friend recommended this extension and I love it!
  • (2022-09-22) 雷天超: 不错不错
  • (2022-09-22) ぼぼまる: Chrome の QR コード作成だとうまく作れない時があるからね。どうしようか困っていたけど、この拡張機能を見つけたことであっさり解決。まだ使い始めたばっかりだけど今のところ問題なさそう。てか何で Chrome デフォルトの QR コード作成ツールが上手く機能しなかったりするんだろう・・・本当に謎。
  • (2022-09-21) dig dug: Pull it from the address bar. Paste it from the clipboard. QRs where you need them, when you need them. Want me to write copy for you? ;)
  • (2022-09-21) malakulak9 yılmaz: bas 5 yıldızı bas bas bas!
  • (2022-09-21) Muhammad Umer: Nice extension
  • (2022-09-20) Nagioka rinne: good.
  • (2022-09-19) Angello Rosas Rey Sanchez: ¡Buena, rápida y gratis!
  • (2022-09-19) Deb Erney (DebErneydotcom): easy to use and does exactly what it claims to do.
  • (2022-09-19) Dust Absolut: Found it interesting and easy to play around with.
  • (2022-09-19) Gina Annet: Easy to use once you figure it all out :-)
  • (2022-09-19) my pro is deadpool: أنصح به
  • (2022-09-18) Markus Fehlberger: Super
  • (2022-09-18) Steve Whetstone: I use it all the time. very convenient.
  • (2022-09-15) 刘志岭: 好用
  • (2022-09-14) MD RASHED ALAMGIR: Works great!
  • (2022-09-14) Dariel Llanes: Muy buena, sencilla y GRATIS!
  • (2022-09-12) Rodrigo Filipe: Very helpful and simple to use.
  • (2022-09-09) first care: Makes sending links and text to my phone a breeze! (mostly use it to send texts) All I have to do is double press the power button on my phone to launch the camera and point it to the QR generated and boom! II's in my phone!
  • (2022-09-09) Departamento Diseño: excelente
  • (2022-09-09) Todd Weeks: Super fast and easy, better than the other porins by a mile
  • (2022-09-09) Fruit Candy: good
  • (2022-09-08) Bryan Chacha: Super easy to use
  • (2022-09-08) Food & Drug Administration Sikkim: Very Easy to use
  • (2022-09-07) Leon4ik Top4ik: Крутое приложение, особенно для рикрола)))
  • (2022-09-07) Julio César Pelozo: Es muy rápida y práctica! me gusta!
  • (2022-09-07) 杨易涵: 好
  • (2022-09-07) jie su: 非常好
  • (2022-09-07) Ann Stevens: Easy to use, no problems
  • (2022-09-06) Tom Brown: Very easy to use and mange
  • (2022-09-06) Becky Foutz: Perfect for my website!
  • (2022-09-02) jen oliver: Works great!
  • (2022-09-02) douaa ousser: awesome
  • (2022-09-02) 十月初一: 不错
  • (2022-09-01) ping qing: 可以生成二维码,方便,就是不知道怎么扫描二维码
  • (2022-08-31) Олеся Твиклер: simple and efficient, when called automatically creates qr code for the current page and also has a text box to past any other text or url
  • (2022-08-30) Henry Pinto: buenisimo
  • (2022-08-29) María del Carmen M. Otero (Nakida29): Superbuena
  • (2022-08-28) MitsuMP: Simples e Funcional!
  • (2022-08-26) Robert Gabriel Volante: GREAT EXTENSION§
  • (2022-08-26) алексей шаврин: очень удобное расширение,всё на полном автомате выдаёт сразу все свои сохраненные пороли
  • (2022-08-24) André UniVerse: Simplesmente perfeito! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • (2022-08-24) Yuntao Zhang: great. it is very convinient
  • (2022-08-23) Craig O'Neal: Worked good.
  • (2022-08-23) Mr “-” Le: TY
  • (2022-08-22) Ayomidotun Olufemi: Works perfectly
  • (2022-08-22) Titouan Métayer: Extremement efficace ! bravo.
  • (2022-08-21) 卿宸: 方便快捷

Latest issues

  • (2022-09-20, v:9.16) Jennifer Jones Work: Add Logo
    I'm having trouble adding a logo. Can you provide the steps? I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Thanks
  • (2022-09-19, v:9.16) Clement Pouette: Nice but ...
    Hello, the addon is awesome! However, there are a few very important things missing. When it saves, it should take the title H1 to name the QR code. This allows you to create 10,22, 30, 50,100 QR codes immediately without having to waste time renaming or moving them.
  • (2022-07-18, v:9.16) NCL “NCL2016” SanLuisRey: QR code with Logo
    I clicked on the QR link that allows you to add a logo or icon to the QR code. This is to differentiate it from another QR code for our club. But the icon is tiny, unclear & the QR code doesn't work when I use it. Is there a video that can show me how? There are no instructions like use a jpg, or file size or troubleshooting that I can find. Thanks!
  • (2022-07-11, v:9.16) Catherine Foshee: Is it FREE
    Is this completely free. I have tried other ones only to find out it wasn't free
  • (2022-06-28, v:9.16) G Saywell: "Share" option not visible in drop down
    Hi, I just added and activated the extension to my desktop Chrome browser. However when I select the three dots in top right cnr' on the page i intend to create a QR code for, I don't see the option "share" or similar. What am i doing wrong?
  • (2022-06-19, v:9.16) Jerry Trust: hi Jerry again
    How can you save the QR codes on the desktop and when they print out they have a gray background on the paper instead of white. thank jerry
  • (2022-06-15, v:9.16) Phương Đông Gỗ: qr code lifetime
    How long is the validity of this qr code?
  • (2022-06-11, v:9.16) Jerry Trust: Jerry again. Another observation to my QR code disappearing:
    Maybe I need to hit the highlighted Blue QR symbol to save it.
  • (2022-06-11, v:9.16) Jerry Trust: QR code disappeared.
    Hi, I am using google QR code generator. I went to check on my printed out QR code and the numbers: 404 came up followed by: The page you have does not exist ...Go to site home. What is happening? thanks Jerry
  • (2022-06-01, v:9.16) Marine Savard: Change document associated to a QR Code
    How do we change a document associated to a QR code ? We have a newer version of a document that is link to a QR code, but we can't change the QR code. So can we change the document ?
  • (2022-05-24, v:9.16) Herbert Yi: 本地文件中不出现右键菜单
  • (2022-04-08, v:9.16) Denis Richardson: bulk code generator won't save zip file
    bulk code generator won't save zip file. Is there a setting I need to change?
  • (2022-02-28, v:9.16) HVJ MCT: Limit on quantity of QR codes
    Is there a limit on the quantity of QR codes that I can create without them expiring. For example, we have approximately 30 employees who I would like to create a QR code for their contact information, which we could print on their business cards.
  • (2022-02-21, v:9.16) Hla Shaheen: change link related to the qr code
    لقد قمت بعمل qr كود لمجلد قوقل درايف وتم حذف المجلد على قوقل درايف واريد رفع رابط بديل لهذا الqr كود
  • (2022-02-04, v:9.16) Crion N: Qr-Code
    Hat der Qr-Code eine Zeitliche Begrenzung ? Ein Ablaufdatum?
  • (2022-01-26, v:9.16) Claudia: Expiry & Click-Through Rates of QR Codes
    Hi, will the QR codes I created expire? and i saw you also mentioned that a simple way to check how many counts people count on our QR codes is to put a query string when we generate the QR code. I have tried to add "/?from=qrcode"behind my link and created the QR. May I know how do I proceed to check the click-through rates then?
  • (2022-01-17, v:9.16) JW Hu: 官网上生成的二维码仅仅是图片大小是指定的的像素
  • (2021-12-28, v:9.16) Maria Cremona: code generator for use with desktop pc
    I cannot link the generator to my desktop device
  • (2021-12-21, v:9.16) 정민성: 귀하의 QR 생성프로그램을 메일로 전송 받을 수 있을까요??
    인터넷이 연결되지 않은 컴퓨터에서 귀하의 QR 생성프로그램을 이용하고자 합니다. 따라서 메일로 받고 싶은데요. 가능할 까요? [email protected]
  • (2021-12-18, v:9.16) Mohammad Mukarram: Does generated QR code have scan limitation or is it unlimited scan QR code?
    Hi, Does generated QR code have scan limitation like 50 / 60 times or is it unlimited scan QR code? user can scan unlimited times to scan the QR code...no limit - Please reply me.
  • (2021-11-07, v:9.16) Green Initiative: Audience monitoring
    Dear Mr / Ms. Can I monitor my audience (total people who has used the QR code, where do they come from, etc). Thank you for your answear. Fred
  • (2021-11-05, v:9.16) Nicole Ott: can i deactivate a qr code?
    I need to deactivate a QR code that was sent to customers. How do I do that?
  • (2021-10-08, v:9.16) Stephanie Pan: How are you, the developer, benefiting from this?
    Your site doesn't have the option to follow your company on social, upgrade to any services, or learn more about your QR generator site in general. How are you making money from this? I would like to know how and why users can trust your site before I use a QR code generated from your site and using it on my company's marketing collateral.
  • (2021-09-23, v:9.16) jhon naranjo: ES GRATIS?
  • (2021-09-14, v:9.16) Catherine Caouette: QR Code Links
    Is it possible to get a website link to specific QR codes? I'm interested in tracking QR code clicks by regions (i.e. putting different codes based on location of distribution). Or, would this require a different service? Thanks!
  • (2021-09-08, v:9.16) G Man: QR Code changes saved route in Google Maps
    I have planned a route in Google Maps, but when I generate a QR code, the code brings up a changed route. The stops are the same but one of the legs of the route changed. Am I missing something?
  • (2021-08-25, v:9.16) Vicki Miller: Encrytion
    Can the QR code be password protected?
  • (2021-08-09, v:9.16) Doanh Đỗ Thiện: telegram
  • (2021-08-02, v:9.16) Lizzie Henebery: Reporting
    Am I able to see how many times people scan my QR code?
  • (2021-07-30, v:9.16) Kasey Yturralde: Assign new link to existing QR code
    We created a QR code for an ArcGIS storymap and now for some reason it doesn't work. I am interested to know if it is possible to assign a new URL to that existing QR code we created in Chrome. THank you.
  • (2021-07-28, v:9.16) Joni Pope: Expiration?
    Hello, how long are these QR codes active? Is there an expiration date/timeline on the codes? We are looking to use the codes for event information in about a month and other apps seem to kill their codes or force upgrades/monetize at the 15 day mark. Thanks in advance!
  • (2021-07-25, v:9.16) LILY NG: oi;;h[ppppppppp
  • (2021-06-11, v:9.16) Market Pro Co.: QR Code with Logo Does Not Work
    Hi, I have tried to create a QR Code with a logo and am unable to get the QR Code to work. When I scan the QR Code nothing happens. Maybe I am not doing something correctly. What do I need to do to create a QR Code with a logo? Also, what is the text box for on the logo QR Code creation page? Thanks
  • (2021-05-18, v:9.16) Shamika Rowe: Purposes
    Can the codes be used for commercial purposes, or will that be something that goes against your TOS?
  • (2021-04-16, v:9.16) Lori Long: Church Bulletin
    I am wanting to develop a qr code to use for our weekly church bulletin. It will be in word format. Is this possible? (I am not very "techy" and kind of "green" to this technology).
  • (2021-03-28, v:9.16) Mustafa Pankhania: This QR code has Unlimited scans?
    I want to use this QR for print Purpose, restaurant menu. Will this QR code has unlimited Scans? or it has the limit of the scan? if YES! how much is the limit of scans? or any expiry time period?
  • (2021-03-17, v:9.16) Douglas Verkaik: Are you open to discussion on use in industry?
    I work at a steel manufacturer, and we would like to generate QR codes for internal use on systems with no connection to the internet. Would it be possible to use your generation and embed it in our internal network webpages?
  • (2021-03-15, v:9.16) John Charlish: QR code trail
    Hi Im involved with a Local Nature reserve and want to develop a QR trail of 15-20 individual points which can be updated seasonally. I wish to include photographs, text and diagrams in the text that the QR will link to, is this ok so far? Can I place hyperlinks in the text that will take those reading the information to more detailed sources ( ie our website) How do i actually transfer my text to a QR code? Can I cut and paste ? Thanks John
  • (2021-03-14, v:9.16) João Batista Alves Bassi: Duration
    Is the qr code created permanent?
  • (2021-03-13, v:9.16) Павел Беляев: Печать
    Когда нажимаю иконку "печать" из QR кода выходит пустой QR код. Почему? Мне нужна печать моего QR кода
  • (2021-03-10, v:9.16) Debbie Rey: Utilization?
    Hi there, Is there a way to see how many people have used the QR code? thank you,
  • (2021-03-10, v:9.16) Ocean Epic: multi menu web pages
    can I create one qr code for mutli menu /pages?
  • (2021-02-26, v:9.16) Lindsay Sutton: Updating Destination
    I have a code that I'd like to redirect. I think I used your generator to create it. Is this possible?
  • (2021-01-20, v:8.30) fan fan: none
    how to use it?
  • (2020-12-24, v:8.27) Gamze Aykul: haykul
  • (2020-12-08, v:8.27) Sofian Ali: Tracking QR codes Generated
    Hi, how can I track the QR codes generated ? Thank you
  • (2020-11-25, v:8.27) Lee V: Print feature request?
    Hi, I'm interested in using your QR code Chrome extension in an educational setting and wondered if I could request a small feature addition? We use Chromebooks in the school, and would like to link the online work the students have done to their paper work books. Your extension provides 99% of functionality needed, the small change would be to add a "Print" option to the end of the dropdown, next to the download button". This would allow a much smoother workflow of sharing the document, getting a URL, generating a QR code and printing it onto a sticker that can be stuck into the students paper work book, which links their online work (video/audio/etc) to their written work. Many thanks for your time. Kind regards, Lee
  • (2020-11-24, v:8.27) Lĩnh Nguyễn: alo
  • (2020-11-23, v:8.26) Satyam Mooloo: QR Code date period Validity
    Hi there, Kindly advise regarding date validity of QR code generated Regards
  • (2020-11-17, v:8.25) Debbie Rey: QR Code Disabled
    Hi there, I created a QR code and for some reason it is now saying it has been disabled. Is there a reason as to why my QR code that I created would now be disabled? Thank you,


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