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Select or highlight a 40-character info hash then open it in your torrent client all in one step from the right-click context menu.

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Description from store This extension is unique in that it requires only a 40-character info hash to start your torrent download. No torrent files or magnet links are required to quickly get started fetching the metadata for your download, just a 40-character hexadecimal code comprised of numbers and letters. FD7BBCFA8DD542510A00E4EAF5517BBEEF05E24E          ↑↑↑ With this extension, you can highlight the above text then right click and begin downloading! No longer can peer-to-peer file sharing be censored effectively when web users can manually initiate their own downloads. This extension is compatible with any torrent client that supports the magnet URI scheme. IF THIS EXTENSION DOES NOT WORK IMMEDIATELY FOR YOU, PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: This extension works in conjunction with your torrent client. By default, it will open the program you download torrents with if it is able to handle magnet URI addresses. If there is no torrent client set to work with the magnet protocol in Chrome however, you may experience a problem. It is easy to fix this, just locate your local state file and delete the line relating to the magnet protocol, then save it! Here are some detailed instructions on how to do this:       -- Close your Chrome browser (this is important). Depending on your operating system, navigate to the following folder path: Mac OS X: /user/library/Application Support/Google/Chrome Windows Vista/7/8: \Users\(username)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data Within Windows operating systems this will be a hidden folder. Hidden files and folders can be seen by enabling this within Folder Options. In Windows XP or Vista open the control panel and switch to Classic View, then open Folder Options. In Windows 7 type "Folder Options" into the Start Menu. In Windows 8 press Windows+W to open the Start Menu search window then type Folder Options. -- Open the "Local State" file using a text editor. Locate the section headed "protocol_handler" and the line indented under it containing "magnet." Delete that entire line containing "magnet" and nothing else. Save the file, ensuring that it is saved as "all files" or the default file type, with no file extension. --- Reopen Chrome, and the next time you use this extension (or click on a magnet link) it will ask you what program you would like to handle the magnet protocol by default (make sure it is your primary torrent client).       Please leave suggestions for new features or improvements. Feel free to link to this extension from anywhere without permission. If you have a question feel free to bring up an issue. Always remember, using BitTorrent is perfectly legal, but downloading copyrighted material isn't. Be aware of what you download or face the consequences.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-08-13) Lauren Greenfield: I don't know what all these people in the Reviews have a problem with. This works as intended: Select a hash, right click, click the extension, and it downloads in your torrent client. Seems to me that this pulls on several sources because so far it has been downloading fast. It's just a shame that I need to click an extra button when it opens a new tab for this...
  • (2020-02-09) Little Birdy: I believe the people leaving negative reviews don't know what this extension does. It lets you create a torrent/magnet from an info hash, so you don't need an actual torrent/magnet link to be present. Example: I use this extension on meta search site torrentz2.eu, which DOESN'T HOST ANY TORRENT/MAGNET LINKS, but DOES SHOW AN INFO HASH. This site wants you to continue to one of the hosting sites in their search results and get the torrent/magnet from there. But with this extension you don't have to anymore, just select the info hash and let the extension add it to your BT client. Don't leave a bad review just bc you don't know what an extension is for. 1 bug I did encounter; each time I use the extension it closes my last tab.
  • (2019-02-21) Nicky F.: ничего лишнего, работает идеально)
  • (2018-07-22) Toby Tobias: I cant even get it to load.
  • (2018-04-17) Lisa Carpenter: PUH-LEEEEEEZE DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME! I'd give it 0 if it were an option! After at least 4 different sites featuring torrents with the required 'hash' and 10 different attempts to highlight and right click to activate I was disappointed. Chrome is offering anextension it can't/won't open....
  • (2018-03-15) junk
  • (2017-12-26) Emma Aspegren: This app is underrated. hash + utorrent and yer good to go
  • (2017-12-22) Daffa Andra: good
  • (2017-10-23) J Z: Didnt work at all
  • (2017-10-12) Harshath Sai Perumalla: waste
  • (2017-10-07) micah mcdaniel: you just confused the ____ out of me. I usually just download the torrent, save it to my drive, and when I am ready to put my media on a San disk I open it with a torrent opener and save it to the San disk. I never had to download anything extra; Was I doing something wrong? It seemed to work for me.
  • (2017-09-08) Eric: Didn't work at all. Would give 0 stars if I could.
  • (2017-09-07) abilio De la vega: cool
  • (2017-07-27) Μάριος Στέφος: Works as advertised
  • (2016-11-17) Artisan Foxx: did nothing
  • (2016-07-22) Sheikh of the arab lawyers: رائع نوعا ما
  • (2016-01-23) Jae Frost: doesnt work
  • (2015-12-16) Stupidest extension ever. All we have to do is associate torrent/magnet links to our client and when clicking on them through Chrome it will launch the client and begin downloading. All this does is capture the hash number and opens the download that way. It still requires a separate and already installed torrent client.
  • (2015-08-18) Keunshik Shin: It doesn't work!
  • (2015-05-18) Pretty Sober: Works as described, thank you.
  • (2015-03-31) James Calvert: Following all the steps just leads me back to the store page, as other users have said. Convenient as the review tab is right there and it reminds you to warn others. Not currently working.
  • (2015-03-12) Denis Gusak: Большое вам СПАСИБО разработчики !!! Давно Искал такое дополнение 5++++ Очень выручило ! :)
  • (2014-09-12) MG BG: Inútil
  • (2014-08-29) Jordan Couture: Dose not work. Only opens store when clicked on.
  • (2014-08-28) leonardo marrese: veramente utile grazie
  • (2014-08-11) Vytautas Gi: Does not work on chromebook
  • (2014-06-24) Adrián Humberto Limón Leal: No hace nada, no funcionó

Latest issues

  • (2019-12-11, v:1.2.1) Petar Lujić: GetTorrent addon is always closing the tab which is the last on the right, instead of the current active tab.
    Hi there, I've been using GetTorrent addon for quite some time now and what's bothering me is that, as I open several tabs, wanting to download several different torrents at the same time, the addon always closes the tab which is the last on the right hand side, instead of the current active tab. For example, I open 10 tabs and start to download torrents from 2nd tab, but it automatically closes the 10th tab instead of 2nd when I right-click the info hash on it and select "Get This Torrent" option - therefore, when I get to 5th tab, the rest of the tabs (torrents which I did not download) are already closed, and 5 tabs that remain opened are related to already downloaded torrents. Is there a solution to this issue? I haven't found the way to turn this option completely off... Thanks in advance for your reply.
  • (2018-10-07, v:1.2.1) Julien Couvreur: Why does this extension request access to browser history?
    I would not recommend anyone install this extension until this is fixed. Seems like a red flag (unnecessary permission).
  • (2018-05-26, v:1.2.1) frederic mouron: lancement
    ne démarre pas
  • (2015-07-21, v:1.2.1) Carsen Yates: Scam/Spam
    This app reads your history and doesn't do what it's supposed to do. It's a scam. Half of the reviews for it are very blatantly fake too. No one download this please.
  • (2015-05-17, v:1.2.1) Charles Wilis: Dont work
    Cant download files with this... Bad idea. Removing now.
  • (2015-02-14, v:1.2.1) Arkadiy Illarionov: Disappeared from context menu
    There is no context menu entry when I highlight hash or select link. It is weird that otherwise "Get This Torrent" entry exists in context menu. Clicking on button doesn't work too.
  • (2014-11-15, v:1.2.1) DANCE AGAIN: ,mlkp
    does not work fake
  • (2014-01-02, v:1.2.1) Matt Carron: Confused
    I'm just a bit confused as to how this app works, do I have to have a separate torrent client or will this put the torrent straight onto my computer?
  • (2013-09-15, v:1.2.1) right click icon disappeared
    I recently downloaded your 'get this torrent' app which has made my life so much easier, thank you. However I have just lost the GT icon I can click when I right click on the hash info. Can you please advise me on how to get it back please. Thanks in advance.


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