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A whole new way to use your Chrome Tab. Open a new tab to take notes, inspirations and make calculations

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Description from store New Tab Draft focus on cleaner & simpler writing experience on Chrome. ---- #Easy You can just open a new tab and write down whatever you want. Next time you open a new tab, things you typed last time will still be there. #Note List You can create multiple drafts for your need. #Protect your privacy New Tab Draft help you save it in your browser not on the server. In the latest version we added a function which will blur your draft when you don't use Chrome in 10 minutes. #Customization Customize font and background to make it your own way. People use New Tab Draft to take notes, write down inspiration, calculation... whatever you want. Try it. You will not be disappointed. --- We Swear: 1. We don't do evil like upload your private information to server. All your notes are saved locally in your browser localStorage. 2. We listen to your feedback and try to make this world better. Feel free to give us feedback: Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/draftontab/

Latest reviews

  • (2020-08-08) PRASHANT KUMAR: Nice Clean, and minimum distraction. Separate section in each draft as a feature would be great
  • (2020-08-08) Yoan Ignatov: Love this app, game changer for productivity and work tasks! Totally recommend it.
  • (2020-08-05) Marius Schober: Tut was es verspricht, perfekt fur kurze notizen zwischendurch, Sync mit Google Keep wäre super
  • (2020-08-05) Jeremy Birns: One of the most useful extensions out there.
  • (2020-07-28) Sheez: Sometimes I forget myself and feel that this app lacks some formatting options and probably checklists with auto-sorting, and probably labels, tags, tables... But then I come back to my senses and think - oh boy, that's basically the only reason this app has stayed with me for such a long time. It's not overstuffed with features, and its UI is beautifully uncluttered. I tried a lot of these, and believe me - this is one of the best (and I'm not talking just about browser extensions)
  • (2020-07-28) Sar Varuna: useful
  • (2020-07-28) Eller Nald Lalu: Helpful!:)
  • (2020-07-28) Sunset Parker: It helps with organizing my life!
  • (2020-07-27) Maria Donosova: I really loved this extension. Easy to use and I have everything I need to have handy. Thank you!
  • (2020-07-27) Desislav Ivanov: Really nice. All it needs is cross device saving
  • (2020-07-26) Mert Braho: Does it for me!
  • (2020-07-26) Julio Simón: Es bacan porque soy un eterno fan del to do list y con esto puedo acceder desde distintos dispositivos
  • (2020-07-22) Dhruv Jain: Great extension. Very productive.
  • (2020-07-21) Deep Kumar Sakre: Handy tool
  • (2020-07-20) Bryan Sharpe: Great! love it.
  • (2020-07-20) Emanuel Barrera: The best new tab I could need, a blank, writable one.
  • (2020-07-20) Tiago Fagundes: Muito bom, leve e prático.
  • (2020-07-19) Suemi Garcia: Práctico, funcional y extremadamente útil.
  • (2020-07-19) Raizal I. N. Pregnanta: Once time, it's corrupted n I need to restore it programmatically 😢 Such a pain But still, I love this extension 🥰
  • (2020-07-19) Rajendra prasad: Great tool.
  • (2020-07-19) Ajarni Read: Very Useful. I highy recommend it.
  • (2020-07-17) Chuks Nwaneri: Basic formatting using shortcuts would be nice.
  • (2020-07-17) Akash vk: Must have extension for every chrome users
  • (2020-07-17) Abhinandan Jain: Quite useful for making notes on the go
  • (2020-07-15) Joen More: Good stuff

Latest issues

  • (2020-07-08, v:0.1.9) Demaar Lord: Calculator?
    For some reason the calculation function seems to have stopped working. Super sad since that was one of the main things I've used this extension for.
  • (2020-06-30, v:0.1.6) Amrithnath Vijayakumar: Latest Update makes it unusable
    Hey after the latest update today there seems to be a console error that is stopping the notes from loading. They are all there in the localstorage. Also I am not able to record new notes or use the extension in general.
  • (2020-06-30, v:0.1.6) Marysia Kurowski: Help! All my notes have disappeared
    Suddenly today all my notes have disappeared, and when I test start a new one no column is appearing down the left hand side. Some of the notes are invaluable. Please help. The extension is enabled and still there in my Extensions list.
  • (2020-06-30, v:0.1.6) Wui Wen: Notes all lost
    Hello is it possible to rollback? all the notes is lst
  • (2020-06-30, v:0.1.6) ardiol selimaj: Lost notes after update
    All my notes were lost after latest update. Can I recover them?
  • (2020-06-30, v:0.1.6) Nishit Mohanan: Update wiped out my notes
    A recent update seems to have wiped out the notes, plus I'm not able to save any new notes as well.
  • (2020-06-30, v:0.1.6) Adam Śmigielski: update issue
    I lost all my notes today, after the last (today) update, I think. The extension doesn't work well. I can type but I can't create new tabs/notebooks and enter settings (gear icon). Those small icons in the bottom-left corner don't work (they are not "clickable"). Can I restore my old notes in any way? Maybe they are saved locally, on my HDD? Where?
  • (2020-04-08, v:0.1.5) Lil movie maker: data gone
    suddenly all my tabs data got deleted like the extension was redownloaded (also costumazation back to default ) my problem is i wrote many songs and i cant recover them
  • (2020-03-30, v:0.1.5) Bill Hamler: Font Size
    How can I change the font size
  • (2020-01-19, v:0.1.5) Mike Heayn: lost data
    i cleared browser data and lost my notes. is three any way to recover them?
  • (2019-11-28, v:0.1.5) Maricor F.: Lost notes
    How can I recover my lost notes?
  • (2019-11-28, v:0.1.5) Maricor F.: Lost notes
    How can I recover my lost notes?
  • (2019-11-24, v:0.1.5) Amit Puri Velotio: How can I open my notes on my office Chrome at home?
    So, I have all the bookmarks and links synced with my google account on chrome. But when I open the same chrome account on my home PC, I am unable to see the notes I added to the same account but on my office account. Is there a way to have them linked to my google account, and it updates when my chrome syncs?
  • (2019-11-16, v:0.1.5) Kuldeep Singh: my data is loss
    i am data lots of data and my personal data all data is gone nothing is showing and i want my data back its request bez there is my lots important data is there
  • (2019-09-10, v:0.1.5) Lasse Haugaard Christensen Soeagerskolen: Keep the original function of ctrl + t and make a new shortcut for the draft mode.
    Hello I use the ctrl t shortcut for a new tab all the time. But I also love the draft mode. Could it be possible to somehow make a new shortcut for the "new draft" tab so I dont eliminate my "new tab" functionality.
  • (2019-08-27, v:0.1.5) Amit Varshney: Chrome crashed, now boom data lost
    Is there any data backup this extension do in json or any other format...?? It showed error "This extension may have been corrupted" and when clicked Repair all gone :(
  • (2019-08-20, v:0.1.5) Dee Fense: Why is the official link a link to the old Google+ community?
    Did you notice? What is your official homepage?
  • (2019-08-18, v:0.1.5) H.M. Lee: Scrollbar Missing?
    Hi, I've been using this extension for a couple of months now because it's really convenient for me to jot down notes with just the press of a new tab. I usually have a lot of drafts saved but I recently noticed that I can't scroll down to see all of my drafts in the sidebar. These drafts aren't erased but they are unreachable without the scrollbar. (I know they're not erased because if I delete one of the visible drafts, one of the unseen ones moves ahead).
  • (2019-08-09, v:0.1.5) Jay Kanakiya: Bug: Change in cursor point
    Great app, been using this since a long time now. Whenever you switching between multiple tabs, the cursor changes its position towards the end, is there any way to change this behaviour ?
  • (2019-04-15, v:0.1.5) Harsha Vardhan Gudivada: A second bug after April 6th and 7th 2019 update
    Dear developer! I think there is one more bug after April 6th or 7th update. This is the use case to recreate the bug. After reading any note among the multiple notes in 'NewTab' and switching to any other opened tab and again switching back to the 'NewTab', the opened/selected/active note always changes to the FIRST note among all notes. This is a undesirable behavior. Before April 6th or 7th, the NewTab remembered our last read/opened/active note and retained it as the active note. I am not talking about opening NewTab in multiple tabs. I am just talking about the case in which NewTab is opened in only one tab, but even that tab is unable to retain the last read note as active but activating FIRST of all notes every time. Before April 6th or 7th, the extension worked wonderfully by setting mostly recently used notes on the top in the vertical left side bar. Now, all that is disturbed by the new update where only FIRST note sticks and remains active all the time. Please look into this matter as soon as possible.


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