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Automatically converts units on web pages to familiar values, so you don't have to find that calculator again.

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Description from store ** >> UPDATE: Please install the new extension - autoConvert Select Search for "autoconvert select" in the store, or go here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/einokpbfcmmopbfbpiofaeohhkmcbbcg *This extension is now deprecated. Please use the new ‘AUTOCONVERT SELECT’ extension instead* autoConvert acts as an interpreter for the reader by automatically converting values on web pages from foreign unit systems to your home unit system. E.g. a person in the US planning a road trip in Europe does not have to worry about how far 230kms will be, as she will see the value as on the page. Similarly, a tourist from India flying to the US will automatically see a 20kg check-in baggage limit in place of the original. The relevant values are highlighted on web pages, and the original/converted values can be checked on mouse-over. For currency conversions, the exchange rate used is also provided in the mouse-over bubble. Choose from Imperial and Metric unit groups, or a custom combination of these, are supported. Latest Updates: v --------- 1. Conversions of ranges and dimensions of units 2. Performance updates 3. Pace units added (min/mile and min/km) v --------- 1. Added new currencies: - Lithuanian Lita, - Ukrainian Hryvnia, - Icelandic Krona, - Bahraini Dinar, - Zambian Kwacha, - Mauritian Rupee 2. Fixed bug preventing certain currency updates 3. Added referral link to currency conversions 4. Bug Fix - CSS interference v --------- 1. Bitcoin conversion - numbers with BTC or XBT 2. Highlight colour for Currencies 3. Multiple bug fixes v --------- 1. Sync settings - Syncs across all computers where signed-in to Chrome with same Google user ID. pre v. 0.5.3.x -------------- 1. Convert by selecting text and right-clicking - useful on whitelisted pages and when extension is in 'off' state. 2. Option to use inbuilt browser ToolTips for conversions, instead of autoConvert hover-cards. 3. Added Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, and Kuwaiti Dinar. 4. Whitelist webpages/domains to prevent autoConvert from converting values on them. Useful for trading and banking websites, and services like Google Spreadsheets. Use the options page to: 1. Set home unit system - Imperial, Metric or a mix of the two. 2. Change the highlight colour, or disable highlighting entirely 3. Select home currency - currently supporting: British Pound, US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee, Chinese Renminbi, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollars, Brazillian Real, Indonesian Rupiah, Vietnamese Dong, and HKD, ZAR, RUB, SGD, BGN, THB, HUF, NOK, MXN, DKK, SEK, MYR, PLN, PHP, CZK, AED, TWD, KRW, ILS, ARS, CLP, EGP, TRY, RON, SAR, PKR, COP, MAD, HRK, JMD, DOP, PEN 4. Define whether to display converted units and currencies on webpage, or on mouse-over. 5. Select whether dual-use terms like 'in', 'to', and quotes be treated as units. 5. Send us feedback, praise, or brickbats For updates and further feedback, follow me on: Google+: http://plus.google.com/+AdityaB/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/adityabhaskar

Latest reviews

  • (2019-02-18) Works fine. Thanks for a good tool!
  • (2019-01-28) Nguyen Pham: OK
  • (2018-10-04) Karan Harsh Wardhan: this extension breaks inbox. i know inbox is going to be phased out and gmail is back to being king but still it's a weird bug for an extension meant to autoconvert values
  • (2018-10-01) Yanis L: Causes 100% usage of one CPU core, freezing the tab for some websites. (AMD CPU)
  • (2018-07-01) Mike Murray: Currency conversion doesn't work
  • (2018-06-19) Robert Forrester: I would have given it 5 stars if it were a bit more configurable. For example, it would be nice if I could use only feet and miles for meters instead of yards. Having to work out that 45 yards is 135 feet is nearly as much of a PITA as having to guesstimate 45 meters to be about 150 feet.
  • (2018-06-10) r a: Does a good job.
  • (2018-05-14) Abdelmadjid Hammou: Simply doesn't work.
  • (2018-04-21) Stéphan Taljaard: Currency converter always used a conversion factor of 1. Sites do not autoconvert, saying that they are whitelisted, but they are not.
  • (2018-04-05) Benjamin Pyke: It would be great if it worked, but basically every website comes up as "whitelisted", meaning that it doesn't work on that page. I went into the whitelist settings and removed the five-or-so websites that were there, but that did nothing. Great idea, but needs some work! Removing it!
  • (2018-04-05) Krzysztof Łęcina: Doesn't work at all.
  • (2017-12-18) Leo Mozoloa: Does the replacement good, but convert every currency with a 1 = 1 ratio which makes the app useless
  • (2017-12-15) Cato Ølfarnes: It seems to have an hardcoded whitelist making it impossible to force certain pages to convert (for example http://www.avsforum.com). As this defeats the purpose for my use I uninstalled it.
  • (2017-11-13) Kieran: Really handy when it works - saves me doing what I usually do to convert things, which is open a new tab and google the conversion - but I find quite often pages will show as "whitelisted, so no conversion has been performed" even though I've got nothing in the whitelist. Love the idea, unfortunately the implemtnation isn't quite there. Will up my rating if these niggles were ironed out.
  • (2017-11-04) Chris AA: Works sometimes or I think it does, but very slowly and almost useless
  • (2017-11-02) Stefan Monov: It does what it says on the tin, but it freezes many different pages consistently, and I have to kill them and open them in Firefox. This happens on nearly all pages on intel.com, for example. It's not a recent issue either - it's been happening for at least 3 months, on 2 different PCs, and I only just now found it was caused by this extension.
  • (2017-10-30) Tom Bielecki: Two problems for me. Seeing lots of people write their height in cm like 193cm, but I don't want that converted to inches I want feet and inches 6'4"! Perhaps over 50cm turn it into a height? Also, grams are better than ounces for food, but lbs are better than kg for weights. I'm not able to do this with the extension.
  • (2017-10-10) Joaco Esteban: This is great
  • (2017-08-25) Matthew M: Absolutely fantastic! The imperial system just doesn't make any sense at all. I wish I had found this extension years ago!
  • (2017-08-08) LIKIT SASUNTORN: love it
  • (2017-08-04) Yura Moshnin: Ужасно долго начинают открываться страницы и не отображается страница настройки валют
  • (2017-08-01) Kamen Mladenov: No options for formatting and rounding, seems very random, sometimes rounds the same number to 2 digits after the decimal, sometimes 1, sometimes rounds to a whole number. Also very slow to recognize units and convert, sometimes websites need multiple reloads to gete it to work.
  • (2017-04-15) Lukáš Miškovský: I think you should remove https filter from default whitelist, was a little confused at first why it doesn't work :) Other than that great job, exactly what I needed (y) One feature request - could you provide the convert/not convert settings in more detail? For example I'd like to keep teaspoons/tablespoons unconverted but convert everything else. Now its just all or nothing from given category.
  • (2017-04-14) Will Chan: After months of digging I finally pinpointed this extension that has been making pages load slow to a crawl, especially ones that have lots of numbers in it. For example, Uniqlo, Nike, banggood, etc. Now that I see it hasn't been updated for over a year I know why. Uninstall.
  • (2017-04-01) Mohammad NA: freeze chrome

Latest issues

  • (2017-02-25, v: release) goegelplus stinkt: inches/feet
    it is converting 3'' as if it's 3'
  • (2017-01-31, v: release) Alois Korčák: Website crashes
    Hello. On the Web www.gearbest.com, CZK currency, is not conversion. Website crashes. Turning off auto-convert everything is fine. Thank you
  • (2017-01-27, v: release) Mateus Dias Ferreira: US Gallons
    Is there a way to use US gallons instead of the UK gallon?
  • (2016-11-23, v: release) cormac westbury: Tea spoons
    Add an option to keep cups and tea/table spoons as they are
  • (2016-11-07, v: release) Irina Svetlowa: Extension buyout
    Hi, I am interested in acquiring your extension "autoConvert - Auto Currency & Unit Conve". Please contact me at: [email protected]
  • (2016-10-16, v: release) Patricia Elbagoury: currency conversion
    Should autoConvert work on currency displayed as 329 GBP for example, with a space in between? It is not working for me. When I first installed, it worked perfectly.
  • (2016-10-15, v: release) Shaun Burrows: Does not convert inches to mm when " is used
    As above, does not convert inches to mm when " is used. Doesn't work for e.g. 1' 1" either.
  • (2016-09-22, v: release) green white: Wrong conversion. Multiply is applied instead of divide, or vice versa
    Site: http://www.airasia.com/id/en Price, say: RP309 000 Correct conversion: 309 000/13100 = $23 Your conversion: 0.023501 HOW ???
  • (2016-07-27, v: release) Patricia Elbagoury: whitelisted
    What is whitelisted?
  • (2016-07-25, v: release) Josh Heinz: Won't auto convert
    I can't seem to get it to autoconvert currency to my own. If I try to select the currency and tell it to convert from the context menu, if just copies the original number and displays it next to itself. I've disabled all other extensions, and closed and reopened Chrome.


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