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Reminds you to sit up straight with pop-up notifications at specified time intervals.

Image from store PostureMinder
Description from store Sitting up straight while at your desk can make a big difference to your posture and overall health. This simple, elegant extension is easily customizable. Set how often you'd like to see a PostureMinder, then sit back and let it do its work! Useful features include: == Easy on/off == Turn off the extension so you don't embarrass yourself during a presentation. == Smart hide == Detects if you have been idle/away from the computer and will not show reminders until you return. If your computer is locked, notifications will restart when you are active again. == Choose timed close or click close reminders== Set how long you'd like the reminder to stay on your screen == Walk reminders == In addition to sitting up straight, you should also step away from your device every once in a while. Set how often you'd like to see a Walk Reminder. == Snarky == Fun, snarky messages will grab your attention and keep you entertained. Changelog: v 1.3.3: Add compatibility for Firefox extensions (Thanks to @wzub for the pull request). v 1.3.2: Fix walk reminder bug v 1.3.1: Fix click close bug and add more phrases. v 1.3.0: Sounds! Optionally play a short notification sound each time your reminder runs. (Thanks to @IvanDonat for the pull request). v 1.2.0: Change enable/disable checkbox to on/off switch. 1.2.1: Small update to make all items fit within the options window nicely. v. 1.1.0: Add options to set the time for Walk Reminders and notification fade. (Thanks to @dee-see for the pull request) View the code, submit bugs/feature requests, and ask questions at the GitHub repository: https://github.com/sheryllun/postureminder

Latest reviews

  • (2023-08-14) Kate Schroeder: Initially, this worked great, and I appreciated the reminders! But after a few days I stopped getting the posture reminders I set for every 20 minutes. Now I only get my walk reminders every hour. I tried changing the timing and removing and reinstalling, but neither worked.
  • (2023-07-26) Osama Azma: i love the random sayings with the notifications and this is pretty helpful for me since i always go all the way down my chair lol
  • (2023-06-22) Naman Jain: Best Extension!
  • (2023-03-01) Nathan Fish: did not work
  • (2023-01-15) khurune (Khurune): Started using this for work after getting RSI. Work as intended but is down to the user to make sure they follow the reminder. Would love a volume adjuster tho, as I find it quite abrupt. Now time to find a H2O reminder, unless you want to add that to :P
  • (2022-10-31) Thomas Willheim: Absolutely loving this extension so far! I have it set for 15 minute intervals and my body is already thanking me for standing up and stretching just a little bit.
  • (2022-07-24) Yossif Kamal: The Reminder does not appear only a sound. I use Microsoft Edge
  • (2022-07-15) Nojus Anskaitis: I use 25 min intervals to tell me to fix my posture, in that time I remember to fix my posture once and then I get a helpful reminder from this extension, I just absolutely love it
  • (2022-06-20) Vintage Thrill: The app seems fine but I really don't like the use of ableist language ("posture check, Quasimodo"). I won't be using this one anymore.
  • (2022-05-27) Jérémy Quentin: Simple and works as expected. If it's possible, a notification volume setting would be useful. By default, it's way too loud imo.
  • (2022-04-14) Julián Sanmartino: Amazing extension! Funny, useful and customizable. Would absolutely recommend it.
  • (2022-04-05) Carole Lee: Very useful, especially for someone like myself who always forgot to adjust my posture or get up for a little walk.
  • (2022-03-10) Elias Gannage: Funny, non-obtrusive, and so helpful.
  • (2022-01-31) Lisa Bottomley: This app is perfect! I love the phrasing of the reminders, the ability to set the timing, and the absence of anything annoying.
  • (2022-01-08) Akiraptor A.: Stopped working sometime in the late 2021
  • (2021-11-24) Ola Belin: Love this extension. Has really been a great help to get the old posture a bit less crooked. I noticed the difference most when I reinstalled the computer and didn't activate this extension again, with the result of going banana shaped again. I wouldn't hate having more variation in the messages, as they work best when I have to connect the brain to read what it wants.
  • (2021-10-30) Aletta Karsies van Eeden: I have used this extension for about a month now and it is really useful. I can really recommend using it in combination with actually learning what good posture is from the Gokhale method! (just search for that, there are some good free video's to start learning)
  • (2021-08-12) eWings E-commerce MCC-account: Funny reminders and works well
  • (2021-08-08) Saung Hnit Thit Oo: really love it
  • (2021-08-02) Brittany Burian: Only reason this doesn't get five stars right now is due to the notifications not popping up. I see others have run into this as well. It worked flawlessly the first day and that was it :( I have tried removing and reinstalling the extension twice with no luck and have been using chrome the entire time. I really hope this bug is fixed soon because I've been looking for an app like this! Great job with it otherwise.
  • (2021-07-12) Adji Saputro: It didn't work as intended. There was no popup notification, anything notify me to correct my posture. :(
  • (2021-04-26) Tima A.: Was really excited for this extension, but unfortunately it doesn't work on Edge. Don't waste your time.
  • (2021-03-21) Cloud Sam: I've been looking for this kind of extension for long time, this is wonderful.
  • (2021-03-11) Evangelos Vasileios Papastergios: Great idea, but similarly to previous reviews the notifications do not display for me. Please fix this.
  • (2021-03-03) Sharon E: I would have given it 5 stars BUT it won't display!!! I need it to display NOW!!! Please fix this!!!!
  • (2020-11-30) Rochelle Williams: Great extension! Just wish the messages were more gender neutral 🙏 Maybe in the next update?
  • (2020-11-26) Omkar P: Love the messages, great job man thank you
  • (2020-11-18) Mia Kostova: I like the extension but the messages don't pop up on my screen so sometimes I miss the sound and forget to correct my posture.
  • (2020-09-07) Chiodike: Does exactly as it says
  • (2020-07-11) ErickA Aguilar: Unfortunately I can't get it to work beyond giving me an audio queue. I've set it up so it shows me messages, but it never does. The audio is not as effective as I think the pop out messages would be.
  • (2020-03-26) Federico Renis: love it but today it just went berserk, notification every 15 min even if i've set them every 59 min
  • (2020-02-13) Kim Parmenter Wynands: The function itself is fine, but I find the "snarky" comments to be mostly distasteful and aggressive. Snark can come in a lot better forms than what this extension is relying on. The tone is pleasant.
  • (2020-02-06) Natalia Webster: good idea but so full of microaggressions, in particular the abelist quasimodo comment
  • (2019-11-21) Kristina Kryundal: REALLY helped me to improve my posture! I set the reminder to every 5 minutes and man oh man this helps! In fact so much, that I know even correct my posture even when I walk outside! Very good idea and highly recommended!
  • (2019-09-09) Tahmid: This extension has really helped me out a lot. Very simple use and I really recommend it if you have back problems!
  • (2019-09-03) Tim van Duijn: Not getting any reminders, while it is configured correctly.
  • (2019-07-26) Jenny McIntosh: I found it helpful for giving me reminders, but I was frustrated/offended by some of the messages. For one, it's not motivating to hear that my mom told me not to slouch... but more importantly, I'm concerned about the message referring to Quasimodo - it's offensive to reinforce stereotypes about real disabilities that people have.
  • (2019-07-18) Nathan Rasmussen: Pro: Very useful and straightforward. Default interval of 15 min between reminders is uncannily good, catching me right after a slouch time and again. Con: Memory leak. I just caught it using 595 megabytes of RAM and decided I'd better disable it.
  • (2019-07-01) Dunai Fuentes Hitos: It is perfect. It could only be better if you could personalize the notification messages
  • (2019-04-19) Normantas Kudžma: Great plugin. Would be even better if I could add my own custom messages!
  • (2018-10-11) Miguel Baquero: Es un recordatorio bastante efectivo
  • (2018-08-31) noname: Great! It's funny)
  • (2018-07-26) Pruthvi Raj: Loved it
  • (2018-07-06) Naomi: This app has helped me so much with my posture. There are a few minor changes I wish could be made but these do not effect the final product. I wish I could change the sound used in the reminders. And a different sounder for when I should get up and walk.
  • (2018-07-02) Sophie Tanker: I love this app so much! It's just been a day and I can already feel how much better my back is. I have minor back problems and this has improved them incredibly.
  • (2018-06-27) Jaleesa L: Honestly just an amazing little extension. The little messages are cute and not annoying, it feels like it always knows when I start slumping! I was considering spending almost $100 on a gadget that reminds you about posture but this widget saved me
  • (2018-06-25) Katherine Allison: The little messages are so cute and funny! I'm always happy to see them pop up on my screen. Very user-friendly and customizable.
  • (2018-06-11) Ed Juline: Has done wonders for and saved my back!!! Bravo!!!
  • (2018-05-23) Ricky Holder Adler: Perfectly simple and keeps me sitting correctly every time
  • (2018-05-17) Michelle Christina: Effective, useful, and likely saving me from long term damage. I have the alerts set up very often and each time I catch myself slouching. Also, the captions are funny and there are no ads. I definitely recommend this extension.

Latest issues

  • (2022-05-03, v:1.3.3) Barbara Decker: reminders
    I received reminders all day on the day I installed the extension & now, day 2, I am only receiving the 'get up & walk' reminders, which come along much less frequently than the ones that tell me to 'straighten up.' I already have an app. to get me up & moving throughout the day so I don't even need the walking reminders from postureminder. I need the 'straighten up' reminders.
  • (2021-11-11, v:1.3.3) Emily Resnick: Not receiving notifications on Chrome - Mac
    I can hear the sound but don't see notifications ... how do i fix this on chrome on my mac?? thank youuuuu :)
  • (2021-06-01, v:1.3.3) Belinda Quaill: Privacy and security details needed
    I need information about the collection or usage of your data, use of cameras etc to be able to get this used on my work computer. Can you please provide this
  • (2021-03-09, v:1.3.3) Sharon E: On screen display NOT WORKING!!
    The display for this app is NOT working!!!! Please fix this!!!! It is NEEDED!!!!!!
  • (2021-03-04, v:1.3.3) Sharon E: Pop up NOT working!
    I get all the sounds BUT NO DISPLAY!!!! from reading the reviews this is a common problem!!! PLEASE address this issue. I really like this when it works correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (2020-12-26, v:1.3.3) julie anne calibo: Pop up not working
    I can only hear the notif sound but no pop up message on screen. How can I address this issue? Thanks!
  • (2020-12-18, v:1.3.3) Petr Laškevič: Why isn't your extension availible on addons.mozilla.org?
    In your source code you have several comments related to Firefox compatibility, why don't you release it for Firefox?
  • (2020-07-23, v:1.3.3) Ali Kemal SARUHAN: Turkish Language Support
    Hi, if you want, i can translate to turkish. i love it.
  • (2020-07-18, v:1.3.3) Nehir Yılmaz: No pop-up notification
    Hello, i do not seem to be able to get the pop-ups. I get the sound alarm when i turn that on, so the extension is definitely working but the pop-ups aren't. Do I need to allow something maybe? Thanks in advance :)
  • (2020-06-17, v:1.3.3) Rico Stapel: Would love it on Firefox
    Hey, The change history states compatibility with firefox but I didn't find a way how to add it. Could you please let me know?
  • (2020-06-01, v:1.3.3) carol jackson: Pop up vs sound
    Hi there, my sound only is working although I've requested the pop up in settings - please advise - many thanks
  • (2020-05-12, v:1.3.3) Bengart: What do you think about the translate?
    Hi, the extension is just great. What do you think about translating reminders into other languages? I could translate it into Russian, so it will be easier to perceive the information
  • (2020-05-11, v:1.3.3) Henrique Almeida: Sugestion: is there a way to add buttons in the notification?
    Hi there! Awesome extension, it is really helping me. I was wondering, is it possible, by any chance, to include two options of buttons, for pressing when the reminder rings: one saying "Posture Was Right"; and other "Posture Was Wrong". That way, we could know how many times our posture was corrected, and how many times we were already in the right position. That would be a great motivator
  • (2020-05-05, v:1.3.3) Julie Reddish: Gendered language
    Hi, one of the prompts calls me a "chap", which doesn't apply to me as I identify as female. Please correct any gendered language used in any of the prompts as it excludes the other parts of your audience. Thank you for listening
  • (2020-04-20, v:1.3.3) Abigail Overduin: Terms & Conditions
    Do you have the terms and conditions listed for posture minder? Does this software have access to any user info or can the software track what a user enters on other websites? Thanks
  • (2019-10-22, v:1.3.3) andrew dao: Buying Posture Minder
    Hi! I love this app and want to improve it further! Are you interested in selling Posture Minder? Would love to talk more in detail about the offer I'm giving. My email is: [email protected] All the best, - Andy
  • (2019-07-26, v:1.3.3) Jenny McIntosh: Problem with closing reminders
    Closing reminders: I cannot select "click close." Additionally, please remove the message referring to Quasimodo. It's offensive.
  • (2019-07-22, v:1.3.3) Roxie Hickling: Notifications Not Showing
    Despite being enabled, no notifications are showing?
  • (2019-06-13, v:1.3.3) Joshua Chandra: Feature request
    Can an option be added to allow us to put custom text in the notifications?
  • (2019-04-24, v:1.3.3) EKTA SIMARIA: No notification appearing but i can hear sound of notifications
    No notification appearing but i can hear sound of notifications
  • (2019-01-13, v:1.3.3) Kelly Agassiz: PostureMinder with windows 10
    PostureMinder worked great for one day - loved it - but the next day it stopped showing notifications despite being enabled in Chrome. Other comments suggest this may be a problem when using Windows 10... is there a solution?
  • (2018-12-15, v:1.3.3) Steve Czetli: Can you add customized content?
    Can you write your own ticklers? Might be useful for memorizing things.
  • (2018-10-25, v:1.3.3) Nico Schlömer: Turn off posture reminder
    I was looking for an app that gives me a walk reminder; the posture reminders aren't terribly useful for me and I find it unfortunate that I cannot turn them off.
  • (2018-09-17, v:1.3.3) Fredrik Eglese: Windows 10 Notifications
    After the first notification, windows 10 handles each subsequent notification as a repetition of the previous and therefore doesn't show a notification. Repeatable by: Running the extension while on windows 10 Not dismissing the first notification The next notification should then not show up
  • (2018-08-31, v:1.3.3) Uranium Fever: Paused during videos
    If I leave my computer while watching a video it seems to think I'm not using chrome, please adjust the "smart hide to account for video too.


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