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Vocablurry is the best new way to learn new words without knowing that you're learning

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Description from store Subconsciously remember the new words that you want to learn, by seeing them more often around the web. You will effortlessly remember using a technique called repeat pattern immersion. This way, you can simply improve your vocabulary on the fly. ========================== LATEST CHANGES + v2.0.0.0 * Toggle Enable/Disable the plugin on websites * Speed optimizations and bug fixes * Ability to send feedback from plugin * You are notified when you add a new word * Vocabulary definitions when you click on each word on the plugin ========================== OVERVIEW Have you ever wanted to learn a new word in a new language or your own, and seconds after learning it you have already forgotten? Vocablurry increases the frequency with which you see the word that you want to learn and remember, by replacing similar words or phrases with the one you want to learn. This way, your brain subconsciously learns the new word without any effort. HOW TO USE IT? To use it, after installing the plugin, you can simply select, right click and add any word to Vocablurry. It will automatically replace all similar words with the word that you want to learn across all browser pages, completely in the background. IS IT FREE? It is totally free & without ads
, forever. And there's no catch. IS IT GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? We have developed a customised grammar parser/lexer that makes sure that the sentence remains grammatically correct, and that we do not for instance replace a noun with a verb. WHY IS IT USEFUL? You can widen your vocabulary in any language (including your own) without any effort.
 Additionally, you can instead use it to remember mnemonics, or memory vocab tricks. Permissions ? This plugin replaces words with your selected words, so it has to have access to all websites. However, this happens locally on your computer without communicating with any server. The permission about "co-operating websites" means that only "vocablurry.com" will be able to communicate with the plugin at *your* demand. This plugin has been audited by 3rd parties such as the team at Mozilla and Opera. ** ANY QUESTIONS ? ** We would love to hear back from you. You can reach us by: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vocablurry Twitter: twitter.com/getvocablurry Email: [email protected] Website: https://vocablurry.com

Latest reviews

  • (2023-08-28) Arc Lin: the extension doesn't work.
  • (2023-05-06) Hu Ray: I couldn't find the word I added in my list.It doesn't work!
  • (2018-09-08) Christian Estevez: When are you going to update this program?, I really need it, also did you receive all of my emails? what are your thoughts about my suggestions? send me your feedback via email
  • (2018-06-26) Appreciater for doers: i liked the idea so given it 4 stars but the extension is not working ! Please fix the issues.
  • (2018-06-18) Adi The royal: No vocab showed up whatsoever even though I saved a lot of vocab..
  • (2017-07-28) Scoth Lloyld: very easy to learn and remember
  • (2017-07-08) Raiden Roy: Hey dev I already submitted my suggestion plz check it out extension is good but it still have long way too go. hope you read it.
  • (2017-03-30) Très original. Mais cette méthode d'apprentissage ne m'apporte rien de spécial. Je fais partie des gens qui apprennent mieux avec une méthode active, où on me demande de traduire, etc. Peut-être que si l'extension me tendait des pièges aléatoires, ça marcherait mieux pour moi. Mais semble marcher pour d'autres, à tester donc.
  • (2017-03-25) Gavin Robertson: I can't give it five stars. It puts incorrect words in quite often. However you can learn new words with this so overall it is useful and I like it.
  • (2017-03-08) Vasileios Topouzis: The idea Is great! But, the synonyms it adds by default are just wrong and they make no sense In most cases... I wish there was a way to add our own synonyms instead...
  • (2017-02-15) Вадим Калиниченко: The Best one!
  • (2016-11-12) NikitQa: Crucial extension!
  • (2016-08-04) Lone Rajput: It really help to remember words, you will see the word when added several times.
  • (2015-03-15) Henry S: fantastic, extremely useful and simple
  • (2015-01-04) suntej singh: This is a super super awesome extension very useful .
  • (2014-11-02) Yatin Varachhia: Very useful
  • (2014-10-20) Was at Disrupt Hack too - great stuff!

Latest issues

  • (2017-07-28, v: Scoth Lloyld: Problems
    I have used it all over 4 month without any problems but seem this extentsion is stop work, i can not put any more word even uninstalled and re-installed. Pls repair it
  • (2017-07-08, v: Raiden Roy: Let the user edit the synonyms
    Hey Dev. hope you are alright first of all thanx for creating this extension I really like it, it helps me to learn new words everyday but many times it adds wrong words more likely a different meaning words or exactly the words I really don't want it to convert so my only suggestion to you is plz let the user change the synonyms it wouldn't be too difficult it will only make your extension rating more good and as I can see user @Vasileios Topouzis already requested for this feature but it's already been 3 months since then you still didn't add this feature. My only humble request from you is plz add this feature as soon as possible thanx for reading.
  • (2017-02-01, v: Md. Zahirul Ahsan (Eyesore): Facebook
    Almost every site works on this extension. But when i am in facebook, the actual word can not be seen while hovering over the changed word by this extension.
  • (2016-11-18, v: Carla Nagel: Added one word, after that not working
    Hi, i was able to add one word, but now I cannot find the right-click add word option anymore. Should it be possible on any website?
  • (2016-05-02, v: Daniel: Sets of Vocab
    Love the idea! should be able to add sets of vocab at a time
  • (2015-07-22, v: Sidney Kim: I'd like to turn this off.
    Sometimes I want to turn this off. It would be great if the icon button has "Turn Off" feature. Thanks for the great extension by the way!
  • (2014-12-07, v: NAm Nguyễn: catch a pharse ?
    I want to catch a phrase, not only 1 word :(
  • (2014-11-09, v: Bunch/options
    Hi there, It seems you've got here a very interesting extension. Two questions spring to mind, one being, why do I have greyed-out the options menu? I can´t see the added vocabulary or if there's any way to customise it or customise the extension; and the second being, can I add many words separated by commas? Like a whole text that I prepared for students. Thanks for your time! Regards, T


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