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Description from extension meta Time zone and local time converter. Compare and convert time between many locations at a time.
Image from store Time Zone Converter - Savvy Time
Description from store Time zone and city time converter between multiple locations worldwide. Converter allows find, add and compare over 100,000 cities and about 300 time zones without a limit and for free. Converts times instantly as you type, in both direction. Enjoying the converter? Please, rate you experience. To help us improve, we would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions for future updates. ------------------- Version 1.4.4 - New redesigned time input field Version 1.4.2 - Added date picker and date info Version 1.4.1 - Compact styling Version 1.4 - Auto adjust selected time zone for daylight saving Version 1.3.5 - Updated time zone database Version 1.3.4 - Drag & drop - Auto-focus Version 1.3.3 -24 hour format support Version 1.3.1 -fix for daylight saving Version 1.3 -Loading fix -Performance -Default time
Latest reviews (2019-11-27) Prageeth Wickramasinghe: Easiest way to convert time, loved it... (2019-11-22) Mike Elkaim: How can I make it save the time zones. It seems to do it before. Is there a setting that I need to change? (2019-10-11) Lee Jordan: This is an extension that does one thing very well. Seems good. (2019-10-04) Shannon Fain: PERFECTION. Simple, easy to use, but does not sacrifice any functionality. I honestly think it is the most perfect extension I have ever used. (2019-10-02) Yuriy Chepelyuk: Exactly tool I was looking for. I used to open savvy time web page before. Now it is here in my browser. Bravo! (2019-10-01) Mel Brackstone: It regularly doesn't show local time correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeps switching to a day forward, and if you're not aware of this glitch it can be very confusing (2019-09-01) ii_emerald: i love this. the ability to see the times of my friends with just one click anywhere i am on chrome is so wonderful and efficient. but i'll ask, is there a way to change what time it is every time you open the extension? whenever i open it, it seems to always be an hour behind the actual time (when i look at cst/cdt, it's for example 12pm, even though i live in cst/cdt and it's already 1pm). i know you can edit the time temporarily, but being able to do this would make it the slightly more faster that i like. thanks for the wonderful extension (: (2019-08-29) Elimar Bonilla: Hi, I love the application because it helped me save so much time. I need to schedule plenty of call daily with people around the world and I just kept my most used Time Zones, including my own and it worked wonders! HOWEVER, a few months ago, the extension won't allow me to keep the list of the time zones, so every time I need to use it, I need to add them again, which honestly is time consuming and about the same of using any other website. Is it possible that this is changed and fixed? Thank you! (2019-07-16) A. Erchenkov: оч удобная и наглядная картина времени. (2019-07-15) Carrie Horvath: It's brilliant - the only thing that's missing is the option to name each timezone - It would be great if I could put my client names against each zone. (2019-06-28) Chandran Marimuthu: Simple and useful! (2019-06-20) Christopher F: WOW. This extension is awesome! I look at graphs with data points for UTC time. I am in CST zone and can't get a grip, quick enough, to convert the time that makes sense. This will help, I just know it!! I love how I can see 24 clock or 12 clock, and lastly - change the time to before and see what time it would be! (2019-06-18) Lea Ctz: Excellent. Cleaner, better and easier than others. Thank you. I'd also like to see the weekday, to compare if it is yesterday or tomorrow somewhere else. As another user said, the input is a bit too clicky. One click and being able to enter the time as '1452' or '0830' will be awesome. Some users complain that they can only compare the 'now' time - this is not so, just adjust the time for the zone you want to compare and all your other zones change to the relevant times. (2019-05-15) smu4242: Very useful for quickly converting time from different timezones. I wish I could label them though, so I don't have to remember what person/event lives in which time zone! (2019-05-02) Loren Kazes: The idea is great! However its really hard to change the times. Doesnt allow me to type easily. Also, all of the time zones I add keep being deleted every time click on the extension again. (2019-04-28) Varun Madan: Brilliant app and nice UI! (2019-03-19) The only problem this has is that it does not respect daylight savings time otherwise it's good. (2019-03-06) Cihad Turhan: It's good but it has some missing functionalities. I'll update my review with 5 stars if these are added: - There should be a date field so I can see it's tomorrow for some regions and yesterday for some regions - We should be able to choose formats for each entry. (2019-02-12) Super neat (2019-01-17) akshay sinha: Love It. Simplicity at its Best !! (2018-11-13) Qinzi Lu: 试了几个,这个不需要另外打开页面,真实扩展程序,没有广告弹出,加载快速,同时查看比较多个时区。非常符合我需求,截至目前用户体验上佳 (2018-08-05) Sandeep Kanchalwar: Will give you 5th star if you add date and day of the week too. Thanks. :) (2018-06-02) vishnu shashank: Please add DATE as well, (2018-05-29) Deno: Amazing! (2018-05-03) Darren Huang: perfect. That's what I want.
Latest issues (2019-11-11, v:1.4.10) Elliot Jones: Once added, time is 1 hour ahead.
When I search for PST in the list, it shows the correct current time. However, when I add PST to my list, the time shows as being one hour ahead of the current time. This persists whether I'm using PST or PDT. I have to manually edit the time every time I check the extension to see the current time values.
(2019-10-25, v:1.4.10) Benjamin Bellersen: time zones don't save
i add time zones. but after close and reopen all are gone. i need to handle 4 time zones. it is not useable for me at the moment. please fix asap. otherwise this is exactly what i need.
(2019-10-10, v:1.4.10) Casey Emmerling: Inconsistent time
Just downloaded about an hour ago. Seems like a great tool, however, in that time it has jumped back and forth between being correct and being an hour behind several times. For example, currently I can search for Portland, OR and the auto-populated search result/preview will show the correct time (10:45). However, once I *add* Portland, it turns into 9:45.
(2019-10-08, v:1.4.10) Cybil Zhang: Daylight savings not updating
Eastern Australia just went through Daylight Savings and that update is not reflected in the extension - is there any way to update or troubleshoot? It's a great extension, and I'd hate to replace it.
(2019-10-08, v:1.4.10) ProBox: Saving locations
In the Chrome extension, is there the ability to permanently save the locations so when I click the button, they automatically appear?
(2019-10-08, v:1.4.10) ProBox: Saving permanent zones
In the Chrome extension, is there an option to save the locations permanently?
(2019-10-07, v:1.4.10) Vladimir Kuban: daylight savings
I have re-added all time zones - still does not reflect daylight saving shift...
(2019-07-15, v:1.4.10) Carrie Horvath: Naming each zone
It's brilliant - the only thing that's missing is the option to name each timezone - It would be great if I could put my client names against each zone.
(2019-05-21, v:1.3.5) Ismael Balkhi: Please Add Auto Adjust Daylight Savings Time
The time conversion right now is one hour off because of DST adjustment not being honored by your app.
(2019-05-02, v:1.3.5) Loren Kazes: Timezones being deleted
Every-time I click on the extension any timezone I added previously (other than my own) is no longer there. It was working fine at some point but then stopped. Also, its a bit difficult to change times as it feels kind of buggy.

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