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Description from extension meta Record a video from the camera or capture it from the screen (desktop, specific application window or Chrome tab)
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Description from store Chrome extension to record a video from the camera or capture it from the screen (desktop, specific application window or Chrome tab). Free to use No signup required No watermarks Record unlimited videos
Latest reviews (2019-12-07) Bridget Wallace: It was good at the start but kept crashing. I'd be doping a video and it would just shut off.Other than that, I recommend (2019-12-05) Adnan: After capturing a tab in chome I could play it via the screen-recorder app but when downloaded nothing happens when opening screen-capture ? I just get a black screen... (2019-12-05) ForeverLawn Pacific Coast: Use this free extension on a regular basis to share quick how to videos with my team across the country. It comes in really handy to share best practices and show a tip with someone offsite No issues to report. (2019-12-03) The Ad Genius: You can't download and send the video. Also they dont respond to support side as many others have same issue. (2019-11-30) Rahul Sharma: Some features that might help: 1) To be able to record only a section of screen rather than taking everything from corner to corner as it does now...!! 2) The file size it created for a seven second screen capture was approx 4.5 MBs...!! Cant imagine how much would the file size be for a typical 10 Mins of screen capture...!! Any way to reduce this would greatly help...!! Over all a nice app to try out...!! Thanks and regards Rahul (2019-11-25) EnderchicoYT gameplays: la grabazion ba lag (2019-11-25) Coolio Humphrey: Very helpful! I've been searching for SO long trying to find a good quality screen recorder, and here it is! My only suggestion would be to change the video format so people can edit it with types of video editing programs. Other than that, great recorder! I would recommend! (2019-11-18) Golden Luv: My only request is to be able to record both audio (2019-11-15) Steren Giannini: Records video without any watermark. Does its job, elegant and simple. Would recommend over any other screen recorder extension. (2019-11-12) Kyle Nussen: This is exactly what I was looking for! Easy to use, high quality, reliable. FIVE STARS! (2019-11-12) Juan Daniel del Aguila Medrano: Muy buena para grabar videollamadas y conferencias online. (2019-11-10) Charity Gilliam: When I tried to use it to make YouTube videos, it would glitch out and make my computer shut itself down. Does not work, might be a virus, I hate it. (2019-11-08) sri krishna: really its a nice screen recorder rating(*****) (2019-11-02) Ajansara Ajans Platfomu: Best Screen Recorder Plugin. +No sign up +No forcing to sign up via google or facebook +Easy to use +Best user experince Screen Recorder Plugin (2019-10-18) Nigina Sharipova: Saved video not working. (2019-10-15) Ionascu Ciprian: Amazing extension! I just love it. Congratulations to the developer for such a great extension. Don't know why people are having trouble saving the recording or using this extension. Keep up the good work! (2019-10-15) Zwakele Zuma: So far so good (2019-10-11) vincent bruneau: we can't remove the mouse... (2019-10-11) Miracle: I barely write reviews, but I could not hold on to my excitement after trying this extension. It's light weight, No watermark, records my voice and screen nicely, it's offline, it's free, records for long hours, record single applications, tabs or full screen. What else could I ever ask for? Thank you Erich Behrens. You've done an awesome job (2019-10-09) DereC: Guys, I'm not a bot okay look at my (insert content here) and don't forget to LIKE AND SUB- all jokes aside this is actually legit at first i thought it only recorded but then I realized there was a huge save button i didn't catch. It saves as WEBM format which can be easily converted to your liking. No watermarks too! (2019-10-08) Genevieve Simperingham: I've installed this extension and it seems to record just fine and I can see replay it on the screen but when I download it and play it only the sound comes through but not the actual video. Any ideas how I can fix this issue? (2019-10-03) Flei Lin: Low definition. Waste of time. (2019-10-02) Shubham Garg: But where can i find the recorded files?? (2019-10-01) Lindenberg Ferreira: Vale muito a pena! que mais pessoas possam ter a iniciativa do Erich Behrens muito obrigado pela ferramenta!! It is very worth it! so more people can have the Erich Behrens initiative thanks so much for the tool !! (2019-09-27) rexall kalo: Unable to Save or Download recorded videos. Wasted my time
Latest issues (2019-11-29, v:2.1.0) Marc Bruce: Please disable "Sharing this tab" bar
I have noticed that since this feature (Sharing this tab bar) was introduced, the recording made have ratio issues. When trying to play the downloaded files, the playback is affected and causes problems with the ratio when trying to convert to MP4. This has made the tool obsolete now for myself.
(2019-11-24, v:2.1.0) TheOddHamsOut 2474: Can't find video file
Whenever I make a video, I can't find it anywhere in my files
(2019-11-17, v:2.1.0) pf32900: Location of recording
If it's recording, how do I know? How do I then stop it from recording? Where is the recording, if there is one?
(2019-10-28, v:2.1.0) Teniente Busillos: Please disable "Sharing this tab" bar
Hi devs! I use your extension to record streams on Chrome tabs that cannot be fullscreened. Since a couple weeks or so a bar appears at the top of the page that reads: "Sharing this tab to Screen Recorder" That forces me to reduce the width of the player being captured to make room for that bar in order for the stream not to be cut at the bottom, since the bar pushes everything down 50 pixels or so. I believe that both the Screen Recorder window itself and the blue border around the tab being captured are enough hints for someone that, for some reason, might not be aware that they're actually recording. If you please add an option to remove that bar I'll be eternally grateful!
(2019-10-16, v:2.1.0) Angeli Villaraza: Recording Microphone and System Audio At The Same Time
Is it possible to recordign both microphone and system audio?
(2019-10-16, v:2.1.0) Tarun Namdeo: Available for other browsers ?
Is this extension available on any other browsers ?
(2019-10-04, v:2.1.0) Daniel Cronin: Cannot find recorded file. It is not in download folder
can't find recorded file
(2019-10-02, v:2.1.0) Shubham Garg: File Location
Where can i find recorded files??
(2019-09-27, v:2.1.0) Alane Sanchez: Black screen when I playback from file location I saved to
Playback from saved location is a black screen. I can view it when I playback in the extension but not from the save file. Help please
(2019-09-05, v:2.1.0) Pedro Pinho: have access to the file of the screencapture video on Macbook
After recording a screen capture through a Macbook it automatically save it in the download folder the recording as weblink and not as file. Is it possible to download the file in a "real" file from this weblink (.webm extension)?

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