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Bitcoin Auto-Converter

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Finds the BTC values on any website and displays the live conversion to your currency.

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Description from store Stop wasting time looking up currency calculators and manually entering long numbers! Bitcoin Auto-Converter automatically finds the BTC values on any website and displays the live conversion to your currency. * If a BTC value can't be found or you'd like to look up the currency for a different crypto-currency coin, then you can highlight and right-click to get a (configurable) list of alt-coin conversions. A live BTC ticker can also be displayed in your toolbar which updates every 30 seconds along with the current volume and price change. If you found this tool useful, please consider rating it and maybe writing a quick review for others who may also be interested. Enjoy! * Note: Not all on-screen BTC values will be converted due to the way certain websites display them. For example, real-time tickers are dynamically written to the page, therefore cannot be converted in real-time. Others may use a graphical symbol in front or behind the BTC value, therefore the extension will not be able to find and convert it. However, in these instances, you may still highlight the value and right-click to get conversions for all of the coins that you specify in the settings. ------------ Changelog ------------ v1.1.4 (1/10/2020) - Bug: Fixed issue where the Google search page is broken due to the Auto-Convert option being enabled. v1.1.3 (8/10/2018) - Update: Reduced the frequency of price updates to avoid timeouts and blank values on context menu. - Bug: Google Chrome now only allows 4 characters instead of 5 on the icon badge which was cutting off the current BTC price. v1.1.2 (7/19/2017) - Feature: Tooltip when hovering over the icon/button now displays the current prices for each alt-coins you've specified in the options. - Feature: Added option to specify how often to update pricing (default is 30 seconds). - Update: Improved the way the current prices are stored and updated which improves performance a significant amount. - Bug: Fixed issue where newly entered alt-coins were not being loaded properly and was displaying "invalid coin" error. v1.1.1 (6/29/2017) - Feature: Badge background color can be optionally enabled to change colors (red or green) based on the 1-hour percentage change (+/-). - Enhancement: Context menu conversions now display the current coin's value. If the coin is worth less than $0.01, then it will also display it with decimal places rather than 2. - Bug: Fixed issue where currency values were being pulled too quickly and frequently and was causing the in-page conversions not to load consistently. Code has now been optimized to load much more efficiently and without errors. - Bug: When adding a new coin in the options, it will now reload the current page/tab to ensure that the coin's value loads properly. v1.0.0 (6/7/2017) - Initial build/launch.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-10) John Chaney: Awesome. Except, it breaks the Google search bar on google.com. However I found a way to fix it by simply clicking the extension icon and unchecking "Auto-convert all BTC values on a page". This prevents breaking webpages, and you can still right-click BTC amounts to see their converted USD value. So really nice in that way, but of course you lose the ability to automatically see converted values on any page. Shame since this is the only extension of its kind that I've found; hopefully the dev will return with a fix.
  • (2019-06-28) Leo: Doesnt work on Brave - doesnt convert cryptoemprorium.eu site. Probably because doesnt recognise Bitcoin sign and only works if Bitcoin is expressed as BTC. Please fix it.
  • (2019-05-04) Matteo Lorenzi: Wau Fantastico!
  • (2019-03-08) Nguyen Pham: ok
  • (2019-01-14) Max Prokop: Finds the BTC values on any websiteFinds the BTC values on any website and displays the live conversion to your currency. and displays the live conversion to your currency.
  • (2019-01-03) Killian Schouten: Since chrome got updated when i use google the search bar dissappears, please fix, need to deinstall now to google.
  • (2018-11-19) Cypher thegreat: loved it until the latest update of chrome its broken google search somehow, so if you search on google the google search bar disappears, i have turned off each extension one at a time and found it was this one which was causing the conflict not sure why, other than that i love this application and will give it 5 stars again after the fix :) as a heavy crypto user it makes my life a lot easier so thank you for making it
  • (2018-08-26) drissa kamoko: a pain
  • (2018-05-21) Эдуард Чемис: Please add delimeter "," so the value such as 0,06 BTC could be translated not as 6 BTC. Also please add a logic that "$" sign could be in the end, on the right side of amount like 0.80$
  • (2018-05-07) XXXVuong Quangxxx: goood appp bao mat cho link
  • (2018-04-26) Dustin O'Daffer: Had to turn off the auto convert to enable right-click functionality. Works like a charm now.
  • (2018-04-24) André Valvassori: Works good with 'Dot' Values... With ',' Values don't work.
  • (2017-12-21) Murat Günaydin: Cok güzel ve kullanisli fakat benim pc de cok takiliyor ve ekleme yapmak istedigimde cok takiliyor :( Tarayiciyi kapatip acinca sorun düzeldi :)
  • (2017-09-24) Robert Oehler: huge cpu consumption and network traffic while doing nothing. malicous?
  • (2017-08-07) Hsu Kim: Might you please add the NT dollar.
  • (2017-06-07) Ryan Buntrock: Nice!
  • (2017-06-07) SuX twobu: Very Handy!

Latest issues

  • (2019-08-05, v:1.1.3) shady sherif: google search results page is broken because of your plugin
    First of all I would like to thank you for the great plugin. I don't know exactly what happened with your plugin. I used to use it for around a year. But, during the last month your plugin is braking the google search results page by hiding the search bar. I thought it is google's search issue. By I went through all my plugins one by one until I found your plugin is the root cause of the issue. Please try to solve it ASAP.
  • (2018-10-02, v:1.1.3) Jacky Teerapat: Plz add THB currecy
    Plz add THB currecy
  • (2018-07-28, v:1.1.2) Thomas H: Says BTC ($NaN)
    Hey guys, great Chrome extension idea - I just seem to keep getting ($NaN) when I right click a highlighted amount of BTC. Would absolutely love for this to work. Any suggestions? I've tried all combinations of features being turned off/on in the setting and it always shows the same thing. Tried it on my Mac too but BTC is just greyed out so it's not working on there either. Thanks in advance for any help!
  • (2018-05-17, v:1.1.2) Михаил Дмитриев: Luxcoin
    Wrong lux coin conversion rate. It's $8 not a $0.00003 right now...
  • (2018-04-20, v:1.1.2) Robert Salcedo: dont function
    it wont function
  • (2018-04-16, v:1.1.2) Tony Batal: Question about Bitcoin pricing display
    Hello, I have a question before using your extension: on one of the crypto exchanges I'm using, they list Bitcoin price values as in "bitcoin price to 1 Canadian dollar". In ex. "0.00009949". And I have everytime to calculate manually (1/0.00009949) to get the pricing of 1 bitcoin. Can I have this done with your extension, as when I hover on "0.00009949", get "10,051.26" instead, which is the price of 1 bitcoin? Thank you!
  • (2018-03-05, v:1.1.2) sorry
    Sorry for allthis, but when it takes me to a website to see the price after clicking on the NAN it shows me $3 for icon when it shows me $3.60 at Coin market cap. I see that it is showing the last trade as from hitbtc which is probably why it is $3 bso can you use a decent site like CMC because Hitbtc prices at cryptop compare are out of wack
  • (2018-03-05, v:1.1.2) issue
    OKAY So i have it now showing it NON greyed out,but the exchanges are all to the value of 0.00 (NAN) . so why is it showing 0 balance and saying NaN next to it? Is there a way to fix this. Man this would be aawesome if it got it working right. Can you tell me what options you suggest to have ticked as I want to be on a exchange site and to click the sell or buy price with right click and see what that is in USD. Thanks
  • (2018-03-05, v:1.1.2) read data??
    It says permissions is that you can read all data and write all data that is o websites i visit. Does that mean you can read my passwords and my crypto wallets passwords?
  • (2018-03-05, v:1.1.2) will pay you
    Hi mate, I'd be super happy to pay you some ICX or ETH or DRG or whatever you prefer if you were to get this working on my chrome browser n my windows 10 desktop. When i right cliuck it is all greyed out and this is needed so badly and yours is the best operating UI if it was working. Please fix it ASAP and let me know a wallet to send some payment to you. Man i have a massive group and a paid subscription ICO publication that all my followers would pay to use this. if you help me i will help you.


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