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A new tab page for Google Chrome inspired by Zune

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Description from store A new tab page for the modern web, inspired by Zune. This project is hosted on Github: https://github.com/metro-start/metro-start Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Metro-Start/259849037420490 Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/b/113203025061551343638/113203025061551343638 Twitter: https://twitter.com/metrostart UPDATES! ======== Version 10.9! Major bug fix! Version 10.8.1! Minor bug fix! Version 10.8! New MetroStart Servers! Version 10.7! Goodbye Yahoo! Weather :( Performance and reliability improvements. Version 10.6! New Fonts! Tighten Up! SCSS! This new version features more fonts and improved performance and reliability. Version 10.5! So many changes, I had to skip a version number! Integrated the awesome project, Trianglify, for more background customization options! Moved theme editor functionality into its own custom modal! Created a brand new modal dialog system! Many, many (oh god why were there so many) bugs fixed! This update has been a long time coming so apologies for any bugs or issues encountered. I'll try to get some bug fix releases out as warranted. Version 10.3! Using a new algorithm for the random colors. Fixed a bug that prevented saving themes. Version 10.2! New: Randomize! Press the randomize button to randomly select different themes. New: Random theme: Select this theme to choose a different color every time the page opens. (Be sure to save if you want to keep it!) Improved: Minified and compressed for speed. Version 10.0! Metro start has been rewritten from the ground to make it smaller, faster and more stable! It also comes with additional new and improved features: New: View your open sessions from all your other devices. Improved: The links page has been converted to a todo page. Other: Removed AngularJS, in favor of a Metro Pages, a custom tool. Version 5.7! New: Shows your selected bookmarks! New: Faster by not requesting external fonts! Fixed: Reset theme button! Version 5.6! Bug Fixes. Version 5.5! Bug fixes. Version 5.4! Bug fixes. Version 5.3! Bug fixes. Version 5! Rewritten from the ground up! New: Rename your saved links! New: Sort your links, apps, bookmarks and themes! # Please report any bugs you find so I can get them ironed out quickly! Version 4.2.2! Fixed: Fixed missing scrollbar! Version 4.2.1! Fixed: Reduced network usage! Fixed: Leftover options bug! Version 4.2! Fixed: Readded support for changing fonts! Version 4.1! Fixed: No longer requires access to all web data, now only requests access for pages needed. Version 4.0! New: Theme gallery! New: Uses Helvetica on Mac, Segoe UI on Windows and Arial on Linux! New: Can uninstall Apps (Thanks for pointing that out David Bailey!) Fixed: International weather support (Thanks, Michael Hart of Awesome New Tab Page!) Fixed: Stability and fluidity enhancements! Version 3.9! New: Fixed scrollbar issues! Older Versions! New: Change your fonts! Two choices! Regular or Segoe/Helvetica! New: Bookmarks! New bookmarks section! (Requires new permissions though...) New: Supports hiding the weather widget! Workaround while I try to get international support. New: Background for the color picker makes it easer to set colors! New: Changed the fancy new slider for choosing applications! New: Fancy new slider for choosing installed applications! New: Added a fahrenheit/celsius toggle! New: Shows high and low temperatures! New: Now shows your installed chrome apps! New: Switch between saved links and installed apps! New: Introduction for new users. New: Moved colors option. New: Added reset colors button. New: Custom colors. Fixed: "http://" requirement bug. Fixed: Color toggle problem. Note: We need access to google.com in order to request weather information.

Latest reviews

  • (2014-05-08) UPDATE: Well,I've decided to go to something else. I move around a lot with my job and having to re-type all the linke (a lot) over and over just doesn't cut it any more. Too bad, this was the best that I've found so far. This is a great start page and I use it on all my computers and therein is why it only got 3 stars. Having to type in over 14 links on each computer. Add someway to sync the data across computers or at least to back it up and copy it and 5 stars you will get.
  • (2013-08-28) aayush jariya: cool just like windows 8
  • (2013-08-02) Rohan Tuli: How do you delete this?
  • (2013-01-31) Brett Lutchman: Allow the user to upload a URL to use a background image as a background instead of just colour. Also, when the user clicks on 'Sorted' to organize their links alphabetically, it doesn't remain 'sorted' it always changes back to 'Unsorted'. This needs to be fixed as well. A very sharp and sexy looking app. Make these changes and I'll give it 5 stars.
  • (2012-10-15) Иван Петров: Looks great with some window managers like Awesome, Ratpoison, etc...
  • (2012-08-04) Jeremy Choo: Awesome especially if you just LOVE metro. The only reason why I didn't give a 5-star is due to the small scroll box and tight spacing. Still loving it though!
  • (2012-06-24) Timothy Stewart: was ok until the new version required too much personal information. It requires access to all of your web data, favorites, history, etc. No thanks, uninstalled.
  • (2012-06-06) David Bailey: Really simple yet really effective. A lot better than "metro new tab page". The only bad thing I would say is to remove most apps you have to disable it to access the normal chrome://newtab page so that you can delete them; only some offline apps show on the extensions manager. Otherwise, it is fine though. :-D
  • (2012-05-30) Alex Shepard: Customizable text based menus? Handy.
  • (2012-05-16) How i can change locate for weather?
  • (2012-03-29) Paulo Eduardo: Muy agradable y simple, reemplaza totalmente la fea pagina de inicio de chrome, ademas permite explorar los marcadores desde la interfaz metro Lindo y muy minimalista
  • (2012-02-06) Apourv Patinge: Good one. Need polishing.
  • (2011-12-20) phil jay: too clumsy, text is rendered badly, wrong colors, no favorites, no recent pages, typography not used right.
  • (2011-12-17) Sean Rapp: This is great and definitely worth trying out.
  • (2011-11-09) Євген Демиденко: Don`t psend your time & don`t try it.
  • (2011-11-01) Paolo Spalluto: che brutto ...ed e' difficile da disinstallare...help me please!!! ci sono riuscito ..- opzioni - estensioni - elimina ! ciao

Latest issues

  • (2017-06-15, v:10.3) llen Star: App Section Concern
    I wonder why the App Section now is non-clickable? I left Metro Star for a while due to this concern. I tried it now and still the same. It used to when I first installed it, and was disappointed after the update.
  • (2014-05-08, v:5.7) Can we please import/export links
    I move around from computer to computer with my job.Having to type in all the links over and over is a huge PITA. Isn't there some way to sync them, or at least save them. Heck, just tell me where you save the data at and I'll copy/paste it. Thanks.
  • (2014-01-18, v:5.7) Samantha-Juliane Lam: Uninstall
    How do I uninstall Metro Start? I do not like it at all I just want my old one back
  • (2013-11-08, v:5.7) saving settings
    I'd like to see a way to sync the links across computers. So that when I sign in, the same links appear. Thanks for a great start up page.
  • (2013-11-04, v:5.7) Save settings
    I was wondering is there a way to save the settings from one computer to another. I'm using this both at work and at home and it would be great that if I added something at one place it would show up at the other. I often save a link on the start page to come back to later. Thanks for a great thing!
  • (2012-09-18, v:5.6.1) El internauta: Language
    How can i change language? (spanish)
  • (2012-08-01, v:4.2.2) Jacky Yip: more function
    please add site naming and alphabetically sorting function in 'saved links'
  • (2012-06-24, v:4) Ben Berryman: Where are all the Options?
    I have tried reinstalling this a few times, and it didn't work. The Wrench button, Colors Button, Font buttons, and Remove buttons are not visible. This has prevented me from using this Metro UI.


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