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Website Reminder helps you to remember to visit the current or bookmarked website later or at a certain time.

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Description from store Website Reminder helps you to remember to visit the current or recent bookmarked website later or at a certain time. You can define a time period or a specific time, when you want to be remind to visit the web page. Idea from http://requestforstartup.co/ by @MohammadRizeg Please send me feedback, bug reports and feature requests. Use cases: - Blogs, which update periodically - Shopping sites with offers, like Ebay, Amazom co - Job listings - etc Bookmarks are not enough, remember to visit the page! Note: You time must be synchronized automatically, otherwise the alarms will not work properly.

Latest reviews

  • (2018-09-19) vonera Von Ernen: really cool, makes life easier
  • (2017-07-03) Eugene Glotov: Exactly what I was looking for
  • (2017-01-27) Lang Luc: Yes, this is also what I needed. But if you could modified this a little bit, then that is truly perfect. I suggest that your extension should include a list of website and time that users can set up, showing unique titles (which user can edit), and the time that user have last access it. Users can also save & share this list. Anyway, thank you for sharing your extension.
  • (2015-08-28) Sebastian Galonska: This is what I have been looking for!
  • (2015-08-27) Mohammed Rizeg: Awesome work..! it dose what I need as a regular user of internet. If you can connect it to "Bookmarks" by any method, it will be a perfect masterpiece.
  • (2015-08-27) Natalia Stepanova: Great Idea!

Latest issues

  • (2018-09-30, v:1.1.2) Aarne HalĂ©n: Quick suggestion - notes
    Hey! Thanks for a very useful extension! It occured to me that I can't make notes when I make a reminder, which seems like a pretty simple thing to add? So just a text box that would be saved with the reminder that describes what I was thinking at the time that I set the reminder would be really nice.
  • (2018-04-12, v:1.1.2) Shiblee Mehdi: 'Delete' is deleting different web reminder
    1. I made two reminders of same url. 2. Say 1st one is today and 2nd one is next week. 3. From the reminder list, when I deleted the today's reminder, it actually deleted next week's reminder. 4. This is a big problem What I'm suspecting is that, in reminder list things are listed, which is fine. If I delete any web, it might be deleting by cross checking with web url. But it should delete exactly the one schedule that I wanted to delete.
  • (2017-12-14, v:1.1.2) Everyday reminder
    Hello, how to set an everday reminder at 09:00?
  • (2017-04-16, v:1.1.2) Harman Hundal: Feature suggestions
    Thanks for the nice and unique extension you have developed. I would like to suggest a feature to improve it. I use the Bookmark all Tabs function to bookmark 20 Tabs at once. This results in 20 popups asking me to set a reminder for the new bookmark. Can you please either (1) Stop the extension from working when Bookmark all Tabs command is used. (2) Allow users to set a limit i.e. if more than x bookmarks are being stored in the same folder within a 5 second period, do not show a popup. (3) Provide an alternate interface in addition to the popup. This new interface will show all recent bookmarks and allow selecting multiple of them using a checkbox and set reminders for them in one go. Another feature I want to suggest is building in a default reminder period. Or there could be a pop-up with user defined intervals (1hr, 1d, 1mo, 1yr and so on) that the user could quickly choose from.


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