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Analyses threads for most quoted posts, lets you keep track of your favourite posters, caches thread pages for fast access.

Image from store NeoGAF Thread Summarizer
Description from store NeoGAF thread summarizer shifts through thread pages starting from the page it was called on, and then allows you to view most quoted posts with a threshold you can set. Once a thread is analysed, you can display posts with different quote threshold values. You can also track your own or any user's posts, and replies to those posts. Pages are cached so you can switch between pages really fast. Version Change log Further SSL fixes Version Change log Adapted extension to site changes relating to SSL. Version Change log New post notifications on the thread page for analysed threads, giving the extension Live thread view functionality. Version Change log After an analysis is complete, the pages are now automatically populated for quote chains during normal navigation. This means you don't have to switch to quoted only view, and you can go on reading the threads as usual and still track conversations. Added Populate Pages option to quick settings. Version Change log *Fixed a bug preventing refreshed cached page to be displayed *Fixed a minor bug *Fixed a memory leak *Major new feature: Recursive thread view. Now you can track reply chains. *Manually refresh page caches. Manually update cache for latest views. Version 1.4.1 Change log *This is a bug fix update. *Fixed a styling regression that caused collapse post button to not look correctly. *Fixed a bug that was preventing the last page to be updated in cache *Turning off "cache analysed pages" setting immediately deletes all page download caches. If the extension fails to update the pages of already analysed pages, you can turn this on and off to get rid of caches. Version 1.4.0 Change log *There's now an advanced options page. Linked from extensions page in chrome. *Cached pages and analysis data is automatically removed after a time of inactivity. The amount of time can be set in options page. This reduces memory consumption without the user explicitly clearing the cache. *The analysis cache and page caches are now separate entities, so you can have cached pages without analysis cache and vice versa. This will allow future enhancements to GAF browsing. *Re-analysis of threads are much faster as the extension now uses existing page caches except for the last page. Version Change log *Fixed by-design behavior that counts the separated snippets of the same quoted post to be counted multiple times. *Now you can re-do the analysis on top of a previous analysis without having to clear thread cache. This allows you to re-analyze last page along with the added post and pages and update the thread cache without a full analysis. Page already analysed error is no longer thrown. You can start analysis from already analysed pages to update the thread cache to the latest version of the posts and page. *Some CSS style fixes Version Change log *Slightly less memory usage when using cache function *Changed the UI a bit *Now the quoter post lists are collapsible *Options are saved and synced to cloud so you don't have to re-enter settings every time browser is closed of the extension is updated.

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  • (2022-04-03) Styno (Styno): No longer working
  • (2016-08-13) Fran Glean: This is so incredibly useful, and seems to work perfectly so far

Latest issues

  • (2019-02-05, v: Donie D: make it available for ResetEra
    please make it available for REra!
  • (2017-01-18, v: Akshay Rana: How to use this ?
    How to use this ?


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