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Significantly enhances the BTCjam user interface.

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Description from store BTCjam Helper adds many enhancements to the btcjam.com website; new functionality is added to nearly every screen. The most noteworthy added features are: dramatically improved reputation (rate users) screen, new payments screen that ditches the calendar and displays your data in tables that are far more user friendly, improved loan listing screen that shows critical data about the borrower (overdue/late payments, active loans, all negative ratings, etc.), new followers screen that allows you to see all of your followers or people you follow on a single page, search your list of followers or people you follow, and you can also watch up to 10 users. Watching allows you to receive desktop notifications if a new loan or note is listed for a watched user - the extension will check btcjam.com at regular intervals for loans or notes, even if you are not logged in to btcjam.com! A quick note about trust and security: BTCjam Helper makes investing easier, but it does not make investments for you, buy notes, or withdraw your Bitcoin. It will _never_ be able to touch any of your money. To prevent anyone from being able to do this, I strongly suggest you enable two factor authentication on BTCjam.com! If you're having any problems at all, please email [email protected]! Release notes: v1.0.7 More fixes for new BTCjam UI, plus new 'Search Receivables' functionality added. v1.0.6 Fixes for new BTCjam UI, plus other bug fixes and a few minor enhancements. v1.0.5 Bug fix: No data was displaying on the follower screen. v1.0.4 Bug fixes: No data was displaying on the listing screen. Investment amount links were missing in the investment modal dialog. Fixed several issues loading investments. v1.0.3 Bug fix: Investor name was being displayed instead of the borrower name in two spots on the listing screen. Thanks acterry for the fix! v1.0.2 New features: 'Funding in Progres' Notes with a yield of 'N/A' will now display the potential yield. Yield is now bold/red for all notes with a negative yield. Loan listings now show the potential return your investment can bring. Bug fix: totals on payments page no longer move when sorting v1.0.1 Bug fix - Defaulted Receivables not displaying correctly Added Funding in Progress to receivables totals on right side of payments screen.

Latest reviews

  • (2015-09-29) Jay Mcdonald: This is so good!!!!
  • (2015-06-18) Alexander Rugaev: Awesome!!!!
  • (2015-06-07) Ammar Mardawi: Can't imagine using BTCJam without it!
  • (2015-05-31) Taylor Warden: I would like to say that this helps clean up the payments page very well. This extension is also safe to use.
  • (2015-05-26) Andrew W.: Very helpful addition to the BTCJam community. Hopefully the sites devs will adopt some of the UI changes into the site.
  • (2015-05-20) Ice Maiden: If you take investing on BTCJam seriously, this one is a must. There are some things I would like, such as total borrowing commitment (including this request) compared to the last three (or user selectable) paid off loans etc.. Maybe that will happen in time. As it stands, this extension saves me at least half the time I usually spend checking out a loan request.
  • (2015-05-19) Julian Mendiola: Have just installed, already loving it!

Latest issues

  • (2015-09-27, v:1.0.7) Bas Zutphen, van: Mark as seen
    I think ik would be helpfull if you can mark a loan as seen. so it would be easy'er to keep track of loans you don't want to invest in and loans you have'nt seen yet.
  • (2015-08-22, v:1.0.6) Nick Copeland: improve transaction screen
    it would be really cool if we could display all transactions and export to excel. I want to build a dashboard in QlikSense personal.


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