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Google SEK Search on Right Click (delisted)

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A context menu item to search for selected text at Google.com with the addition of ' to SEK'. Search query example: '$29.40 to SEK'.

Image from store Google SEK Search on Right Click
Description from store Version 1.1.5: Colored icon in the extension toolbar. Started to build a options page for future customizations. Saving/loadig options requires the "storage" permission set. Version 1.1.4: If you SEK search a string containing no numbers at all, the input will be trimmed out of extra spaces and have " review" added at the end. Example: " Kensington VeriMark " --> "Kensington VeriMark review". Again, will not work if there is a number in the input ("Pixel 2" -> "2 Pixel to SEK"). Started on a options page. Version 1.1.3: Small change; added Rs to INR Version 1.1.2: Added kW to hp conversion. Selected text is also passed to the context menu. Note: depending on region settings and input format, correct search results as seen in the screenshot is not 100%. The input string "1.464.745 VND" (from malwarebytes store) may fail and, in my case, have to be edited manually to 1464745. ฿45,900.00 (apple.com/th-en) works just fine on my system. Version 1.1.1: Minor changes; added R (South African Rands), TL (TRY) and ﷼ (SAR). Version 1.1.0: New for this version is some currency sign conversion and input checks; Copied text "RUB (or руб or ₽) 22" would fail giving a direct answer. This input is now converted to '22 RUB to SEK'. "Among others, HK$" and "CA $" is now converted to "HKD" and "Canadian dollar" Permissions The permission 'Read your browsing history' is never used actively by this extension. It is required for the permissions "contextMenus" and "tabs" - to create the context menu and open the search query in a new tab. In order to be able to save and load custom settings in the options dialog, the 'storage' permission was added in version 1.1.5. Why Other extensions (probably) provide a more or less identical function to SEK Search. When I browsed the webstore for a similar app yesterday evening, I found most available alternatives were packed with other stuff that I don't really need. Wondering about the required permissions (and some comments for other extensions mentioning 'code injection' and other warnings) I made up my mind! I googled the required code, failed building it a few times but eventually (late at night) published my own extension. Changes 1.1.5: Icon color in the extension toolbar. Started on a options page, added 'storage' to permissions 1.1.4: Add ' review' to non number input 1.1.3: Minor currency conversion additions 1.1.2: kW to hp conversion and minor cosmetic changes 1.1.1: Minor currency conversion additions 1.1.0: Some checks and string conversions added - much better output now! 1.0.5: Icon transparency


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