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Description from extension meta Quickly Search & re-search multiple sites without having to type your search terms again and again
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Description from store Quickly search your favorite sites & search engines without having to re-type your search every time. Includes engines like google, wikipedia, imdb, amazon, twitter, ebay or easily add your favourite websites. Autopopulates with selected text or previous search. Please add ideas suggestions to; here or: (new) Angry Turtle Google Group http://groups.google.com/group/angryturtle/topics Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/AngryTurtleLtd Version History 4.0 updated to manifest V2 3.7.x fixing bugs and preparing for manifest 2 3.7.0 Search current site button on popup 3.6.0 Toggle Searchbar 3.5.0 Searchbar hotkey is now customisable Suggestions are less invasive 3.4.0 Context Menu Drag to Move 3.3.0 Can rename groups Updated popup UI 3.2.0 Group Engines 3.1.0 tab search disable search bar 3.0.0 hot key search bar (ctrl + q) 2.9.0 Pin engines for multi-search 2.8.0 Disable suggestion Small icons 2.70 Rightclick search box for history can export/import engines from options page 2.6.0 search suggestion when typing fixed last site & features bug 2.5.0 search History can set the default engine to the last engine used 2.4.0 can edit website details in options default search is now the first website on the list default search button now responds to right click 2.3.0 right click multi-search (does not close the popup) 2.2.0 quick key searches e.g a default search for "food /w" will search wikipedia for food 2.1.0 can now reorder engines default search on a selected Url will open that Url directly new features page 2.0.0 will remember searches from the address bar, if the the website matches search center's websites. 1.9.0 shift+enter will search the current site (in popup) support for mycroft.mozdev.org definitions 1.8.0 & below Ability to train websites Image cache speeds up loading, (Thanks PAEz!) Can automatically add many websites Middle click opens new tab,left clicks opens in same tab. (Thanks PAEz!) Open search in same tab (set in options menu) Remembers google address bar searches including other countries domains (e.g co.uk) Default search added (press enter ) Manual add search engines (in options) selected text will appear in pop Tim Ker
Latest reviews (2019-02-10) N. Elizabeth Sparks: I had to give three stars as until last week it was AWESOME. It's gone from completely reliable, to incredibly annoying. For some reason, I click to search and WAIT abnormally long, so perhaps it's myself I'm more annoyed with. My pc was down temporarily, so found myself double clicking, hitting enter etc... Ugh. Alright, not sure what happened as I don't see any other adverse reviews, but hoping it can be fixed or I'll have to figure something else out. My laptop treats Chrome like the enemy as it wants me to use pre-installed Bing etc... so couldn't use the existing search box and was thrilled to find your handiwork. I've never written a review for an extension, rarely use them, but... Thanks in advance for the fix! ~Elizabeth (2018-12-20) Will Gao: 为什么不更新了??按tab跳到要用的搜索后,在按回车不起作用。 (2018-12-18) LEMXNSLIME: Very Useful!!! Only thing I would improve is when searching through Hotkey(Ctrl+Q) + Enter make it search in the same tab. I use it at work its excellent (2018-11-23) James Davis: Unlike the reviewer below, I've had no problems with it. Tried many search extensions and this is the best search method I've found. Allows you to use any search engines rather than confining you to certain ones. Easy to add hard to add search using the "searchcenter" keyword. (2018-09-06) Great and easy to use ! (2018-07-30) mark audacity romberg: Can't reliably get Search Center window to pop up. Sometimes it opens after I've typed something in the Omnibox, sometimes not, sometimes on empty new tabs, sometimes not. (2018-06-24) root shadow: kinda slow, pops after over 1s (2017-12-24) Ruslan Baleshta: A great extension. It would be very good to add an option to have a possibility to change the order of search engines in options → manage engines to improve it yet. Thank you very much. (2017-09-30) Lor Pal: Muy muy bueno, como detecta las paginas y me encanto poder editar los motores de búsqueda. El mejor hasta ahora. El único problema es que a veces tarda en aparecer y no se borra el contenido en la caja de búsqueda. (2017-07-31) Complex Carbivorous: Update - stopped working with Mycroft Project. Brilliant app! I luv the added local search - many web sites don't have a search or it does not work properly, but this thingymagingy works every time. Thanks a bunch! (2017-07-05) IceLancer SR: Its not using my search engines already defined in chrome and imported from firefox i do not want to make a lot of new engines all over again (2017-04-16) Mohammad Ridwan: Please add the ability to add more than 30 engines!! Not enough! (2017-03-27) Ahmed Samy: very useful and very easy,Please add an option that u can search group of engines in the same tabs instead of opening in new tabs would be great, thanks. (2017-02-16) Katarina Zhou: Very useful. And I hope I can add and manage more engines with Search Center. (2016-09-25) FRed IntheMiX: very useful, I hope the author will continue to maintain it (2016-07-29) Best Giveaways Free Bonuses: The best extension for searching anything 5 STARS (2016-05-14) Aleksander Paruzel: Looks very nice, but doesn't work correctly on Vivaldi. I can't delete any search engine, sadly. (2016-02-05) Christopher Mischler: On its own, it's nice to be able to select different search engines quickly; but the real usefulness is in its "folders" option. You can add multiple search engines to a "folder" and when you search/click that folder, it'll open a tab for each of the engines. This is *super* helpful when I'm doing product research & need to open 3-4 different sites every time I want to look at a product details or price. (2016-01-26) David W. Levingston: I love this, thank you (2015-11-15) Richard Strawn: Okay this is a great idea!! (2015-11-13) jerry zhang: wonderfull project! we really appreciate your work! My suggestion is that ,Could if the key word will be kept in a period of time. Otherwise,we cannot,use the bar with the older "key word",continuously. Meanwhile,we dont need the key -word one-day later. thx for your reading! (2015-10-29) Daniel Yin: great addon with everything that needed, thank u! (2015-10-12) Василий Данилов: Добавьте синхронизацию между разными компьютерами. (2015-09-14) Alexander Lapotko: На некоторых российских сайтах кодировка запроса неправильная. (2015-06-04) Adlaric Cao: 扩展程序经常损坏,修复后自定的搜索引擎设置就会消失
Latest issues (2019-02-21, v:4.0.1) James Nicolai: how to get the icon url of Longman dictionary
I cannot get get the icon url of Longman dictionary. Does anyone know how to get it ?
(2019-01-26, v:4.0.1) Дмитрий М.: Copy search query from omnibox
When the search query is already entered in omnibox, when I open Search Center's panel, that search query should be automatically copied into Search Center's search field. Further details: https://github.com/timker/SearchCenter/issues/4
(2018-07-11, v:4.0.1) Alucard: Поиск по открытому сайту
На открытом сайте не ищет слова, хотя есть иконка поиска. Или добавьте эту возможность, что бы искать на открытом сайте нужные слова, а не через CTRL F. Заранее спасибо!
(2018-02-04, v:4.0.1) Denys Titarenko: Doesn't work properly with cyrillic symbols
Doesn't work properly with cyrillic symbols
(2018-02-04, v:4.0.1) Denys Titarenko: Hotkeys
It would be nice to use hotkey to choose search engine. Now i can't to choose it even through Tab button - it jumps from search text box to options. Thank you.
(2017-12-04, v:4.0.1) Danilo Santos: Support to New Tab
It would be great if the app created a page in a new tab or replaced the Chrome search area
(2017-12-04, v:4.0.1) Danilo Santos: Keyboard Shortcut
Example: Shift + 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ...
(2017-12-04, v:4.0.1) Danilo Santos: Multiple Regex and Links
This app could be used for other functions like go out and log in from Facebook [email protected], 123 facebook/logout.php facebook/login?searchcenter1&searchcenter2
(2017-07-11, v:4.0.1) Complex Carbivorous: Cannot add search engine from Mycroft
Cannot add search engine from Mycroft web site anymore )o:
(2017-07-02, v:4.0.1) Limit auto suggestions..
- option to limit amount of suggestions from the search box - option to search multiple search engines

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