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Score alerts you to Point-earning opportunities and coupon codes when you shop. Score does the work. You get the savings.

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Description from store Save your time and money when shopping online, and never miss a cash back rewards opportunity with MyPoints Score! GET CASH BACK REWARDS WHEN SHOPPING ONLINE Get cash back rewards through thousands of participating retailers with the simple click of a button. Score! notifies you if the site you are visiting offers cash back rewards. AUTOMATICALLY APPLY COUPON CODES Receive alerts when valid coupon codes are available and automatically apply the best coupon codes at checkout. GET MORE CASH BACK REWARDS WITH SURVEYS Get paid for giving your opinion when you are matched with exclusive paid survey opportunities DISCOVER ADDITIONAL WAYS TO GET CASH BACK REWARDS View more cash back reward opportunities from featured retailers. By installing Score!, you agree to the MyPoints Privacy Policy (https://www.prodege.com/privacy-policy/), and Terms of Use (https://www.prodege.com/terms-of-use/). You also acknowledge our Advertising Disclosure (https://www.prodege.com/advertising-disclosure/).

Latest reviews

  • (2024-03-13) Gator826: Over and over again I don't receive my points for purchases and then have to contact customer service after 2 weeks pass to get my points. Becoming a waste of time and effort for little reward.
  • (2024-03-04) Brenda Powers-Morrow: When it works, it's great! But find I have to keep an eye on it to make sure it stays activated. Last few purchases I made, did not have any problems at all.
  • (2024-02-28) Michelle “Bushes” A: I've been a MyPoints member almost from its inception and I use it faithfully nearly everyday. I always go on the MyPoints site instead of using MyPoints score even though I have it installed. I feel the offers are very limited compared to what the actual sites offer. The one thing I do like about MyPoint Score is that you could reactivate the order right from there instead of having to reopen the site and activate it all over again. One of the problems with MyPoints is if you wait too long you can lose the points before you finished paying. MyPoints has a habit of giving us a very limited time to pay for something so we can earn our points.
  • (2024-02-25) Regina Allen: issue with it asking me over and over if I want to use it at the same site just because I'm on a different page or adding something else to my cart- it is a nuisance I am continually not getting points because it has dropped off
  • (2024-02-19) Donna Watson: I have not saved ANY money yet---(ten weeks-----22 purchases) EVERY single time I get "It looks like you already have the best price". I never got the $10.00 cash back either I am seriously rethinking it. It ALSO doesn't always give me 'point alerts'. THAT would be helpful. I am getting MANY more popups now. ANNOYING. ************************************************************************************************************************ Today is February 19, 2024------nothing much has changed. I took the extension off . I reinstalled it last year. It was STILL extremely disappinting (again). I don't always get point alerts (the 'banner'), and USUALLY when I click on it, I don't get my points. Also, I do not have a cellphone, so MOST of the activities are not available to me. 6 points a day isn't really worth all of the effort. I changed my three stars of January 2022 to two stars in February 2024
  • (2024-02-14) Steve Parmley: It is a hit and miss, mostly a miss. I can not remember the number of times that it would activate and never get any points. Mypoints used to be very good no it is below avg. We are starting to use capital one more it is dependable. New update still no tup to par. Get way too many e-mails to download games and get points, they are easy for the small points but pretty much not gonna happen for the big points
  • (2024-02-12) Viv Ste: It is really helpful for me to remember to go through mypoints to get points when I shop. This really makes it a no brainer. I tend to always forget so this really helps, I am very glad to have it in place. However, sometimes it just will not work for some unknown reason and I'll miss out on points.
  • (2024-02-10) Trigger Therapy223: It's nice when you get your points. My experience is you get credit about 50% of the time Ten months later I'd say you get your points abot 20% of the tme, it says active, I'll even double check, but most of the time no points. I'm close to enough points for a $100 Amazon gift card. After I get those points I'm done.
  • (2023-12-24) Lisa R: Quick, easy, and everything I need is right there for me as I need it. I have lots of points by just using my computer as I always have! I love the variety in gift cards as well as the option to use points for different amounts on the gift cards. I can save up for a while or use the points right away. This is one of the most reputable sites to earn real rewards.
  • (2023-12-04) Lena Marikovics: It's great when it works, but sometimes it deactivates itself and I don't notice until it's too late. I shouldn't have to keep checking to make sure I get my points. Overall, I like this extension a lot, but those times can be really frustrating.
  • (2023-12-03) Pamela Schulz: it seems to work well and doesn't bother anything else i am doing this worked well for quite awhile but it doesn't now and i can't get anyone to fix it to add to this review in Dec 2023 it does not work more than half the time i am missing more than 2000 points and when i try to sumit a ticket they ask me to do things i do not know how to do i will continue to use it for the times it does work but i will not recomment it
  • (2023-11-29) Timothy: It does provide extra points but it apparently decides things oddly. My most recent purchase that qualified was for $175 but was only awarded points for $110. No indication why my whole purchase didn't count. But, at least I received some of the points. It has some quirks like popping up survey offers without indicating the estimated length of the survey while I am taking a survey, dropping the activation of bonus points because I used the "previous page" button while trying to place an order, or showing the "Activate Points" button several times during the same order. It seems to be more intrusive and less helpful recently. I am considering removing the extension because of it.
  • (2023-11-10) Rafael Espinosa Jr: Great app to save some money I use to shop for everything there is aa glitch once in a while with the to do list but able to get those point right away and turn them into some cash just for shopping or answering questions
  • (2023-11-08) Ondra Rodriguez: It only works about 30 to 40% of the time; even with qualifying purchases. I Wish it worked all the time.
  • (2023-11-06) Ishanie Sanchez: When it works, it's great. But it works about 30-40% of the time which can be frustrating. Sometimes they respond to tickets and other times they don't and it's also hard to provide them with the receipts since they ask for images rather than a pdf which would be much easier.
  • (2023-11-06) Donna Dunning: It is very convenient when shopping.
  • (2023-11-05) Brent Spencer: A great addition for my shopping...makes shopping for deals...and points...well worth it
  • (2023-10-29) Meg Sullivan: It is annoying and quite often no points are awarded.
  • (2023-10-27) Brodie Mack: Overall the extension works good, however, I have made online purchases from retailers that offered MyPoints and the purchase didn't register. That could be frustrating. I find not getting the points happens most with hotels. On the other hand, MyPoints will send an email when I have made a purchase and have points coming. If I buy from Best Buy I receive my points timely, but if I book with Hilton Hotels I have fight to get the points.
  • (2023-10-23) Amanda Carter: I absolutely love using MyPoints score. I have received so many points on MyPoints just shopping online at my usual online stores. Before adding the extension I would always forget to go to the MyPoints site to shop and earn points, but thanks to the MyPoints score extension I don't have to even think about it.
  • (2023-10-15) TG Fleener: When it works, it is good. However, it often does not acknowledge that the page is a MyPoints retailer so that points are lost. It will even suggest other retailers, when on the page of a MyPoints retailer. Frustrating!
  • (2023-10-15) Pete Esposito: Ultimately worthless because you use the links to get point and they NEVER get credited. If you want to challenge more than one you cannot, you have to challenge each one individually...not work the time so I just don’t use it at all... It's WORTHLESS!
  • (2023-10-09) Karen Brake: I like it a lot but I don't like when it targets one particular store no matter what site I am on. I don't know if it is something I did and I don't know how to fix it. Other than that it is great.
  • (2023-10-09) Alice Bettikofer: Takes the quess work out of "Will I get points for purchase?" and even applies coupons too...
  • (2023-10-09) I use it all the time!
  • (2023-10-08) Shirley S: Very handy to use, and use it often. Just most times doesn't register correctly and I don't get the points that I should be entitled to. Becoming a pain to constantly complain and prove that I honestly earned the points. Got to the point that it isn't worth it anymore.....................
  • (2023-10-03) Julie Ford: Love being able to find deals and get points for using them
  • (2023-10-02) Hilary York: I find this extension to be very helpful. I use it frequently.
  • (2023-09-25) Scott Leach: I like it most of the time because it reminds me about offers I would normally forget about, but I do not like that it is always blocking the places I need to see & things I am about to click on! It would be great if there were a more subtle way to remind us than the way it is now.
  • (2023-09-24) Lisa Potter: The my points Score extension works for shopping but you do need to pay attention to the fine print for any offer. For example it may say points are available at a certain store , but ONLY if you are purchasing electronics for example. In other words, it may not apply to your purchase at all. I do like when making an online purchase, I get reminded that there may be points available when I wasnt even aware of it. The extension works well for point perks also
  • (2023-09-18) Karen Hoxie: Works maybe 50% of the time. I always make sure I keep the confirmation emails from the purchases I make through Score so that when they do not give me points I can go to customer service to request points. However, this is much more work than should be required. It should work most of the time, or what is the point?
  • (2023-09-17) Sheree Vath: Score makes it so I don't miss out on point earning opportunities.
  • (2023-09-15) Dianne Urioste: I like this extension. Though as mentioned above, it always doesn't give credit for purchases. I shop curbside weekly at Walmart. I can easily order as Score brings up my account on Walmart and my list to reorder. I also like the easiness and quickness in accessing the Perk, copying it, and inserting it in the box. It saves a lot of time looking for it on FACEBOOK or other social websites.
  • (2023-09-12) Cathy Catalon: its a good tool to use
  • (2023-09-11) danny bean: Easy Peasy way to earn $$$ I only wish this type of extension was on my Android phone. It is an easy reminder that a I can get my points at tons of store. I love MyPoints and the coupons available. daldrichs
  • (2023-09-09) Sharma Anderson: The extension works most of the time. It is a way to earn extra points and increase my money back.
  • (2023-09-05) Peter Chinn: Great way to voice your opinion..
  • (2023-09-05) B. Woods: Doesn't work half the time! I've been a member for years, but the last several years, i lost my excitement about the program because it lost primary stores and even with the ones that they maintained, there is fine print. I'm over it!
  • (2023-09-04) D H: It would be great if it always worked. I don't know how many times I have visited a site, clicked to activate the score banner, completed a purchase, but it never shows up on my pending or even on my ledger activities. I have had to request my earned points so many times because of this. What a pain-- I have to find my confirmation email, get a digital copy of my receipt and submit them with a help ticket to get my points- all because SCORE doesn't work 80% of the time. I have gone back to going to the MyPoints website, finding the merchant, and clicking through that way instead of using SCORE.
  • (2023-09-02) Ok, so, the extension does NOT always work! I have to send in my invoices most of the time to be credited the shopping points. So, in this matter it's ok. I know I have to rate the extension, but the emails stopped working, don't get any invites any longer to anything. I put in a ticket for that, but NO response. So, MyPoints, please! get your act together, thank you!
  • (2023-08-26) Tomas Cuellar: I love it
  • (2023-08-22) Cheri .Collins: I love it! I agree with the other remark, the coupons never work for me. But it is helpful on other things.
  • (2023-08-21) Judi Reiss: Easy Peasy way to earn $$$ I only wish this type of extension was on my ipad and iphone. It is an easy reminder that a sotre is giving MyPoints and the coupons available.
  • (2023-08-20) stanner6: The extension used to work well for me, but now I no longer get points for shopping despite having the extension installed and ensuring the banner is green/active on a site. I only get points for shopping if I start at the MyPoints site and search for the merchant and go to the shopping site from there.
  • (2023-08-20) Linda Wolfe: I've been a member for quite awhile.... and I liked having a physical card sent to me by snail mail. My phone doesn't transfer the code well and I have lost points...$$$$ I also despise the pop-up survey .... it's annoying and unnecessary, so quit doing it!
  • (2023-08-18) Lisa Thibodeau: I've been using My Points for years and have gotten a lot of gift cards, so that's great. And I like that the extension reminds me to click to earn. BUT I HATE the new pop up to take a survey that comes up constantly. There should be a way to turn that off. I don't do the surveys.
  • (2023-08-17) Ruthie Hawkinson: I like having MyPoints Score. It has saved me quite a bit of money and has earned me some points. It's easy to use and I've never had a problem with it shutting down unless my laptop gets to hot.
  • (2023-08-17) Courtney Wheeler: This extension works well with Chrome on a PC!
  • (2023-08-04) Katherine Leggett: this is a must have if you want to get points when shopping on line. it has helped me a lot. love that is pops up so when you are shopping you can click on it and get points when you check out
  • (2023-08-02) DeniseMarie: Not seeing what you are talking about. When I go to a site like WalMart a pop-up shows for me to click on to save money with so many points per dollar. I click on that and all is good. The most annoying thing going on now with my points up above is the constant survey pop-up.....would like to know how to shut that off. I have no intension of doing any surveys!!!! They are usually stupid, take toooo long and almost never have an answer to click that I am happy with or should say honestly fit in....better keeping mouth shut and time saved!!!


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