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Get a quick overview of Steam's current sales

Image from store Steam Piggy Bank
Description from store Steam Piggy Bank allows you to view all the sales Steam is currently offering in a small and lightweight popup. Features included: (check) - No Steam log in required - Quick redirect to an app's store page - Individual sorting (by price/discount etc.) - Providing all languages and currencies supported by Steam - Exhaustive filtering by genres/categories - Daily updates to retrieve latest sales Once you've installed the extension, you're ready to go. You should see the first offers showing up after just a few seconds. You won't even have to log in to your Steam account to use this extension! Daily updates guarantee that you will not miss the latest discounts on your favorite games distribution platform. Clicking on an item of your choice will redirect you to its respective Steam store page. By clicking on a column's header you can sort the items by the values you're most interested in. You can even filter the items further by selecting categories and genres of your liking. Note: This extension is not endorsed by Valve and provides an unofficial enhancement to your Steam experience. It is not affiliated with Valve or any of its trademarks. Changelog: * changed scrollbar style * properly recognize packages 1.4.9 * improving panel mode 1.4.8 * minor fix for discount sorting 1.4.7 * introduced Panel view: In your browser visit chrome://flags/#enable-panels and enable Panels to get an awesome new view! * made load time faster by saving app tags locally (use it a few times and you will see the difference) 1.4.6 * changed sorting by URC * showing bundles and correct images * included popover text for user reviews 1.4.5 * Multiple tag selection * Fixed ordering by price * Some cosmetic changes 1.4.4 * Small UI changes 1.4.3 * Better performance while loading tags * Search enabled earlier 1.4.2 * Infinte scroll for better performance * Split requests into background script, slightly better performance 1.4.1 * Fixed minor UI issue 1.4 * Loading user tags for each app on sale * Search bar which lets your search by tags, name, price, etc. 1.3 * Improved load time * Swapped Metascore with User Review Score * Included packages

Latest reviews

  • (2022-06-24) Ammar Faraz: Don't think it still works. I don't see any games listed
  • (2017-08-05) Idk: It's great 10/10
  • (2017-06-25) Nicolas Patouis: Nothing shows up when i click on the extension, I only have the menu that's all
  • (2017-06-13) MrProRock33rus: В целом удобный сортировщик игр по скидкам в% соотношении чего в самом стиме дико не хватает . Но к сожалению нельзя подключить свой акк , что бы хоть показывало что игра есть . Или вовсе что бы не показывало то что есть. Есть баг - при прокрутке вниз список устремляется к концу (неважно колесиком мыши \стрелками на клаве\клавишей page down
  • (2016-09-12) Anna Shepet: Шлак, отображается в долларах, хотя на самом стиме у меня в рублях. Сортировка не работает по цене. Кароч ниочем
  • (2016-07-08) Felice FELICE2: I Love it very well put BUT Load Time is very bad very very slow BUT it works very good in you can wait a minutes or less thanks
  • (2016-01-01) Добрый Дядя: Для Пк-бояр с 1000 играми в стиме она бесполезна. Так как идет лишний поток игр, которые у тебя есть. И нельзя фильтровать по цене.

Latest issues

  • (2019-05-08, v: A C: Mute or Disable Sounds Option
    Currently the notifications are great. They tell me when something is on sale which is awesome but the notification has a loud sound which scares me honestly because it comes out of nowhere so maybe an option to either change the sound file or level or just mute it absolutely would be great so we can choose and decide. Thank you for this great extension.
  • (2019-05-08, v: A C: How do I turn off the sound the notification makes without turning off the notifications?
    I love that it tells me when sales and discounts are active but the sound is distracting and sometimes actually scary because it is so loud. I want to keep the notifications coming in my windows focus centre but to mute the sound somehow. Can you add an option to remove the sound or adjust the level of the sound somehow as I cannot find any setting to do so with notifications only enable and disable notifications but not mute sound.
  • (2018-12-18, v: Isaac Missingham: No sales loading
    Hi mate, No sales are loading in the extension currently. It's just always empty. Not sure what's wrong. Cheers, Isaac
  • (2018-01-28, v: Влад К: High loads
    High CPU loads 5-15% of 6 core 3.48. The math that it does even cut off my crappy motherboard 2 times, that happens when i record a video in PUBG.
  • (2016-12-16, v: Yuuka Peckham: DLC Listings
    Could you add an option to hide anything that is DLC?
  • (2016-11-23, v: Yuuka Peckham: Price Sorting Doesn't Work
    Price sorting and filters don't work properly. If anything is put into the filter, all of it disappears and sorting puts it in a seemingly random order. I think this is being caused by the currency symbol at the start.


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