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Key Master is an on page key price checker for the Steam store supporting G2Play, G2A and Kinguin

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Description from store Key master makes it easy to check game pricing without leaving the Steam store page. It provides a link to the relevant page on the G2Play and G2A key market platforms to make the transition easier between these stores. Just open a game on the Steam store, and after a second you'll notice the big yellow buttons underneath the Steam "add to cart" button! --Currently in public beta-- FAQ: -Are these sites trustworthy? They are nothing but a digital distribution site for keys. If you have no concerns buying keys on Amazon, they shouldn't cause any worries. - How does it work? On the backend I made an API that gets the prices of these games in realtime. It is essential to get the price in realtime because it fluctuates a lot. -Could you implement "x" feature? Send in your feature and I'll take a look at its feasability. - The prce shown on my steam store page is extremely high. How come? This means that the price was correctly scraped for your own currency but the currency sign is wrong. My apologies. I did not foresee this. I will tackle this bug ASAP. This extension uses affiliate links to sustain the server and domain name this is hosted on. This will have no effect on the experience fidelity.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-09-09) Sergio Bayarri Gausi: Doesn't work anymore + has access to every page you visit.
  • (2019-05-11) TopRed: doesnt work anymore.
  • (2018-11-29) Jack Green: Why does this extension has access to every site i visit? Please make it like other extensions that has access only for specific sites (like steam site ETC)
  • (2017-09-26) Fabio Trilho Pereira: It works like a charm! I wished you could add CDKeys for prices also.
  • (2016-10-18) Chad Bishop: You could never tell this works without using an API. Takes a slight moment to load the price, understandably, but in the long run this little extension will save me hours, if not days. Good work. A nice addition would be to load prices on the wishlist page, but even without that features its worthy of 5 stars.
  • (2016-05-21) Wouter Van Goey: Does what it says.
  • (2016-05-17) Sen Sei: Cumple y funciona correctamente.
  • (2016-04-19) Francesco Edoardo Martignago: I'd like to have also Cdkeys.com in the list, however it work very well
  • (2016-03-01) SmooKiNG Show!: Работает отлично.
  • (2016-01-18) Works exactly as advertised. Simply click the game you're interested in and the price comparison is immediately displayed on the games page. Thanks! I never knew there was such a price disparity between steam and G2P!
  • (2016-01-13) Olivier de Locht: Love it!
  • (2016-01-13) Jelle Van de Vliet: Really cool tool, shop G2P right on steam.
  • (2016-01-13) Sybren Willemot: Works like it suppose to do! Handy if you're looking to buy a game and want the best price for it.

Latest issues

  • (2020-06-03, v:1.1.5) Ludovic Clement: Does not work anymore
    Looks like the extension does not work anymore. It's says unavailable.
  • (2019-05-29, v:1.1.5) Jonathan Taufer: Not working anymore
  • (2019-05-11, v:1.1.5) TopRed: Not working
    Your app isnt working anymore, can you take a look and update it ? thanks.
  • (2019-01-21, v:1.1.5) Макс: Question
    Hello Your extension is awesome. We are a team of developers and would like to buy the extension for further development. Please contact me in case of interest. Best regards, John Dowell
  • (2018-10-03, v:1.1.5) NCSGeek: Region-Locked prices
    Hello. This extension is pretty great so far and I apreciate it very much. My issue is that a few of the g2a results are giving me EU region-locked prices/pages rather than the global ones. I checked to be sure that a global price existed alongside the EU price as well. I believe this may be because of your referral link used. (I noticed your currency was in Euros) If anything, could you add an option to prefer a certain region type if the choice presents itself?
  • (2018-08-06, v:1.1.5) šrek: Youtube
    Hello Id like if there was a feature that can be shown on YouTube. Example I m watching L.A Noire and it would show me price of that game like crackwhatch extension but crackwhatch just show Instant Gaming.
  • (2018-08-06, v:1.1.5) šrek: Currency
    It show my local currency and I perfer it to be in Euros so can i change that?
  • (2018-02-07, v:1.1.4) Radu Ursache: i see the price in local currency but the value is not
    for example, a game in g2a is 30 EUR. but ill see it as 30 RON which is 5 times cheaper
  • (2018-01-02, v:1.1.4) Davide Mascolo: Currently showing only G2A prices
    The extension has worked like a charm since I've started using it a few months ago, but I've just realized it currently displays only the G2A tab. May it be some new measured by Valve (since it already happened in march 2017, I'm reading now)? Hopefully it can be fixed. You did a great job and since last Summer this extension saved me a lot of time comparing prices.
  • (2017-10-01, v:1.1.4) Marko Miettinen: Any way to add this to Wishlist?
    Hi! Would there be any way to add these prices to wishlist? I mean when you mouseover something over WL it gives you more details. It would be an awesome feature if it could be implemented :]
  • (2017-09-26, v:1.1.4) Fabio Trilho Pereira: CDKeys support
    I wished that you could add CDKeys support, they´re just like the other websites already supported, but have better deals in my opinion. Thanks a lot for this great extension.


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