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This extension works with your FastBacker account to auto-pledge for subscribed pledge levels on Kickstarter projects.

Image from store FastBacker Auto-Pledge
Description from store Kickstarter backers who have missed out on an early bird reward level can still get these early bird rewards. You used to just have to get lucky and be on the site when one became available, but now by using this extension, and by creating an account on http://www.fastbacker.com you can easily get these early bird rewards even after they're gone. The site allows you to subscribe to any Kickstarter project and select the limited reward level you wish to auto-pledge. This project then shows up in the extension project list, and when you click it, it will begin attempting to pledge for that early bird or other limited reward you selected. Over time, it usually is able to get the reward for you. Just make sure you're logged into Kickstarter before starting using Auto-Pledge. v0.5.7.0 Reworked the auto-pledge logic to work with some new projects on Kickstarter which the old logic no longer worked with. Unfortunately, I'm unable to get the extra pledge amount/bonus amount to work at this time, but I'm working on it. For now you'll have to go back in and edit this after it has secured your new pledge. This should also fix the options page not working on Chrome again. v0.5.6.0 Reworked the options page to better fit Chrome standards. Added new option to set how many refreshes of the page occur before closing the page and opening a new tab instead. This should help with any slowdowns caused by continuously refreshing a single page. Moved buttons and indicators on Kickstarter's site to not interfere with their new design. v0.5.5.3 Attempt to fix some bugs and display issues as well as detect Kickstarter errors to allow extension to continue trying after an error is detected. v0.5.5.2 Fixed indicators and buttons not showing correctly after Kickstarter site changes. v0.5.5.1 Added option to disable payment portion - this will not hold the pledge spot for you, and is only meant for testing. If you have already pledged for a project, no payment is needed, so it will still change your pledge. Added feature to actually show you what it would pledge for on that pledge level if it were available. v0.5.5.0 Added count-down time to blinking active pledge indicator. Added options to change the count-down time and to enable debugging. Other fixes for changes made to Kickstarter's site to improve reliability. v0.5.4.2 Fixed size of blinking indicator showing when auto-pledge was successful. Improved/optimized FB login code. General fixes for submitting to Opera for inclusion in their store. v0.5.4.1 Added blinking indicator showing when auto-pledge was successful. Attempted automatically logging in with Facebook if prompted. Note: Facebook auto-login requires that all pop-ups are allowed on Kickstarter's site. Fixed some other bugs. v0.5.4 Added blinking indicator showing that auto-pledge is active. Added red border around pledge level that is currently selected (when not available). v0.5.3.1 Fixed "Add to FastBacker" button covering new search button on project pages. v0.5.3.0 Fixed problem with false-positive successful pledges. Auto-Pledge will now only pay and report a successful auto-pledge if there is less than 60 seconds between the auto-pledge, payment, and the success page. This should prevent multiple and false successful pledges from showing up on the Latest Success page. Added a Report Problem button to the popup to submit an error via email to me. v0.5.2.0 Left some debugging code enabled by accident which prevented payments from being submitted - fixed now. v0.5.1.9 Updated extension to work with recent Kickstarter site changes which broke the extension when auto-pledging. v0.5.1.8 Re-enabled extra pledge option which was temporarily disabled in for testing purposes but was never re-enabled. v0.5.1.7 Updated extension to work with recent Kickstarter site changes which broke the extension when changing your pledge. v0.5.1.6 Updated extension to work with recent Kickstarter site changes which broke the extension. Fixed adding the extra pledge amount to new pledges. Previously was only working for changed pledges, but now should work for both new and changed pledges. v0.5.1.5 Various bug fixes. v0.5.1.4 Added tooltip when hovering over a project in the toolbar popup to display pledge amount (excluding shipping) and the extra pledge amount. Fixed bug that was sometimes reporting a successful auto-pledge to the server twice. v0.5.1.3 More changes to complete addition of extra pledge amount to auto-pledge routine. Now you can select the extra amount you want to pledge on the project website in addition to the standard pledge amount. v0.5.1.2 Prepared extension for future site update to allow extra amount to be pledged during auto-pledge. This is good for those projects where you can pledge an extra amount to add additional rewards, but don't want to risk losing them if Auto-Pledge works at the last minute before project ends. Also made a small change to successful auto-pledge detection which hopefully fixes problem of not all successful pledges showing up on site. v0.5.1.1 Updated plugin to work with recent Kickstarter site changes

Latest reviews

  • (2020-09-29) R D: The auto-pledge works. There is a cost to the service but I found it worth it considering it saved me several hundred dollars
  • (2019-09-29) Neark U: Auto-Pledge works great for botting and sitting on exclusive KS limited tiers. Notifications do not work at all. Since I installed it for the first purpose, 4/5 stars
  • (2018-06-27) Stefan Lopuszanski: Scam. Asks for money to use the auto-pledge on the website. No need for the plug-in at all.
  • (2017-09-06) Brent Michel: Super sketchy. Fastbacker doesn't need to make people use this addon for their service to work.
  • (2015-08-11) Michael Flagler: Works perfectly for me!

Latest issues

  • (2019-04-11, v:v0.5.6.1 built on 2018-07-12) Jim D'Alessio: Not picking up live projects
    I'm hoping to upgrade a pledge for a Kickstarter and I'm seeing zero for my live projects. Any suggestions?
  • (2017-01-03, v:v0.5.5.1 built on 2016-12-23) Bryan Lane: can i use this to change my pledge?
    I currently have a limited pledge, but I want to upgrade to a different limited pledge. Do this only work for new pledges or will this also change my existing pledge?
  • (2016-12-28, v:v0.5.5.1 built on 2016-12-23) David Savarin: Country selection
    How does the autopledge work with the delivery country selection ?


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