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Playlist Search for YouTube

Description from extension meta Instantly search inside any YouTube playlist.
Image from store Playlist Search for YouTube
Description from store Instantly list and search for videos inside any YouTube playlist. To use, simply click the extension when on a playlist or a video inside a playlist and the extension will list ALL videos inside the playlist. You may then instantly search for and click any video in the list to go to it. Requires a YouTube account to use.
Latest reviews (2019-10-25) Frank S: Much appreciated, thank you. It would be extra nice if we could recover the names of deleted videos somehow. Maybe the names are in metadata somewhere? Or when it loads a list for searching it could save the names available (in case they are removed alter). :) (2019-07-13) Kimberly Farr: I have been searching for this forever!! (2019-06-14) Bad Person: A bit janky at times but it works and can be useful (2019-05-27) Finn: Isn't working for me :( . Whenever I click the extension, it just opens a pop-up page asking me to sign in to my email. Once I sign in, it opens a new google page. (2019-05-22) Dávid: If you could make it so we can search the uploader too, I would give 5 stars. (2019-04-29) Shani Ace: Doesn't work, it says 'invalid playlist'. (2019-03-20) One brings shadow One brings light: It does its job and it's simple to use, so that's great. Very helpful since youtube doesn't have a playlist search feature :| However it has some issues, which are especially inconvenient if you want to search for multiple videos at a time: 1.) If you click outside of the search bar at all, it closes. If you "open in new tab" on a result, even though you're still on the same page, the search bar still closes. 2.) The search bar doesn't keep your search or any of the results after the search bar closes out 3.) When you are searching for something, sometimes it doesn't show all of the results. **However if you just backspace a letter and type it back (repeat multiple times), you can get the rest of the results.** (2019-03-05) Kaytlyn Pickles: For some reason it only works with playlists that aren't mine, I can't search any of the playlists that I have made and that's the reason I even got the extension. Is there something wrong or is it just not allowed? (2019-02-21) FanmaR: Doesn't seem to work any more. Asks for account information then fails to load, tried multiple times. Hope this is not some shady app that took my password. (2019-02-04) Jared Davis: Would love the ability to switch between accounts on command. Accidentally clicked the wrong account when accepting permissions. Now I just keep getting "invalid playlist". (2019-01-07) Anthony Placidon: Amazing tool ! (2019-01-05) Brandon Mccurdy: It's AWESOME! I have playlise with 2000+ videos and this helps infinitely. (2018-12-22) HicksAquaShop: Doesn't work, Creates a new page which asks for permission to view your youtube accont. But that new page is too large to click the okay/accept button. -NVM! I figured it out. Some users might still get that issue though (2018-12-07) Disciple de Jésus-Christ: marche pas (2018-09-05) Johnny Jillky: Does exactly what I need it to do... except for one thing. I'd like to be able to utilize ctrl+click to open the links in new tabs (it does) without opening the same link in the current tab. (2018-05-06) Erinch: AWESOME!! Finally a feature which let me search for a video within my playlists. This gets the job done! (2018-03-03) El Jefe: Takes a bit to load for old accounts like mine, but eventually gets it. Very easy to use. (2018-02-14) Luce Liu: Game changer!!!!! Why isn't this already built into youtube? (2017-10-16) Gersivan Oliveira: Aparentemente, só filtra as playlists criadas na conta logada.

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