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Care your Eyes

Description from extension meta Change the page's background color to the reseda or night mode and you can click a block to make it changing color.
Image from store Care your Eyes
Description from store Change a webpage's background color to reseda or night mode to protect your eyes from intensity of white or other lightness color. You can custom the setting of which webpage element's background image and font color by yourself. You can right click to change some block's color, and you can disabled or enabled the function by context menu. You can custom the BG color and the font color by yourself. You can disable the extension in all the webpages of one site.
Latest reviews (2019-11-13) Aznable Miao: 很好用,但是发现了一个问题,在使用Ctrl+鼠标滚轮放大网页时,会导致网页右侧出现空白区域,网页下面会出现横向滚筒条,虽然不影响使用,还是希望能够适配一下,谢谢。 (2019-11-10) 小楼夜上: 夜间模式不能单独管理同域名下的模式切换 比如禁止了贴吧主页 随便进入某个帖子就没效果了 只能取消禁用 不能灵活选择 插件与贴吧弹出图片观看脚本(不仅仅是 有登陆框)冲突 导致帖子的图片弹出直接跑到最上面去了 关了插件就正常 (2019-10-28) black heaven: 打开YouTube左边会莫名屏蔽掉 (2019-10-23) Matt Carey: Unable to use the click to change color options which is what I really needed to work. It just doesn't work. (2019-10-08) Ammar Syed: Really good extension, one issue tho, it breaks some twitch channels so that the video panel goes black even when the Disable at this site option is enabled, video works as soon as you disable the extension from the dropdown menu tho. Might wanna look into that. (2019-09-29) Will Y: 最近更新pdf无法打开了, chrome打开pdf全黑或全灰, 之前用的很方便, 等修复后再改回五星 (2019-09-27) 进无止境: 开启夜间模式,https://developer.android.com/about/versions/10/highlights 不能下拉了 (2019-09-20) Short Username: It's pretty good, i can finally use this on bright websites i go on without night mode options (2019-09-19) xt z: 5 5 5 5 5 for Night Mode!!!!!!!!! First of all, I do not use Automatic or Reseda mode. Reseda seems to be quite nice if you manage to find the right colors, but Night mode 95% works great with all sites! I gave it first a 3 then a 4 and now a 5. The blur that happens, seems to happen only on FB and only on the messages page. I do not see it anywhere else, so I will not retract a star because a FB page is being pain in the butt. I have to point out that I went to chrome://plugins/ and unticked the "always allowed to run" of Adobe Flash Player. Since I only saw the blur in the FB message page. I have been using it for I do not know how long now and I am really pleased! When in some sites it gives problem, I simply disable it for them and voila! I wish I could give it 6 stars, especially since so many others I tried before this, actually gave me headaches rather than help me. As a sidenote, on Youtube I do not use it, because it made it looks weird, but I have Magic Actions extension, that adds a switch on the top left of the screen and lets me turn Youtube to black. Everything is just great! Adding another sidenote; Use along with this an extension called "Stylish". It lets you change the style of specific pages. I used that with FB and now I have 0 problems in general. (2019-09-18) Mic Watz: It was good but when I reinstalled windows it stopped my google maps from working similar to this fault https://appuals.com/fix-google-maps-not-working-in-chrome/ . deleted the extension & I now have map view. You can blacklist it for the site if required (2019-09-11) Wonderful stuff (2019-08-22) Николай Иванович: Отлично. Работает без задержки и проблесков при переходе с сайта на сайт. Настроил под себя желтый фон, черные буквы. Читается легко, контрастно. Картинки не окрашивает. Применяю и на смартфоне. Рекомендую (2019-08-18) FOR YOU: Приложение установлено давно, и работало нормально. В последнее время Касперский антивирус постоянно выдает сообщение о блокировании перехода по вредоносной ссылке. Лечится только отключением данного расширения. (2019-08-16) Mengheang Tean: nice (2019-08-09) wang yifan: nice!背景什么的都能变色!护眼从我做起 (2019-08-01) Jonny: @Zhang Xiaoting Can you please find the time to update this great extension. Fix italics, and add just single pages on domains and not blanket cover for whole domains. Some times just one or two pages are needed for night more, but not the whole domain. And just give it a 2019/2020 fresh update please. It would be a kindness to all your users here. (2019-07-10) Mahmoud Abdelmoneam: Love it, easy to use and to the point. Best Extension ever. (2019-06-23) 幽谷客: 就不能点一下,这域名临时关灯, 下次继续白天, 个别想永久生效的才加到名单里吗? 每次手工点, 有时还要重新刷新网页, 累不累啊 (2019-06-19) Blappeture Executive NO.1: click to change color does nothing. at all. I was hoping for 100% mastery of all colors on the internet, but instead it is permanantly set to its default color. delete this extension and start over with a color swatch and an ink dropper. Turn the internet into MSpaint (2019-06-18) 宇宙大保健: 一个bug, 用度娘搜索东西的时候第一次弹出的页面是白色的, 再次刷新之后才会变成设置的背景色...希望修正这个bug, 否则每打开一个百度的页面都要刷新一次...如果修正了这个bug就是满分了... (2019-06-17) Climaco Alejandro Fonseca Fino: Cumple su función, sólo tiene un defecto al usar en las fichas de búsqueda de google (torneos, películas, etc.) se deshabilita la barra de desplazamiento. Quedamos pendientes de esta corrección. (2019-06-15) Anders Chen: 很粗错 (2019-05-14) Devin Fu: 很好用了, 简单, 却恰好解决问题 (2019-05-05) 马运光: 不兼容性问题 (2019-04-29) vigor Li: 就没人发现它会导致浏览器闪退然后强行使用anysearch的问题吗?还有访问所有网页数据的问题

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