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Lets you place hindstamps on chosen text straight out of your favorite WYSIWYG editor, leaving links that can be saved as-is.

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Description from store About Hindstamps Hindstamps let you prove that an authored statement/content had already existed at a certain point in the past, yet it would have been disadvantageous to reveal directly at the time. Should that disadvantage turn around later, the statement can be put out there to turn odds in your favor without worrying about being accused of hindsight. Under the hood, this proof is made possible by cryptography, which, unlike humans, cannot be corrupted or subverted without sounding too many alarms. If any aspects of your life deal with politics - not being able to tell the truth or complete truth at the time - be it for some long-term greater good or not, be it with regards to family members, colleagues, customers, stakeholders, or even the electorate itself, then you will find Hindstamps capable of advancing your case/cause substantially. Or even simpler, if you ever felt you could not share a thought as you came up with it, because it was too soon for the emotions to have settled, because it could have angered people who have a measure of power over you, because it could have put you out of the game long before your vindication might arrive, that, my friend, was a time to use Hindstamps. Every time you drop a hindstamp, you expand your options, your maneuvering potential for the future, even if you may end up not using most of it. Think of it as a weightless, volumeless stash of cards up your sleeve, your financial options with no premium cost, your opportunistic track record. You never know when it may save your hide. For further details, checkout https://hindstamps.com About this product This extension focuses on one of its major applications - pre-emptive retorts for thoughts and opinions expressed online, from sizeable blogs down to Twitter posts. If you only blog/tweet about what you ate for dinner, where you went for the summer vacation and share mostly selfies and puppy/kitty shots, then, no offense, this tool is obviously not for you as far as content creation is concerned. In the words of Glenn Greenwald, you are too harmless. If, on the other hand, your blog covers controversial topics and material that could be misunderstood by fickle readers or conveniently misinterpreted by would-be opponents, then hindstamps will help you rise in the eyes of the former while smashing the latter to pieces. The mission is to bring back constructive dialog and decisive arguments back to the blogosphere. Let only those who can read the situation in question the best do any further talking in the spotlight. Eliminate the nitpicking trolls posing as legitimate pundits and media outlets. Do away with the endless loops of counterarguments that has consumed our Internet. The current state is a war of attrition. Hindstamps offer a lure-and-destroy approach. A seemingly vulnerable (or nitpickable) statement with a hindstamp attached will attract the “critics” as an easy target, lulling them into a false sense of security, followed by humiliation in front of the whole world by showing just how predictable they are, weeding them out from the argument exchange. Usage Only the content creators need to have this extension installed, as well as the iOS app (ver 1.1+), as they work in unison. Consumers don’t need either, but we still believe the app offers a better experience, so they definitely should download it and join the community. First you need to select your public statement - the argument you want to attach a hindstamp to. This can be done either by highlighting that text, right-clicking and selecting “Attach hindstamp” from the context menu. For editors that have their own customized right-click menu (e.g. TinyMCE), tap the toolbar icon to achieve the same effect. For complicated editors that use their own selection implementation and not the standard browser one (e.g. Google Docs), copy the selection to clipboard, then tap the toolbar icon. The extension checks the standard-browser selection first, then the clipboard content. If the text is not too short, it will bring up a QR code, which you need to scan with your mobile app (Profile Settings, My keys - last button on the right, then click the QR icon). This will log you in from within the browser and you won’t need the app anymore as a proxy. Obviously, both the browser and the app need Internet access for this exchange to work. Once logged in, a dialog window will show where you type in your true feelings, your counter-arguments. Then select one topic and hit the place button. If all goes well, a hindstamp will be placed and its secret key sent to your app as a message. Once placed, the hindstamp is available for public viewing from the browser, so you will need to leave a link to it in your work, preferably a small one right at the end of the targeted text (like a footnote). You can insert the link directly into your WYSIWYG editor, a feature that works seamlessly for editors like TinyMCE, Wordpress and Blogger, as long as you don’t try to drag the pasted image-link around too much afterwards. For sophisticated editors, such as Google Docs and Twitter, you need to choose the other option -> copy the url to clipboard and create the link the editor-sanctioned way. If you have any questions, try our contact page at https://hindstamps.com/#contact


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