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Multi-follow (or unfollow) users on Instagram

Image from store IG Follower
Description from store WHAT IT IS: IG Follower is a Chrome extension to make mass following (or unfollowing) of Instagram accounts easier. HOW IT WORKS: It simply adds two buttons to Instagram pages: "Follow them all!" and "Unfollow them!". If you use it, the extension will simulate you're following/unfollowing all the users/accounts on the page: it will scroll to the first "Follow"/"Unfollow" button, click it, then wait a for a few and go for the next one... easy! It should work with any page where a "Follow"/"Unfollow" button appears. :) Scrolling and delay give Instagram some time to load more & more accounts at the bottom of the page. Now, it also lets you to "Stop" the action you began. LIMITATIONS: Doesn't worry about Instagram limits (per day, per account,...). Doesn't work if an account you try to follow is suspended. Might stop working if Instagram changes its layout. DEMO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zsFlW4Wg654

Latest reviews

  • (2020-08-25) Jeremy Del León: It says "Not allowed, check now", but doesn't work after a couple of tries.
  • (2020-04-05) nat: WHY CAN'T I UNINSTALL THIS??
  • (2020-03-20) Ezekiel Ve'e: nopwe
  • (2020-02-19) Joan Ramírez Pons: Funciona perfectamente! Enhorabuena al desarrollador! (iMac 3,06 GHz Intel Core i3 & CHROME Versión 80.0.3987.116
  • (2019-06-01) Benedict Sykes: Good plug in Worth having would buy if it was £10 one off Not worth £1 per month
  • (2019-04-17) fatih başkan: its not working after 4- 5 fallow
  • (2019-02-27) Pecky: worst thing ever
  • (2019-02-04) BoTe CN: Çok güzel :) <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
  • (2018-12-25) David Folk: Good things: Seems to work for about 30 follows, but then opens new tabs of the IG page I'm getting the follows from and doesn't seem to stop opening those tabs. Not sure if that's supposed to happen, but don't want to have any issues with IG, so I stop it. Love the idea of setting a specific time interval between follows to ensure no issues with IG, but the extension seems to have a few things to work out. Any tips from users or the creator would be helpful! Happy IG growing!
  • (2018-12-18) Brandon Tamez: It followed, but didn't unfollow
  • (2018-12-07) filip winiewicz: It's amazing!
  • (2018-12-05) Ben Sykes: It is a great plugin, but it runs too fast, the option settings to reduce speed do not seem to work!
  • (2018-11-17) marijyanita: ФУНКЦИЯТА "UNFOLOW ALL" НЕ РАБОТИ,МОЛЯ ОПРАВЕТЕ ГО :)
  • (2018-11-11) Buzzt Teria: It was working great but after yesterday update, location and hashtag following function is not working properly. hopefully, I ll revise my review after update. :0
  • (2018-11-10) Anthony Huttley: It follows people who hashtag certain things, for example, you search a hashtag and you can choose follow all, but if you want to follow someones followers, you cannot. So, it's ok, but not great.
  • (2018-10-26) ML SB: Problems have been solved and now it's really working. Very useful!
  • (2018-10-20) Addie: buttons dont work
  • (2018-07-25) Darshan Jaju: Worst app doesn't work at all.
  • (2018-07-20) Spectreof Thewest: id give it zero stars if i could. doesnt even work
  • (2018-07-07) Me deu na Telha: Não tá seguindo, alguém pode me ajudar?
  • (2018-07-04) SiaVash Moghaddas: not working
  • (2018-05-31) Mr. Ali: no working
  • (2018-05-17) Daniel Kaschel: Straight up doesn't work. Cannot unfollow multiple people.
  • (2018-05-14) Per Quested Aronsson: Doesn't seem to do anything at all.
  • (2018-04-24) Leonir Lopes: not unfollow
  • (2018-04-14) eks seda: pox kimidi!
  • (2018-03-29) Erhan Karakoc: Working well, make minimum delay for follow clicks time minimum 2000 milliseconds, and leave computer for this trick.
  • (2018-03-23) Yama Kazu: 素晴らしいツールですね!
  • (2018-03-23) Francisco Lizano: Not work

Latest issues

  • (2020-10-11, v:2.0.4) Myron Agyiri: Extension is not working
    The Extension is not working and say not allowed and that no licence has been issued even through i have paid?
  • (2020-09-06, v:2.0.4) Qmail ID: doesnt work
    cant trial, need to fix
  • (2020-08-18, v:2.0.4) mary kariuki: installation
    unable to install plug in?is it free?
  • (2020-05-20, v:2.0.4) Base Variety: delete
    it wont let me delete it
  • (2020-02-19, v:2.0.4) Alessandro Marchese: PAID VERSION - The unfollow button doesn't work.
    Hello. This week I bought the paid version of ig follower. When i click on the users that i'm following and i click the unfollow them all button the software dosen't run correctly. it's like clicking on the unfollow button but when I reload the page I follow the same users as before. The number doesn't change. Also, I have a problem with the follow them all button... I click on it and at certain point it's stop to follow and it's start to open a lot of ig new page... If the problem is not resolved, I will ask for compensation...
  • (2020-02-17, v:2.0.4) Alessandro Marchese: PAID VERSION - The unfollow button doesn't work.
    Hello. I just bought the premium version, but, when i click on the unfollow button, the software start to unfollow users but, as soon as I reload the page, it is as if it hasn't done anything, the number of followers is the same as before.
  • (2020-02-04, v:2.0.4) Gus Calabrese: Not working - paid version how do I activate on Instagram
    Not working - paid version how do I activate on Instagram
  • (2020-01-04, v:2.0.4) Tony FromBellCanyon: Never did a thing
    Intstalled the button it has never worked ..l it's grey and dead 💀
  • (2019-12-23, v:2.0.4) Christ Kouadio: Unfollowing
    i want to unfollow all my non followers. Other apps don't work. i wanted to use this app it didnt even give me a free trial, and i can't pay the amount.
  • (2019-10-17, v:2.0.4) Diego Pacheco: ay wg am trynna get ig
    am trynna get followers
  • (2019-07-19, v:2.0.1) MILITARY WORLD: Teste
    Fui testar a extensão mais ela simplesmente não funciona fiz tudo como estava no tutorial :(
  • (2019-05-26, v:2.0.1) Mumzel More: Why is it asking us to pay 229 SEK a year?
    Is it necessary to continue using the extension or is it optional.
  • (2019-05-16, v:2.0.1) johnny llooddte: worthless on chromebook
    nothing happens.. reinstalled and rebooted half dozen times.. beyond worthless
  • (2019-05-12, v:2.0.1) Taylor Reeves: Purchased the extension but still unable to use it
    Cannot click unfollow or follow as it's greyed out. Check status doesn't work and does nothing other than refresh the page when I click check again
  • (2019-05-06, v:2.0.1) game player: user
    i need to back on the service, please
  • (2019-04-14, v:2.0.1) fred agyemang: hi
    i cant follow or unfollow and i just paid for the subscription
  • (2019-03-21, v:1.3.0) Where are the settings to adjust the speed?
    I would like to slow the adding down, but I can't seem to find any settings.
  • (2019-01-25, v:1.2.10) Ellen Mogensen: Mass Unfollow
    This would be so awesome if it worked... but unfollow all does not work at all.
  • (2018-12-10, v:1.2.10) filip winiewicz: unfollow
    follow works quite ok, although doesnt follow so many (instagram limit?) but the unfollow doesnt work at all to me. I click it and nothing happens. I use it in chrome, on instagram page. I open window with people I follow and then nothing. help please!


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