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This extension will hide text prompts in Duolingo, allowing you to focus on the audio. You have the option to type what you hear in…

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Description from store This extension will hide text prompts in Duolingo, allowing you to focus on the audio. You have the option to type what you hear in a text box. It can inform you if you're correct but it only works with sentences with simple accents like french and Spanish, probably not Russian and alike. You also have two audios from google Translate, one a slow version, giving you a total of three audio versions. If you really want to focus on your listening skill, just translate without typing what you hear and accept errors when you mishear a sentence. That way you get do that sentence again and train your ears. It's in no way perfect, but if you want to focus on audio. It's useful enough. My advice is to finish the tree first, then reset it and use this extension to focus on audio. Otherwise, it would be too frustrated learning new words with audios only. Have fun!

Latest reviews

  • (2022-02-22) iii: Doesn't work, really hopeful it is fixed one day.
  • (2022-02-20) Brack Cordova: malisima la extension no me espere esto de duolingo no sirve para nada
  • (2021-10-17) dũng nguyễn ngọc: hay lắm
  • (2020-10-25) Elias Alejandro Santoyo Rivas: no hace nada
  • (2020-09-24) Sana Paracha: I liked it when it worked.
  • (2020-09-18) alexbofa: doesn't work :(
  • (2019-08-21) Elliot Bannister: Also love the idea but doesn't seem to be working. Indonesian course, Chrome v 75.0.3770.142. The text prompts still appear alongside the audio.
  • (2019-02-21) Great concept, doesn't work unfortunately (at least not on Norwegian)
  • (2017-03-15) ripcurlgirl: I use it in French. As Language Butcher points out, it is not perfect but it does give the user a good deal of pure listening practice. I noted just how accustomed the learner becomes to the written word, almost to the point of blocking out the aural input completely. I highly recommend it to those who have completed their trees.
  • (2016-12-10) Carlos Andres Lopez: La extensión no hace nada, solo remite a la web store
  • (2016-09-19) Aria FrouzaanFar: I've tested it on the Irish course, and it works just fine. I recommend it to immerse on listening.

Latest issues

  • (2019-10-13, v:0.22) William Watson: It's not working.
    This doesn't work (October 2019). Is it still being updated?
  • (2019-08-23, v:0.22) Reynaldo Pereira: Estudar.
    Tenho um novo computador,e não consigo entrar nas minhas aulas de Inglês.
  • (2017-07-08, v:0.22) Jayesh Patel: Text still visible
    This extension doesn't seem to be working for me - the text is still visible. I'm using Chrome (59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit)) on MacOS Sierra (10.12.5). I guess I must be doing something wrong but I'm not sure what. Besides enabling the extension is there any other setup/configuration required? Thanks.
  • (2017-03-27, v:0.22) Kathy Ross: Turn off?
    Can I turn this feature off when I want to see the text? If so, now?
  • (2016-09-27, v:0.22) Aria FrouzaanFar: Auto hide
    Is it possible to auto-hide the cover when the script identifies the answer as correct?
  • (2016-09-20, v:0.16) Los Van: special tokens
    Is it possible to add the special characters, like Éüú... for clicking on them when writing the sentence you hear?


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