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Description from extension meta Authy: Two-Factor Authentication from your PC
Image from store Authy Chrome Extension
Description from store Authy for PC's, along with the complementary Authy Chrome Extension, make Two-Factor Authentication a truly seamless experience and bring the power and security of strong authentication to users everywhere, anywhere. Authy for PC's is available on Mac, Windows and Linux through the Chrome Web Store, and it not only provides a more convenient and secure way access to your Two-Factor Authentication tokens, but it goes the extra step by keeping your tokens safe in your computer, and by offering protection from phishing attacks. Don't forget to install the offical Authy App for PC's too: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/gaedmjdfmmahhbjefcbgaolhhanlaolb The Authy App for PC's is a simple and great way to access your two-factor tokens fast, conveniently and securely from your desktop or laptop. Learn more about Authy for PC's at http://blog.authy.com/authy-for-pc
Latest reviews (2019-11-13) Wilfred Tam: Only thing missing is a search box. This is essential for users who have many entries stored in Authy.... (2019-11-12) Fred Blaise: Definitely an app that has its place. However, would have liked a little bit more polish and more than anything the ability to search among my dozens tokens. (2019-11-02) sami agill: not working (2019-10-28) Ville Viitaharju: It's pretty awesome. I like it. Few things that I would like to have. 1) Dark Mode. 2) Quick search for tokens. I have 15+ 2FA tokens and quick search would be awesome. Or copy Android app UI (and add dark mode to that also :P) 3) Re sizable window. (2019-10-27) Raul Molina: muy buena APP recomendada al 100% sigan asi!! (2019-09-28) Siridech Kingsuwan: Try to l3 learning for 3 drive syns together with Authy (2019-09-13) Abejo Sid: La tengo instalada en 2 celulares y anda ok, pero desde el navegador nunca me reconoce el master password (2019-09-04) Janine Guerrero: I need help . I had the Authenticator on the bottom of my PC icon and now it is gone. How do i get it back up. So frustrated (2019-08-29) Edd Grant: This would be fantastic if the names of the accounts would display properly, as it stands they scroll off the right hand side of the page and its impossible to resize the app panel or the text size. Also would be useful to be able to order, group or tag various sets of accounts as it becomes very difficult to find accounts when you're dealing with tens of them. (2019-08-20) Christopher Edwards: The app got out of sync with my authy account on my android, and it doesn't appear to have any way to get back into sync. The corresponding windows app cannot be uninstalled and doesn't even show up in my list of programs. You can't even change the login. Switching back go google authenticator. (2019-08-15) vitor hugo: um lixo nem adianta tentar (2019-08-10) Tech Dad: Not sure why people are jumping to give a single star - I gave up on Google Authenticator long ago when I was almost locked out of my Amazon developer account when my phone decided to reset itself. Please, please never go away or I'll be forced to go on to something else. (2019-07-12) Elizeu Pereira: TOP TOP (2019-07-08) Rodrigo Martins: Do nada deixou de funciona e o Backup que era pra ser uma solução pra esses problemas e interligar com o Smartphone sempre que você remove e instala de novo a extensão ele abre milhões de senhas que você já tinha apagado a 200 anos atrás e nem usa mais. (2019-06-29) Mike R: Can't log out my Authy account from this extension. Removing the extension then re-installing DOESN'T remove your account details. How do I delete the account from this extension?!?!? (2019-06-29) Shahrooz Chowdhury: tried adding a new account. it asked for password again even though it was logged in. new account added. but all other accounts gone. backup updated show only the new one and not all the others. you had one job. don't loose 2FA. (2019-06-26) Ning Cao: good (2019-06-22) kirtesh patel: good app working fine on my all devices except it lacks the icons of many websites. (2019-06-11) Anonymous: Authy app doesn't work with Chromium-based browsers like Opera or Edge. Only works with Google Chrome. Doesn't work without the Chrome app also installed. The app itself is horrible. They couldn't develop a native Win32 app? What if I want to use Firefox only and not Chrome? (2019-06-04) labellayo: bueno (2019-06-01) abn masr: جيدا جدا (2019-05-30) papis papa: good application that allows to activate 2FA Codes but the problem is that once you close it is over to have access to his account everything becomes a total calvary you must review this side thank you. depuis 2h j'essaie de me connecter à mon compte pour activer d'autre 2FA codes c'est impossible de l'ouvrir (2019-05-24) Nate Simpson: Great app very convenient - not perfect but the cross device sync is incredibly useful! Please add custom Icons (even if they have to be per device) or also site associations and use favicons - I'd happy pay for that feature (2019-05-21) majid iqbal: love you authy (2019-05-19) Yiannis Freris: It dosnt work any more

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