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With one click, check your site stats, edit your site, and check for new blog comments & form submissions!

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Description from store With a quick press of the Weebly icon, our extension lets you: * Track your site’s page views and unique visitors. * View and respond to any blog comments. * Reply to messages you’ve received through a contact form. * Access your sites to make edits and create blog posts. Weebly is the surprisingly easy way to create a high-quality site that you’ll be proud to share.Millions of people have started a site, blog or online store on Weebly and you can too. Featured in Newsweek, The BBC and TIME, Weebly sites work brilliantly on computers, phones and tablets. If you don't have a Weebly site yet, sign up for free at http://weebly.com

Latest reviews

  • (2019-10-03) Haroun Varden: Couldn't get past the log in button. I'm already logged in to Weebly, and so the button went to my dashboard, but failed to view my website statistics. Not happy as the extension does not follow through with the description.
  • (2016-12-25) Austin Bennett: Good idea for convenience underwhelming in terms of it's potential. I need it to do a lot more than it does to earn itself a spot in my limited addon space as I don't like to bog down my browser or have a bunch of stuff doing their own thing every time a site loads Need to be able to switch between accounts. I don't care about speed, just the the capability. I need so see sites I collaborate on. This thing is useless to me just showing me the sites I started. This type of app should utilize the ability to detach from the browser. Populate the right clip menu with a short way to some of the options
  • (2016-08-06) Howard Schlossberg: It pops up a window and tries forever to load something. But it never works. It's easier to just go to the website.
  • (2016-03-16) Not working........
  • (2015-09-28) Danyea T: It's Great! I can look at my sites states anywhere!At any Given Time! Great Work!
  • (2015-07-13) Mm Info: i loved it
  • (2015-03-08) Corbin Hunter: I love this. I don't need to go log in, and then go to the site I need, the stats are right there
  • (2014-06-03) Ronald Kaufman: Just a quick way of starting Weebly ... nothing outstanding ... but I use regularly
  • (2014-04-29) VPHAR inovação e confiança: Como o propósito do site é fornecer a facilidade em criar sites a partir de um layout padrão, percebe-se certas limitações. Mas nada que tire a eficiência em desenvolver um bom site. Parabéns ao desenvolvedor.
  • (2014-03-17) Well after being with weebly for quite a few years now,having a few websites with hese folks there is only one way to really describe weebly, (THE VERY BEST OUT THERE) and i mean if you need a (free) no junkware website then this is your first stop you will never go wrong and they have some templates there that are just amazing a grade 3 student could make a site there this is how easy these folks make it for you to use and you can more than any other free website builder out there been there done that and will never leave weebly ~Dave P.S. I dont work there or get anything for these words i am using weebly keep it up you're on the top with me in everything you might bring out and one more thing thanks very much for just adding a few more amazing things you can now do with your own website i love it all thanks again ~Dave
  • (2014-01-28) Stacey Roy: I disagree with Noble I don't have to sign in all the time. Only when I haven't used it in aWhile. Still trying out my site though. Sometimes easy and sometimes takes me longer to learn.
  • (2013-08-15) Joshua Baker: Dosent work
  • (2013-08-09) Graham Miranda: Amazing. Well, for a start this is something more than Amazing. Love you guys. Great Job. Thank you for doing all this (for free) (:
  • (2013-07-23) Noble Valerian: It's a cool idea but I have to log in every time I close and open my browser. Not exactly convenient.
  • (2013-07-17) Kevin Gardner: "Edit Site" and "Post" buttons do the same thing, they bring me to edit my site. Shouldn't "Post" bring me to my blog? I have a landing page for my home page and my blog for the second page. Other than that, everything else seems okay. Nothing too special here sorry.
  • (2013-07-14) 100% Funcional. Para trabalhar online não fazer logout no Weebly Site... Excelente Aplicação Weebly. To work online not log out in Weebly Site. Great Weebly Tool.
  • (2013-07-09) Rocky Douglas: It is useless if don't own a site, but you contribute to one.
  • (2013-07-04) Dan Beebee: Great when it works. Keeps asking me to log in despite doing this. I want it to stay logged in so I can check my sites, stats, blog articles and form entries on the fly throughout the day but can't.
  • (2013-07-04) XUN: 非常棒的插件,非常方便!Great!
  • (2013-07-03) Chris Williams: GREAT THING, HELPS MY SITE
  • (2013-07-03) Jeffrey Fina: When I click login, it takes me to my dashboard and I am already logged in. The app still does not log in. I am thinking maybe it has to do with being a google apps user? Needs fixing.
  • (2013-07-03) EarthYES Edison: Same login problem as everyone else. Surprised this wasn't caught during testing.
  • (2013-07-03) Spazio Romanelli: non funziona!
  • (2013-07-03) Satvik Ramaprasad: Doesnt log me in
  • (2013-07-03) Eric Gray: Having the same issues as everyone else seems to be. I am on a Chromebook Pixel and no luck logging in... Please fix this guys!
  • (2013-07-03) Tam-Fils Salomon: it seems like i'm not the only one with the login issue.


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